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Teachers smooch the ham

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Lori Jenkins and Shelly Charlton

English teacher Lori Jenkins and computer teacher Shelly Charlton smooch a piglet for the “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser during homecoming week at Chelan High School. (Photo by Tania Aparicio)

Chelan High School teachers puckered up for the homecoming week “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser. The fundraiser earned about $100 according to CHS Senior Dane Schwartz. Proceeds from “Kiss the Pig” went toward the senior class.

Brothers Dane and Ty Schwartz came up with the idea for the “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser. Dane said, “I’m doing it so we can raise money for our senior party so our seniors can have a fun time.”

Shandiah Mendoza and Dane Schwartz

Shandiah Mendoza votes for her pick to “Kiss the Pig” as Dane Schwartz helps out. (Photo by Tania Aparicio)

The brothers set up jars with each teacher’s name on them. Students (and teachers) voted for who they wanted to kiss the pig. Anybody could donate to the jar. Dane brought the pig.

The top three winners were English teacher Lori Jenkins, computer teacher Shelly Charlton, and social studies/U.S. history teacher Randall Gleasman. These brave teachers ended up smooching the pig.

All the donations will go toward the Chelan High School senior graduating party which is set up and put on by the students’ parents. The fundraiser made about $100. “Not as much as I want, but some is better than nothing,” Dane said with a grin and a shrug.

Kiss the pig jars

“Kiss the Pig” jars. (Photo by Tania Aparicio)

(by Tania Aparicio)

Tania Aparicio is a student at Chelan High School participating in the School Reporters Program at GoLakeChelan.com. 


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