How Will You
GoLive In 4D?

Go4DLive! is a process to A M P L I F Y Businesses, Musicians, Films, Authors, Executives, Actors & Actresses, Personalities, Products and Services in a whole new way!

He walked in off the street, performed his song and went home with a recording contract!

Video killed the radio star and now,
is changing Everything!

Go4DLive! creates a holistic approach to amplification

In-Studio Livestreaming + Fonester + Experiential Retreats +
4D Digital Content = Go4DLive!

In-Studio Livestreaming

Fonester (IOT)

Experiential Retreats

4D Digital Strategies

What is 4D?

4D is a holistic approach to message amplification, because it combines the 4 most impacting elements of the new economy to overcome the current state of ROI stagnation.

  1. Digital & Livestreaming Content  World-Class Content and In-Studio HD Livestreaming, distributed around the world
  2. Entertainment  Leverage your own talents or partner with one of our entertainers
  3. Social Impact Cause Marketing partners and Google Ad strategies
  4. Connections & Networks A Story-based network of collaborators & contributors

​These 4 elements working in harmony can produce exponential results.  By amplifying your message, theme, agenda or purpose across these 4 platforms, we are able to intensify and target your message to be more visible and compelling.

Up to now, Digital Content and Promotional Amplification have been about producing compelling content to present the facts. But the world has become both numb to facts and untrusting of them because we are losing the ability to believe in their sources. Therefore, the entertainment aspect of 4D allows us to present those facts through story, music, game-play and more.

The connection aspect of 4D is imperative to digital marketers because it’s what allows us to bring the power of tribes to bear on a campaign. The future will belong to those who can create tribes that craft a compelling approach to serve a specific niche together. These tribes will be tied together with a block-chain monetary system that links them to their own paradigm of resource and product fulfillment.

This connection aspect is also what introduces IOT (Internet of Things) devices to the equation, allowing Content to be served through direct digital channels initiated by physical interfaces.

Full length of young business couple doing high-five on staircase

Social Impact
This is the regenerative practice of giving back that not only stimulates the law of reciprocity in a campaign, but aligns the power of a nonprofit entity with a for-profit.

Digital & Livestreaming Content
All of this ties together with digital content as the key to the whole approach. With Digital Content, we are able to bring these elements together and distribute their impact across the web, in a way that serves the outcome with more leverage than any singular method. In-Studio Livestreaming allows us to produce any type of show, series or video for your campaign, to the broadcast quality of modern cable channels.

The holistic nature of a 4D strategy is fueled by the current climate produced by the many disruptive technologies introduced over the past decade. We are discovering a number of industries on the fast-track to implementing holistic-business practices:

  • Healthcare
  • Film and Movies
  • Corporate Networking
  • Music Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Livestream Studios

As well, a number of service providers are shifting their positioning to become 4D Storytellers who are able to extract a client’s story, theme or purpose, and amplify them utilizing 4D strategies.

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Public Relations
  • Consultants
  • Public Speaking
  • Publishers
  • Authors
  • Independent Reps

The move towards 4D is inevitable because it allows the goal of revenue to be synthesized across every aspect of an organization’s theme, which promotes massive efficiency across all activities.

There is a secret to all of this however. Without a comprehensive strategy driving the Content, you only have the facade of a holistic approach. These 4 elements are the bricks but the concepts and strategies that tie them together are the mortar.

Each approach that emerges will have its own mortar, but ours is called 4D and is based on principles defined as Story Integrated Marketing®.

As the future continues to unfold, Digital Content will drive everything through 4D Studios.  4D Studios, such as Go4DLive! are emerging to become the producers of these micro-colonies. 

  • Live Stream Video from our live-audience studios in Lake Chelan, WA!
  • A 3 Day Content Retreat where we video you through an amazing indoor and outdoor experience, all while being treated like a celebrity!
  • The Creation and Syndication of your own fiction-based 4DStory campaign across the web
  • Content & Cause Marketing campaigns
  • Entertainers to connect and partner with
  • Independent production of a full featured film
  • Revenue-generating strategies
  • IOT (Internet of Things) Engagement/ Branding
  • Social Impact Partners and Personal Empowerment Devices
  • Block-Chain design and implementation

Don't just build a tribe, fan club or a following. 
It's time to build your own

Throughout this page we demonstrate how we do this with a musician, but our 4D Storytellers are able to extract a story from anyone, and amplify them utilizing our services. 

There's really no end to what you can create,
but we do have some examples for you.

Watch this  video to see how we amplify musical artists.

Star Potential Is in All of Us!

 Consider the following scenario, which is presently possible with the Go4DLive! platform.

What if you could walk into a

studio and perform for a live

and be broadcast

across the world,

without having to manage any 

production  hassles?

