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Rocky Pond Concert Series to bring creative country group, Jones and Fischer to the stage

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Jones and Fischer, made up of Darin Jones (left) and Caleb Fischer (right) will play the Rocky Pond Winery Summer Concert Series at the Pond on Sunday, July 23, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Jones and Fischer)

Jones and Fischer will fill the Rocky Pond Winery Summer Concert Series at the Pond with their unique country rock on Sunday, July 23, 2017. The band, made up of Darin Jones and Caleb Fischer along with their band bring Seattle-rock and Texas-country together in a mash-up that creates an edgy and eclectic sound.

The duo will play from 6-8 p.m. at “The Amphitheatre at The Pond” which is located along Sandy Shores Drive, in Orondo, WA. Jones and Fischer met while playing around Seattle’s music scene.

“I was going to country writer’s nights or jams around Seattle, and I had put my name down to play,” Jones explained. “This scraggly guy comes up, looks like he just got off a bus from Texas, and asks me where the sign-up sheet is and that ended up being Caleb.”

Rocky Pond Winery brings musicians to “The Amphitheatre at The Pond” in Orondo for their Summer Concert Series on Sundays throughout July. (Courtesy of Rocky Pond Winery)

Jones added that the group solidified their partnership after Jones invited Fischer to perform with him at a winery performance. “We realized we had something, and we agreed to play together until we found something better. We never found anything better so we are sticking with each other,” Jones said with a laugh.

Jones, who spent time in Nashville, hails from Seattle, while Fischer brings Texas influences to the mix, creating a unique, yet distinctly country sound.

“I’m from Texas and got out of the military about 2012, and that’s when I met Darin,” Fischer stated. “I have a lot of ‘red dirt’ country influence, and Darin has that classic rock feel and he is just a really great singer. We have this really good mix of country rock.”

With over 50,000 miles of touring logged so far, the duo admits that nerves can wear thin, but as in any relationship, they have found communication to be the key.

“Every few months we have a pow-wow with each other and discuss where we are going together and as a band,” Fischer explained. “Being in a band is like being in a relationship. Sometimes it’s even more intimate. You can get on each other’s nerves, but we really do have a brotherly relationship.”

Recently, the pair released a new single, Perfect Kinda Crazy. The song has been a hit at concerts and was inspired by true life experiences.

Jones and Fischer’s new single, Perfect Kinda Crazy has been a big hit with concert-goers who find the lyrics easily relatable. (Photo courtesy of Jones and Fischer)

“I used to live with a couple of roommates, and they were married, but they had a love hate relationship in a good way,” Fischer continued, “I came home one day, and the wife was throwing her husband’s clothes and shotguns out on the lawn. You have this crazy girl, but you love her anyway. You love her for her crazy.”

“We have a lot of women come up to us after we perform the song saying, ‘That song is about me!’” Jones added.

Jones and Fischer will perform their new single and more this Sunday at the Rocky Pond Summer Concert Series. The Pond is located at US 97 and Sandy Shores Drive in Orondo, Washington. Tickets are $30 for advanced purchase, $25 for wine club members and $40 at the door. To purchase tickets, visit the Rocky Pond Winery website.

(By Jillian Foster)




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