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Manson Trojans play hard-fought match against #1 Brewster Bears

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Although the final score line doesn’t show it, with Manson 0, Brewster 3, the Manson Boys Soccer Team played one of their best games of the season against the Brewster Bears in what was their first true “home” game of the season at the Manson Athletic Complex on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

The Trojans came into the game with a plan to put the Bears under pressure, and after about five minutes of Brewster controlling possession, Manson took over. The new-look midfield trio of Trojans Heri Sarmiento, Educardo Escalera and Abelardo Sanchez completely controlled the middle of the field.

“Manson was moving the ball up the field and down the sides, making things very uncomfortable for the Bears,” Coach Jared Mumley said. “Manson’s Freddy Leyva, playing in a new role up front, continued to make intelligent and probing runs through the defense while causing them problems.”

Then, against the run of play, at about 20 minutes into the first half, Brewster scored the go-ahead goal off a free kick from nearly 40 yards away. The ball flew high into the air and dropped just below the cross bar which turned into a goal no keeper in the league would have been prepared to stop. And just like that, with all the momentum against them, Brewster took the lead. 

The score line remained that way until half time before Manson started the second half in the same way they ended it, dominating possession and putting the Bears under pressure. The Trojans continued to create chances, looking for that equalizing goal, with Aurelio Gutierrez coming closes with a thunderous strike that left the goalkeeper with no chance, only to see the ball bounce off of the upright post and out! 

Manson was getting close. With about 12 minutes left in the game, as the Trojans continued to press up the field to get the equalizer, Brewster latched onto a cleared ball after a Manson corner and ran up the field on a counter-attack and were able to put another goal in the back of the net. Once again, this came against the run of play. 

Only three minutes later, Brewster got one more as the Trojans were still trying to pick themselves up off the ground in disappointment.

“Any observer at the game will agree that the score line did not tell the story,” Coach Mumley said. “The Trojans played with pride, passion and grit and were unfortunate not to have been rewarded for their efforts, intelligence and intensity.”  

In the end Brewster, the number one team in the league, prevailed 3-0, and it is now up to Manson to fight through the rest of the regular season, mostly home games, to earn their playoff spot. 

(Reported Coach Jared Mumley)




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