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What’s a guy to do, except say YES! – Annual Giving Campaign 2017

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For the 2017 Annual Giving Campaign, Nat and Gail Bender have donated $10,000 to Lake Chelan’s new hospital building fund. (Photo courtesy of Lake Chelan Health Wellness Foundation)

When the girls are 12, 13, and 14 with weddings ten or more years away, and the guy is ninety years young, “being there” takes on a whole new meaning.

For Lake Chelan Health & Wellness Foundation’s 2017 Annual Giving Campaign, Nat and Gail Bender have donated $10,000 to the new hospital building fund.

Like…wanting quality healthcare close to home. Like…doctors and nurses when and where you need them. Like…healthcare opportunities that keep you not merely alive, but well.

Nat and Gail Bender invested in the valley’s healthcare community, because they expect to be around for these precious girls’ weddings. (Photo courtesy of LC Health & Wellness Foundation)

Their gift is not merely to “build a building”, but to build the best healthcare community that Lake Chelan has to offer. For the next 5 years, and 50 years. For the next generation, and their next generation.

You are invited to join the Benders with your generosity and vision for quality healthcare for the Lake Chelan Valley.

The Foundation’s Message:

“Thank you for your vote to build a new hospital, your time and passion, and your commitment to
quality healthcare close to home! Let’s keep moving forward as we build the vision. After all, don’t we all have future weddings we’d like to attend?”

Go online to donate at Donate Now to 2017 Annual Giving Campaignor mail your check to: LC Health Wellness Foundation, P.0. Box 1911, Chelan, WA 98816.

(By Lake Chelan Health and Wellness Foundation)




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