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We’re Part of Many Tribal Energies

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(Image courtesy of Geralt)

All of us are part of many tribes, and each one has its unique value. We might connect through work, school, church, sports, or hobbies. We’re part of communities, clubs, neighborhoods, families, and friendships. Within every group, energy mingles.

Some tribes help us feel free to share our most authentic self. With this group, we thrive, and our connection to contentment, love, and happiness increases. The support we experience is energetically linked to the 95% of our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs beyond our awareness. This is the tribe that empowers the changes we want in our life.

New friendships give us a unique energy group. Friends from the past are like wonderful, meaningful photo albums holding energy patterns that reflect our journey. Recent friends see us from a fresh perspective. As energies merge into a new tribe, we often open up to emerging desires.


(Image courtesy of Geralt)

Our tribes are a reflection of how we see ourselves. They provide safe reinforcement for the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of our current reality. They are a constant source of feedback.

Like Goldilocks, we serve ourselves when we check to see if our social groups are ‘too big’, ‘too small’ or ‘just right’ as our lives change. We empower our ability to create new realities when we realize these bonds fluctuate. As we change, our tribes will strengthen, modify, or fade in a way that feels very natural.

Our tribes are many. Like overlapping circles, some people may share several tribes with us, but no two people have exactly the same combination. We’re much too marvelously unique for that to happen.


(By Jeanne McElvaney, Author and Energy Healer)




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