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Manson’s 2017 football season ends in State playoffs, but not without pride in their accomplishments

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Manson’s State playoff game on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017, against the DeSales Fighting Irish ended in a loss, with a final score of 40-8. (Photo courtesy of Manson Football)

On Friday, Nov. 10, 2017 the Manson Trojans hosted and met a tough Desales High School football team in the first round of the State playoffs. The Trojans battled all night, but lost to DeSales 8-40.

“The boys never gave up which is a huge testament to their character,” Coach Joey Johanson said. “We walked away feeling proud of our season and our effort. I am super proud of this group.”

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final Score
Manson 0 0 0 8 8
Desales 14 9 10 7 40

The Desales Fighting Irish were able to shut the Trojans offense down all night. They were also able to run and throw, which is something Manson did not see much in the Central Washington 2B league. It took a while for Desales to score, but once they got on the board they kept it moving all night.

The Manson Trojan Football team hears from their coaching staff in preparation for the State playoff game on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Manson Football)

“We thought the wet field would hinder their ability to throw, but once they started having success running the ball it opened up their passing game,” Coach Johanson said. “Our defense played tough and they were on the field a lot because of our inability to move the ball on offense. To sum it up, Desales is a good team that scouted us well and came in with a great game plan.”

Manson Offense Stats:


  • Avery Thompson- 1 Passing Touchdown


  • Eduardo Escalera- 1 Receiving Touchdown

The only Manson score on offense came late in the fourth quarter when Eduardo Escalera scored on a pass from Avery Thompson. This was setup by a reverse pass from Joe Strecker to Avery Thompson a couple plays earlier.

“A huge positive from this game was the fact that none of the players gave up, and the seniors played hard until the final horn sounded. I believe this was a good example for our younger players to never give up no matter what the score is,” Johanson stated.

Manson’s State playoff game against the DeSales Fighting Irish ended in a loss, with a final score of 40-8. (Photo courtesy of Manson Football)

Manson Defense Stats:

  • Fernando Flores- 12 Tackles, 1 Sack
  • Bailey Cameron- 9 Tackles, 1 Sack
  • Joe Strecker- 3 Tackles
  • Cody Amsden- 6 Tackles
  • Donny Vanderholm- 8 Tackles, 1 Sack
  • Parker Schoenwald- 3 Tackles
  • Eduardo Escalera- 7 Tackles
  • Marcus Bernardo- 6 Tackles, 1 Sack
  • Ramiro Lopez- 6 Tackles
  • Cole Beazley- 4 Tackles

Manson had a great season and exceeded many expectations.

“Even with a loss like this, we were still able to hold our heads high because of all we accomplished this year. I am so proud of this team and extremely honored to coach this group of seniors,” Johanson said. “Even though this is my first year, I can tell that this was a special group. I will talk about this team forever!”

He continued, “As always I am absolutely proud to coach these boys and be part of the Manson community. Thank you everyone for a great season.”

(By Christine Eagar, as reported by Coach Johanson)




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