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Warm weather equals increased motorcycle traffic

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Three guys riding motorcycle on the highway. (Stock image by Drj0nes)

Wenatchee – The Washington State Patrol (WSP) would like to remind all motorists, with warmer weather expected, there will be an increase in motorcycle traffic on state highways.

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC), motorcycles make-up just four percent of registered vehicles in Washington, however they account for over 15 percent of traffic fatalities in Washington State.

A license endorsement is required to ride a motorcycle in Washington.  36 percent of riders involved in a fatal collision were not properly endorsed. About 75 percent of fatal motorcycle collisions, the rider had no record of completing a motorcycle training program. Approved motorcycle rider training schools can be found at many locations around the state.

Washington law requires all riders, regardless of age or motorcycle type, to wear a Department of Transportation compliant helmet. Helmets save lives.

Over 50 percent of motorcycle fatalities in Washington involve speed. This number can be reduced by simply slowing down and enjoying the ride.

In analyzing fatal motorcycle collision data, WTSC reports, 57 percent of motorcycle operators were under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both, on par with the 56 percent average for all impairment involved in fatality crashes.

The WSP will take appropriate enforcement to reduce the number of fatality and serious injury collisions.  Those traveling by motorcycle or by car are urged to pay extra attention to their surroundings and drive safely.

(Submitted by Brian Moore, Washington State Patrol)




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