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UPDATE April 28 – New Special Election results confirm strong support for new Lake Chelan Community Hospital

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Several leaders from the “Citizens for a New Hospital Now” committee (L-R): Guy Evans, LCCH CEO Kevin Abel, and Ty Witt, MD. They celebrated along with other supporters on election night when initial results were published. (Photo by Celeste Thomas)

Chelan County Elections released updated Special Election results today for the new Lake Chelan Hospital construction bond measure. Results increased as new ballots were counted that arrived via mail and from ballot boxes the day of the election Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

The new results show further confirmation of the community’s support for a new Lake Chelan Community Hospital. Results show 64.87% approval for the new hospital with 2,750 Yes votes, and 35.13% or 1,489 No votes.

Updated elections results as of April 28, 2017. (Courtesy of Chelan County Elections)

Report from April 25, 2017

Today, April 25, 2017, the Special Election was held for Chelan County Hospital District #2 regarding the proposed Hospital Bond for a new Lake Chelan Community Hospital.

Chelan County Elections released these initial election results just after 8 p.m. on April 25. You can see the published results at the Chelan County Elections website.

So far, voters are approving the Bond at a rate of 64,56% with a total of 2,386 yes votes and 1,310 no votes.

Special Election result on April 25, 2017. (Courtesy of Chelan County Elections)

LCCH Board member Mary Signorelli, with other new hospital supporters celebrate the election results on Election Night April 25, 2017. (Photo by Celeste Thomas)

More election results will be released this coming Friday, April 28, 2017, at 4 p.m.

According to Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore, there was enough voter participation in the Special Election to meet the 40% baseline validation of the election. This means that at least 40% of voters that participated in the previous General Election participated in this Special Election.

Moore explained that there were 6,281 ballots sent out to registered voters in the district, and Chelan County had received 3,706 ballots back as of 4 p.m. on April 25. Elections teams will be picking up additional ballots from area ballot boxes that are locked at 8 p.m. tonight. Other ballots are expected to arrive later via mail. As long as these ballots have a valid postmark of April 25, they will be counted up until the election certification date of May 5, 2017.

New hospital supporters celebrate on election night when initial results were published. (Photo by Celeste Thomas)

In order to pass the Hospital Bond, a 60% approval vote is needed. 

We will continue to follow the story and also publish election results on GoLakeChelan.com.

See our previous article published on April 25, 2017 – New hospital on its way to Lake Chelan; some initial reactions to election results

(By Christine Eagar)




15 Comments on UPDATE April 28 – New Special Election results confirm strong support for new Lake Chelan Community Hospital

  1. Well done, Chelan !!!!! Thank you to everyone who supports healthcare in the valley – it will not only save lives – it will change lives!

  2. Lot of votes to count, we will see on Friday

  3. Only 168 votes ahead and all the last three days votes and drop boxes left to count. If you subtract the 250 people who work at the hospital. We shall see?

  4. Bill – where are you getting 168? Look at the county website, or SCROLL UP. Looks like a difference of 1076. You’ve been wrong from the beginning, and you’re still wrong about the facts.

    • An apology will be accepted from ChelanHealth when they figure out the math. Kind of scary that these are the folks we are supposed to hand $20,000,000 cash to play with isn’t it? It really isn’t that difficult to figure out, they need 60% and even with all the hype and expensive advertising only garnered 168 votes more than last time, so far:)

  5. It is 4.56% ahead of the 60% required, there are a lot of votes out there being counted as we speak and the next count will be on Friday at 1600, then we will see. 4.56×36.96=168 Not a lot of a lead when you consider just how much money the real estate land speculators poured into this campaign, eh?

    • Well Bill, it seems that your extra votes didn’t pan out the way you hoped. It seems that facts and belief in the valley won this time. You will always be welcome at the new hospital. I know you will come to realize it is the best thing for our growing, vibrant community.

      • The ball is certainly in your court now, 12 out 39 CAH hospitals are failing I certainly hope that LCCH can go against the tide, and the people supporting this effort have made a lot of promises. All of us who will now pay for this effort will be praying for its success as we all like having a local hospital. Now is time to get that federal money, clean up the land, get the final plans, and stay within the budget. That is certainly going to be a difficult and time consuming effort, and all of us in the community sure hope it is successful, you now have $20,000,000 cash from us, use it wisely.

        • Bill- let it go. 27 out of 39 are doing well and we are one of them. Without the new hospital, there is a strong possibility we could have been in the 12. The reason this will be successful is the bond. That is why the other facilities you kept hammering on failed. This is the most prudent way to go. Everyone’s faith will be rewarded!

    • Looks like those extra votes went firmly to the ACCEPT column. A super-majority is a high hurdle, but truth and facts won the day – a solid vote of confidence in the value of healthcare by the citizens of the community. Well done Team LCCH !!!!

  6. From 168 to 206 vote lead… I think it is going to pass. I am surprised to see 67% participation in a one issue special election ballot.

  7. Yes it has passed, 206 voters saddled the rest of us with $20,000,000 of long term debt, and we will all be watching and praying that those who have made these big promises are able to be successful. Time will tell, and we all certainly hope that there is not need for a Toyota Town Center type bailout, with our small population.

  8. What really would have been nice is if those 206 voters each wrote out a check for $10,000, that would have solved the problem and would have shown their dedication to their effort. This new hospital will be something that those who voted against it will be watching carefully for the next few years as the proponents get the federal funds and keep the budget tight with no overruns. This is still a terrific risk in the present environment, but the vocal proponents tell us not to worry, I for one certainly hope that they are correct and Chelan is unique. So while the proponents are congratulating themselves on their victory I hope they remember those of us who warned of the dangers of going into this massive debt.

    • Bill- the PUD is going to cost you more money if they build their new facility and in 5 years California won’t buy power from them because it doesn’t fit their category of “renewable electricity”. A hospital bond property tax will be the least of your worries. Time to let this go and move on.

      • Bill, your angst is palpable. 2750 of your friends and neighbors turned out to vote YES to solve this problem. This is what communities do – we work together to solve problems. Fortunately we have more than 206 people who will be contributing toward the future of healthcare to keep it viable for future generations who live in the Chelan Valley. Many folks in Okanogan and Douglas County also had a stake in the success of this outcome – they will use the services and contribute as well. Once again, I am grateful that truth and facts won out over misinformation, scare tactics, hyperbole and unwarranted malice expressed towards LCCH. I’m now going back to my regularly scheduled life which doesn’t include refuting nonsense from you. For that I am equally grateful.

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