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Think Beyond Practical

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Magnifying Glasses. (Image by John Hain)

Quantum Thinking invites us to go beyond what seems practical and reasonable. It encourages us to explore what is awesome and wonderful!

To create a life shift that celebrates you, find a sweet place and gentle time to be with yourself. Then start making a list of all the crazy, impractical, unreasonable steps you could take to be in the change you want. Let your inner child speak up. Let your list say yes to all the ways you’ve been told no. Poke holes in old expectations and let the possibilities soar.

Simply focusing on what you want doesn’t create change. Nudging your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in a new direction can. Having fun makes all the difference. And that is a small step you can take to change your life – having fun creating a very personal, joyful list that goes beyond practical.

(Image by Charnchai)

(By Jeanne McElvaneyAuthor, Unwind + Explore Show HostEnergy Healer)




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