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Today is decision day for Chelan County Commissioners on marijuana regulations

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(Image courtesy of ncwlife.com)

WENATCHEE – After two years of planning and numerous public hearings, a final vote is expected on Tuesday, Aug. 22 regarding new regulations for growing and processing recreational marijuana.

The rules will dictate how and where pot can be cultivated without disturbing neighboring property owners with skunky odors and bright lights. Growers strongly object to the new rules claiming they will put them out of business.

At the August 8th public hearing, Vicki Malloy, a neighboring property owner said growers have not shown a willingness to address the odor issues.

Commissioners are scheduled to discuss the matter starting at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday morning at their Wenatchee chambers. Growers have threatened to challenge the new rules in court if adopted.

August 8, 2017 – Chelan County Commissioners say marijuana is not an agricultural product

CHELAN COUNTY – Chelan County marijuana growers contend their industry should be treated the same as any other farm product. That was the argument several state-licensed growers made during last week’s County Commissioners public hearing.

At issue are proposed land-use rules that mitigate the odors generated by large outdoor farms. Cashmere area grower, Ray Schmitten, argued against the rules.                                           

“I’m trying to survive growing fruit, I’ll survive growing marijuana,” Schmitten said. “Whatever I can do to be in agriculture, and my marijuana is agriculture – I don’t give a rats patoot what anybody says.”

But Commissioner Keith Goehner says its not the County that designated recreational marijuana as a non-agricultural product

“The state has indicated that it is not an agricultural product, and we’re following state guidelines,” Goehner said. “It’s pretty clear when it is a controlled substance, and [marijuana] is a controlled substance, that’s the regulation the state has.”

Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the new regulations on Aug. 22. Thursday is the deadline for written comments to be submitted on the proposed rules.

(By Kaitlin Hetterscheidt, courtesy of ncwlife.com)





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