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Pedals, Picnics, and Pinots: An afternoon filled with salsas and biking in the Lake Chelan Valley

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Kent Getzin taught the group how to make four different kinds of salsa from one base of ingredients. Steak and homemade sourdough bread were also prepared for the picnic. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

The Pedals, Picnics, and Pinots event put on by CheffyK and CA Cooking School and Chelan Electric Bikes on Sunday, June 18, 2017, was a success.

The event included a cooking class, an electric bike ride around the Lake Chelan Valley, a picnic, and wine tasting at Benson Vineyards Estate Winery. The group consisted of a few locals and three vacationers, one from Snohomish, one from Las Vegas, and one from Phoenix. Although the group was small, the afternoon was big on fun.

 “We had a great time getting to know our guests, and we look forward to more of these events this summer,” said Kent Getzin of CheffyK and CA Cooking School.

Kent Getzin showing the class how to make the base salsa. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

Carne asada tortas were finished and ready to be packed up for the picnic. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

Getzin taught the group how to make four different kinds of salsa from one base of ingredients. The pineapple salsa was a hit with the group. The sweet, ripe pineapple paired with fresh vegetables in the salsa made for the perfect summer snack. Getzin also demonstrated to the group how to make carne asada tortas with seared and seasoned skirt steak, chipotle garlic mayo, and cotija cheese.

Before the group headed out on the ride, they picked their choice of bike from an array of bright colors. One group member from Snohomish picked the purple bike. She said it was her favorite choice since she’s a husky alumna and graduated from University of Washington in 2014. After picking the bikes, Merick Hill of Chelan Electric Bikes taught the group how to ride and the guests went for a test run around the block.

The group pulled over during the ride to take pictures of Lake Chelan. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

The plan was originally to ride down to Mill Bay Park in Manson for the picnic, but instead, the group decided to pull over on a lookout off the road where there was a spectacular view of Lake Chelan, the mountains and the surrounding vineyards.

The weather was cloudy, but made for great lighting to take photos of the scenery. Hill took the group on winding back roads and up and around the hills to get a good views of the lake. The hills were steep at times, but the electric bikes made the ride a breeze. The group passed a few bikers trudging up a hill and joked about zooming by with ease and without pedaling. The bikers laughed and joked along.

The group posed for pictures in front of a view of the Lake Chelan Valley. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

The destination of Benson Vineyards Estate Winery and complimentary wine tasting made for the perfect finish to the picnic lunch. By the end of the event, group members were able to relax and let the bike engine do the hard work while zooming back through the hills to the cooking school.

Check out cheffykandca.com for upcoming culinary classes and events, and chelanelectricbikes.com for information on bike tours around the Lake Chelan Valley.

The group enjoyed a picnic with a Lake Chelan view at a lookout off the road. (Photo by Kent Getzin)

(By Lauren Getzin)




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