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Manson Trojan Softball opens season with a doubleheader at Lake Roosevelt

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1st game:  Manson 0 – 18 Lake Roosevelt

Saturday, March 18  marked the first games of the Lady Trojan Fastpitch Softball season, a doubleheader at Lake Roosevelt. The first game was cold and windy, and the Raiders came out ready to play.

The Trojans struggled on the bases, but the last inning was highlighted by a double from Karina Mendoza, who ended up making it to third. Megan Clausen had some nice digs at first base, and Diocelina Cervantes had a great catch out in center.

Manson’s Bianca Alexander pitched the whole game for the Trojans. After a tough first inning, she reigned it in and pitched a good game for the Trojans. The final score was 0-18. 

2nd game:  Manson 2- 32 Lake Roosevelt

The Lady Trojans started the second game off with a bang. After a walk by Devyn Smith, a single by Karina Mendoza and a couple past balls, the Trojans were ahead 2-0. Manson pitcher Alexander stepped into the circle again and held the Raiders to four runs.

The second inning left much to be desired. After a scoreless inning for Manson, the Raiders came out and scored 28 runs. Bianca Alexander, Megan Clausen and Karina Mendoza all did their best to stop the Raiders, but they just kept fighting. The final score of the second game was 32-2. 

All in all, Coach Kendra Farnsworth said it was definitely a learning experience for the girls. “This was their first time on dirt and only their third time outside this season. The girls played hard and are looking forward to their next game.”

(Submitted by Head Coach Kendra Farnsworth)




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