Production is a painful process

Currently, to gain traction with your music or message, you need to record a professional demo.  A process which takes time and a lot of steps:

So after all this, you have an expensive recording you can now shop around.

But that's a long journey just to get noticed and to find out if your song has any appeal.

Production and marketing costs to gain exposure for most artists, authors, speakers, comics and others are also out of reach.  The majority of eager dreamers get sucked into a production machine that never yields enough exposure to allow them to recover their expenses, much less find fame.

In other words, the production process for a demo is a major obstacle to becoming discovered.


Consider shows like The Voice, where you can compete in an environment setup to nurture the winner towards a path of success.

Professional live-streaming productions
make it easy to be heard and seen

Imagine if that opportunity were available on demand, to anyone and everyone, knowing that when people hear you live, they always revere you more for a live performance than a recorded one.

  1. The New Studios: High Definition video and audio means your live performance is recorded at just as high a fidelity as a demo recording.
  2. Livestreaming capabilities across social media and the web: This means the moment you step on the stage, you are being seen by anyone in the world who is interested.
  3. Content Amplification: After the live-stream, there are still thousands of fans to reach.  We can increase your reach and impact by keeping you relevant in digital channels, long after your performance.

Producing your image in 4D is more
than just making a video, however consider what professional in-studio Livestreaming can do for you.

Professionally Create Anything At The Level Of AMajor Broadcasting Network

Go4DLive High Definition Live-Streaming allows you to professionally produce any type of In-Studio show currently found on traditional TV and Cable channels, at a fraction of the cost with digital amplification, live engagement and built-in revenue strategies.

Performance Art Shows
Musicians, Speakers, Comedians & Authors

Commentary Shows

News, Variety, Talk Shows,
& Game Shows

Production Shows
Sitcoms, Informative, Reality, & Drama

  • A Production team to provide you with an intro, branding, and management of all the technical aspects. 
  • A professional set that you don't have to purchase, build, setup and maintain
  • Clear and beautiful HD sound and video
  • A Live Studio Audience to demonstrate how you perform, not just how you sing, write, speak or whatever
  • Live-Streaming exposure through your own network and ours
  • A 4D Storyteller to continuously tell your story
  • Amplification and syndication of your Content across more than 65 digital channels
  • A way for businesses to create an in-studio show that attracts customers to their brand
  • Integration of performers into 4DStory campaigns and other partnership opportunities
  • and more...

See what the industry is saying
about the benefits of live-streaming:

Showcase Yourself Immediately and Professionally

Where within minutes of your performance, you can know the engagement level, feedback and opinion of thousands of tuned-in critics and fans.

It's the most immediate way to showcase your performance abilities!

The sky's the limit for what you can do on camera now that
In-Studio Live-Streaming is the new age of broadcasting!

Consider this scenario

A talented young man decides to tell his story in 4D.

He steps into  our livestream studio and blows your mind with lyrics, rhythm and presence. 

We produce a video and incorporate content from an experiential retreat.

Agents see how he performs in front of a live studio audience, imaging he would be a great recording artist, so in the live-stream chat, they start throwing out offers. 

Before you know it, a deal is accepted and he goes on to sign a recording contract.

  • Write a song, a book, a script for a show, etc.
  • Then schedule a Go4DLive! performance time with
  • Perform in front of a live studio audience, while being live-streamed across the web.
  •  Get Discovered, booked, signed and known

Life is Good!

Find your path to fame and fortune, exposure and appreciation
with Go4DLive! like those we are currently working with.

Domonique Jackson

Eden Moody

Rockin Robin Ellis

Renee Mollan-Masters
Author & Filmmaker

Christopher Salem
Keynote Speaker & Prosperity Coach

Barry Hoffman
Author & Women's Empowerment

I'm excited about being on the leading edge of the music industry, as part of the Go4DLive! launch.

Domonique Jackson
Singer, Artist, Performer

Here is our 4D Process:

  1. We Setup Your 4D Profile
  2. Partner you with a 4D Storyteller to extract your story and outline it in our 4D format.
  3. Collectively, we determine how we will tell your story and the amplification approach, based on budget and purpose.
  4. Our team will produce your story Content using our different methods of creation including experiential retreats, ghostwriting a book, partnering you with our existing network, or by creating a 4DStory.
  5. Distribute your content to our networks, through our partnerships and across the web.
  6. Build a conversion funnel online to convert your fans into paying customers.
  7. Connect you with our entertainment partners, integrate you into existing campaigns and increase your leverage through these connections.
  8. Tell your story, fiction or otherwise, through social media and manage engagement in real time.
Todd KellyOwner,

Disruptive technologies don't have to disrupt your life, they should actually enhance it, which is what our mission is. We are dedicated to bringing more possibility to the Lake Chelan area using in-studio Livestreaming, the greatest advancement ever in broadcasting history.