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WineGirl Wines expands … again!

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WineGirl Wines expands in Manson and adds lots of summer events to their calendar. (Courtesy of Winegirl Wines)

In December of 2015, WineGirl Wines expanded from its home base in Manson and launched a tasting room in Leavenworth. Winemaker Angela Jacobs and Todd Link also expanded their family with the arrival of their daughter Brooklyn Renée Link on August 11, 2016. They are again expanding with the addition of a 300 barrel storage area connected to WineGirl Wines location in Manson.

WineGirl Wines adds a 300 barrel storage area connected to their winery and tasting room in Manson. (Courtesy of Manson Chamber of Commerce)

Three hundred barrels is a bunch of wine considering each barrel contains about 60 gallons, 25 cases or 300 bottles and weighs about 500 pounds. So when the new storage facility is full it will contain enough wine for 90,000 bottles!

The new addition adds 1,140 square feet of space with eighteen foot ceilings allowing barrels stacked six high. The heating and air conditioning system will be busy keeping the temperature at a constant 58 degrees, perfect for wine. White wine is stored for one year with reds for three years.

Winemaker Angela Jacobs. (Courtesy of Manson Chamber of Commerce)

Winemaker Angela Jacobs’ journey from a young college girl with the dream of being a winemaker, to her success of owning and operating a winery is an amazing story and worth reading on WineGirl Wine’s website. In 1998, she tried her first Pinot Noir while working a part-time job in college. After that, every waking moment was dedicated to the rhythm of pursuing fine wine.

Angela’s dad wanted her to be a doctor, but after graduating from the University of Washington in 2003 with degrees in Biochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology and minors in Chemistry and Botany, she began a world tour following the fall grape harvests and learning winemaking skills from renowned winemakers.

Todd Link and daughter Brooklyn. (Courtesy of Manson Chamber of Commerce)

Todd Link, the “General” as Angela calls him, was born in East Wenatchee and moved with his family to Redmond, Washington in his eighth grade year. After graduating from high school Todd joined the US Navy serving as an air traffic controller during Operation Desert Storm. Completing his cruise with the Navy, he returned to Washington and worked in the restaurant business for a few years and then spent 17 years working as an Engineer for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.

Todd and Angela met in 2015. It was love at first sight … that’s what they both say. When the possibility of opening a tasting room in Leavenworth raised its head, Todd bought into the business and now they are partners. Angela makes the wine and Todd manages employees, events, and daily sales operations. Todd’s communication and networking skills in the community have been invaluable in promoting the growth of the winery.

(Courtesy of WineGirl Wines)

When I asked Angela what her favorite wine was and there best selling wine she said, “My favorite is a refreshing white any day of the week or a full-bodied red with dinner. This weekend I will drink Chardonnay. There’s something for everyone, arguably they’re all best sellers. Cab Franc and Malbec or Rosé and Pinot Gris might disappear a little faster than the others.”

Besides producing some great wines Angela and Todd make use of their beautiful “backyard” at the Manson winery locations with a ton of events throughout the summer. Every Monday night is Tipsy Trivia Night starting at 6:30 p.m. Todd is the Trivia Master. It is a team event and very fun. Movie Night takes place on Wednesday and Sundays starting at 8 p.m. Todd even provides blankets if it gets a little cool outside.

Tipsy Trivia Mondays – A fun, casual Monday Night of competitive Trivia and Vino at the WineGirl Winery in downtown Manson. $5 buy-in, winning group takes pot. Teams no larger than 6. No cell phones.

Movie Night Wednesdays and Sundays It’s movie night! Come hang out with a bottle of fine wine and nibble on some buttery popcorn. Wednesdays and Sundays, they’ll be projecting a classic PG-13 movie outside in the yard. They’ve even got classic movie theater candies, too.

As for live music, WineGirl Wines will be hosting Summer Blues Music with Jesse James on June 23, JunkBelly Live on July 15, and Summer Blues Music with Jesse James on August 11. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming events.

(By Norm Manly)




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