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Some races ‘too close to call’ in the Lake Chelan Valley after yesterday’s General Election

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Voter’s selection of at least one Chelan City Council seat and one Lake Chelan Hospital Commission position appear to be ‘too close to call,’ based on the results reported late Tuesday evening by the Chelan County Auditor’s Office. 

Incumbent Chelan City Councilman Skip Morehouse is trailing by 20 votes behind his challenger Tim Hollingsworth. And Lake Chelan Hospital Commissioner Mary Signorelli is leading her challenger Jeremy Jaech by just 23 votes after Tuesday night’s tabulation.

With about 2,858 county-wide ballots potentially yet to be included in voting totals, both the Chelan City Council race and the Hospital Commission race are close enough that the final vote counts could change who wins either of those races.

Not all of the 2,858 ballots that potentially are yet to be counted are from voters inside the City or Hospital District Boundaries, but generally when the preliminary margin in a contest is 2% or less, election officials are quick to say, those outcomes could change when the remainder of the uncounted ballots arrive and are processed.

Candidate totals for most of the other contested races in the Tuesday General Election separated the winners from the losers by 10% or more; and thus there is little expectation that the indicated outcomes of those races will change when the Auditor’s office processes the remaining ballots yet to be received as of 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov 7th.

The next ballot count and update will be in two days, on Nov. 9 at 4:30 p.m., allowing time for ballots postmarked on or before by 8 p.m. on election day to reach the Auditor’s office.

Here’s a rundown of the outcomes of Lake Chelan Valley contested races:

Chelan City Council, Position #6 – Tim Hollingsworth holds a 20 vote lead over incumbent Cameron Skip Morehouse. Hollingsworth receiving 456 votes and Morehouse 436 votes. The 20 vote spread is a 2% difference. (See image above)

Chelan City Council Position #7 – Ty Witt holds a 36 vote lead over Rachael Goldie. Witt receiving 433 votes. Goldie receiving 397 votes. The 36 vote spread is a 4% difference. This one could also be close when the final tally of votes is tabulated.

The race for a seat on the Lake Chelan Hospital Board of Commissioners have Position #1 incumbent Mary Signorelli leading Jeremy Jaech by 23 votes. Signorelli’s  lead is a 1% margin. (See image above)

In the Lake Chelan Hospital Commission Position #5 race, incumbent Phyllis Gleasman holds a solid lead over challenger Jerry Isenhart. Gleasman has 1,194 votes and Isenhart has 988 votes, making Gleasman’s lead a comfortable 206 votes, a 13% margin.

A contested race in the Lake Chelan School District Board of Directors has the incumbent Ken Brunner leading challenger Dave Rinehart by 130 votes. That spread gives Brunner a 10% margin.

At Manson School District, Greg Neff leads Paul Willard by 138 votes. Neff receiving 344 votes, Willard 206 votes. The spread gives Neff a 25% margin.

In the Chelan County Fire District #7 Commissioner #1 race, Phil Moller took a 372 vote lead over Butch Sims. Moller received 790 votes so far, and Sims garnered 418 votes. The margin between the two candidates gives Moller a 31% lead.

And at Manson Parks and Recreation District, Ross Young received 140 votes more than candidate Lanny Arbruster. Young tallied 375 votes, and Armbruster 235 votes. Young has a 23% lead.

In this General Election, the next Ballot Tabulation date if Thursday, Nov. 9 at 4:30 p.m. GoLakeChelan.com will post updated election results at that time.

(By Jerry Isenhart, edited by Christine Eagar)




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