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(Image by Anandkz)

I believe we always have THE BEST to look forward to. Life is not static. Each moment represents the opportunity for expansion, love, realization and gratitude. We have walked through amazingly delightful experiences.

We may not have the skill to imagine how it could get any better….that we could surpass that enjoyment. Or, our scars from the other times may loom in our faces when we remember our past. Life is, as we asked for, full of variety and choice.

But at any moment, we have the gift and challenge and capacity of higher wisdom and fulfillment than we’ve EVER had before. So THIS is the time to shine and create with in us the BEST YET experience of KNOWING while we are physical on this planet. AWARENESS may be our ultimate gift that we have expanded our capacity to receive.


(Image courtesy of BeverLi)

(By BeverLi, Co-Creator and Energetic Steward of Spirals)




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