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Nine n’ Dine, open to golfers of all abilities, is full of fun team-oriented golf games and delicious dinners

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The Nine n’ Dine group on July 10th, 2017, before tee off. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

Nine n’ Dine is a golfing event that takes place every Monday at the Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course. The event includes a game of nine holes and a dinner provided by CJ’s on the Course. Each Monday, a different game is played, and the game is chosen by the appointed leaders for that week.

On Monday, July 10, 2017, the appointed leaders were Sharron and Brad, a couple who frequent the Nine n’ Dine event. And the game they chose for the day was a modified scramble.

Joni Dedo hits her first ball during the modified scramble game at Nine n’ Dine. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

“Everybody hits, and we pick the best ball and put our balls there and the driver,” said Jane Storms, the organizer of the event. “The one that hits that ball does not get to hit the next one, but three of us do. And then everybody gets to hit from the best spot all the way to the ball.” 

“But every person has to have two drives, and every week the game is different,” said Sharron. “This is just this week’s game.”

Jane explained that the number of players usually ranges anywhere from 12 to 20 people of all ages and abilities. Last Monday, there were 12 players joining the game. One of the players was Mike Hewett. He has been playing Nine n’ Dine for three years and tries to attend the event every Monday.

Arne Einmo drives his first ball at the start of the game. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

“We play as teams of four, and we mix them up so that everybody is kind of evenly matched based on how good the players are,” Hewett explained. “And we go out and play nine holes, and we have fun. It’s all about having fun, and then when we come back, we have dinner and drinks here and enjoy the evening.”

While Nine n’ Dine is primarily an easy-going social event, it also includes a little incentivized competition.

“We all put in two dollars, and the teams [first and second place] with the lowest scores win the money,” said Hewett. “It’s fun because we play with people of different capabilities, and we have to play as a team, so there’s a lot of strategy.”

Sherry Ochsner drives her second ball during the modified scramble game. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

Nine n’ Dine at the Lake Chelan Golf Course is capped off with dinner at CJ’s on the Course. Chuck Weathersby, owner of CJ’s on the Course, and his son Chris James (CJ) Weathersby. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

After the game is played, the group celebrates with a quality dinner for a great price at CJ’s on the Course. The dinners range anywhere from $12 to $16.

“Every week the restaurant puts up a menu,” Hewett said. “And sometimes they have seafood, sometimes they have Mexican food. Tonight I think we’re having Greek, and the price is very reasonable.”

To attend a Nine n’ Dine event, you must sign up at CJ’s on Course by the Saturday prior to the game at the. This allows LeeAnne and Chuck Weathersby of CJ’s, to prepare for the dinner.

The group meets at CJ’s on Course at 3:30 p.m. on Mondays. Tee off is at 4 p.m. and dinner is at 6 p.m.

Jim Storms hits his second ball during one of his many attended Nine n’ Dine games. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

Outdoor seating at the Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course clubhouse. (Photo by Lauren Getzin)

(By Lauren Getzin)




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