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Syndication Platforms

Our Website

The #1 news and information website for the Lake Chelan Valley.

Advertising Opportunities

Static Ads

Hosted Video Commercials

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GLC Digital Signage

A digital community bulletin board that hosts live-stream, video commercials and static ads, weather, news, calendars and more.  

The GoLakeChelan digital signage network syndicates across the Lake Chelan Valley with multiple high definition displays in frequently trafficked areas, exposing your brand to over 10,000 views a month.

Advertising Opportunities

Static Ads

Hosted Video Commercials

Private Branded
Digital Signage Network

A privately branded digital network, completely turnkey, including: 




Content management

Network management

Advertising strategy

For businesses who want to engage prospects or employees with branded live-streaming, recorded trainings, information guides and more across a digital signage network, this is a centrally hosted network built and maintained for you.

Contact us for a strategy conversation for
deploying your Private Digital Network.


Video Production Starts

Everything you need to produce quality video and effectively distribute it. We have a process to get you from script to screen... profitably.

TV & Web

We can stream across the web in high definition quality, using embed codes to distribute your show to any website.

Snippets & How-To's

30-second-spots perfect for blog postings, Facebook updates, and area-specific websites.


An interview can be used to create authority or establish expertise in a given industry. Being an interview host of your own show is another way to engage the benefits of interviews.

Video Commercials

Show off your product, service or venue with a world-class video commercial broadcast on applicable shows and channels, as well as on your own website or social channels.

Product or Service Promotions

Direct sales through infomercials is one of the most powerful ways to promote a product, and one of the most expensive. However, spending 10 minutes in front of a camera demonstrating the features and benefits of your product or service then sending people to an order page, is the equivalent of having your own infomercial platform!

Contact us with your project details to get started.

Be the star of your own TV show!

How would you like to share your passion with the world through a live-stream production of your own sitcom, drama, late-night or talk show, a game show, reality show, a music bandstand or maybe a cooking show?

Through the power of in-studio live-streaming, the time has come where anyone can produce their own variety show! We have the Producers, technology, studio and strategies to help you create, promote and monetize your own live-streaming TV show.

Our resources deliver high definition TV experiences across multiple platforms of media. provides live streaming production services & consulting for virtually any type of event, show, or musical production. We offer one-stop shopping for the entire webcasting process:


broadcast identity design

live encoding


We go on location to produce and stream live events, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Whether you need to webcast a corporate town hall, training session, companywide meeting, product launch, live performance, fashion show, or other live event, we have you covered.

Promotional Packages

Website Ad and Digital Signage Ad Combo

A static ad zone on website and digital signage network

Website Ad (300 x 296) ad in right column on ALL interior pages

Digital Signage Ad (size 1082 x 608)

Be part of a Live Stream Broadcast with our staff, in our studio, to promote your business once a month

$299 per month

Six and 12 month discounts available

Video Commercial Six Month Package

GLC will Produce a 30 – 45 second commercial.

Static website Ad (300 x 296) ad in right column on interior pages

Be part of a Live Stream Broadcast with our staff, at the GLC studios, to promote your business twice a month, while your video(s) are being played on GCL platforms

$549 per month

Live Stream your own show:

GLC will Produce a 30 – 45 second commercial for your show

Static website Ad (300 x 296) ad in right column on interior pages

Be part of a Live Stream Broadcast with our staff, at the GLC studios, to promote your show

GLC will produce your show at our studios.

Custom pricing package created following a production meeting to develop your unique show!

Contact us with your project details to get started.

Content Amplification

(This exclusive offer available with Content packages, in partnership with KEY Difference Media)

We help you take your content plus what you create in the studios, and turn it into a content library so you can amplify yourself across multiple digital web channels.

We will help you put a Digital Strategy in place to be sure your video and other content connects with the right audiences. Together we create a distribution strategy tailored to your specific audience and platforms across multiple digital channels. We can repurpose your content into image quotes, audio files, infographics and more to syndicate across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other digital platforms.

Gain more exposure from your live-stream by repurposing your Content across 20 branded digital channels including YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and more.

We setup all 20 channels with your logo and branded headers, then we take your live stream and create content for each channel from your live-stream.

With your brand integrity intact across all these channels you can produce your own Content for each platform or upgrade to a more profitable package.

Amplification starts at: $500

Contact us with your project details to get started. is always willing to create custom solutions for you as well, by determining your needs and building a promotional package that fits your budget.