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Kids Corner: Hey Dad - What Happened To Frosty's Nose?
The Isenhart boys..... Jerry & Willy could hardly wait Sunday morning to get outside and build a snowman. Even as it snowed more and more, they were 'having a ball'.

It seems they found a carrot and 2 chocolate cookies to give Frosty a face....

It also look's like as of Monday the goods are gone (Click Here). Could it be that the boys dog, "Tee-Tee" ate 'um up?

Notice the center photo (click here) as TeeTee is busy licking Willy's face as if to say, "I'm sorry'....

And then Willy's face on the right (Click Here) ... as it looks like he's not sure he likes the doggy kiss....

Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Monday, November 27 @ 18:21:59 PST

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Kids Corner: When It's Time To Come To The Lake!
GLC Kids Corner

Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Saturday, July 29 @ 03:46:31 PDT

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Kids Corner: Here's A Great Way To Track Santas Helpers & Catch The Spirit
GLC Kids Corner

Wall To Wall
Traditional Christmas Music
On Line - Listen Now

Click Here / Listen Now
Click Here & Listen To Our Seasonal Concert With a Little Bit Of Fuzz
You Won't Find This Music Mix Anywhere Else Either!

(Find Out If Santa Get's A Ticket For Speeding)?

Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Tuesday, December 20 @ 12:16:26 PST

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Kids Corner: Chelan
GLC Kids Corner writes "Little

A place to relax

Kid Approved (Water Slides)

Everything you need



By: Katlyn Straub

Exceptionally Unique


A town of pride

Near You"
Posted by glc on Sunday, August 29 @ 12:09:39 PDT

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Kids Corner: Manson No Longer Off The Radar Screen
Drivers Beware

Wanting to slow down the vehicles which roll down Manson Blvd just West of Manson, the Chelan County Sheriff's Office has positioned their portable radar devvice near the base of the grade as it turns east towards downtown Manson.

It's a good call - The Speedlimit is 25 MPH and it's not uncommon to see vehicles rounding the downhill slope at 45 MPH or more.

And as summer pedestrian traffic increases that blind left turn can be dangerous for everyone.

A good reminder - drive carefully.

Posted by Jerry E Isenhart on Monday, April 05 @ 09:48:22 PDT

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Kids Corner: More Jr Miss Photos Too
GLC Kids Corner
Posted by Jerry E Isenhart on Thursday, March 25 @ 05:28:07 PST

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Kids Corner: Monday, My Lizard
GLC Kids Corner lizard_kid writes "
A story from my lizard.

Hi -My name is Monday.
And I am a Western Fence Lizard.

My owners name is Eric.
I am going to tell you how my owner caught me.
He was walking down a road,one day.
He saw a lizard,but that was not me.
But he kept on walking. And then he saw me. He tried to catch me. His dad chased me through the grass. Until he threw the net,and caught me.

Now I am hibernating through the winter. Some times I think its summer,when its winter. I live in a terrarium next to the wood stove.


PS: I'm Nine years old, and plan to catch more lizards this summer!"
Posted by Jerry E Isenhart on Wednesday, January 28 @ 05:20:10 PST

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Kids Corner: Dinasaurs
GLC Kids Corner JerryJr writes "

By Jerry Isenhart Jr

The T-rex was biggest meat eater on land. They lived more than 1000 years ago.The scientist
have researched and have found fossils of many dinasaurs.

It is bad that there was no people around when dinasaurs romed the land. No one knows how
many dinasaurs there were. Not even me.

There are more books but not anywhere.
So read more about dinasaurs.


Note: Jerry Jr wrote this story one evening while he and his Dad were working side by side on computers in Dad's office. It gave Dad the idea to create a "Kids Corner" where anyone's kids can write stories and submit them to be shared with the world.

This can be fun for all of us!

Click Here To Submit Stories

Please Email Photos to

Posted by Jerry E Isenhart on Saturday, October 11 @ 20:48:35 PDT

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