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Manson seniors to give presentations at North Shore Bible Church (May 30 & June 1)

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(Image courtesy of Manson School District)

The Manson High School senior class of 2017 will hold their culminating Senior Presentations at North Shore Bible Church on Tuesday, May 30 and Thursday, June 1 beginning at 6 p.m. each day. North Shore Bible Church is located at 123 Wapato Point Pkwy in Manson.

The event will be catered by Chelan Catering Kitchen, and musical accompaniment for the evening will be hosted by Victoria and Grayson Smith.

Manson seniors have been preparing for several months with presentations ranging from 8-15 minutes each. The focus on the presentations is to showcase the individual accomplishments of the class of 2017.

We invite and welcome the community to attend the presentations and celebrate Manson’s excellent senior class.

View the schedule of students’ presentations

North Shore Bible Church is located at 123 Wapato Point Pkwy in Manson. (Image courtesy of North Shore Bible Church)

Alphabetical List of Manson Seniors and their presentation each day. Times given are p.m. You will be directed at the door to the correct room for each particular student’s presentation.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Alexander, Bianca 6:30
Charlton, Bowen 7:50
Chavez, Serafin 6:30
Espinoza, Jesus 7:30
Farias, Jesus 6:50
Farias, Ofelia 6:10
Frayle, Gonzalo 7:50
Garcia, Jose 7:10
Grageda, Andres 6:10
Guillen, Everardo 8:10
Gutierrez, Aurelio 8:10
Manjares, Analexis 6:50
Pascasio, Jasmine 7:50
Pena, Marcos 8:10
Petersen, Caleb 6:10
Picton, Tristan 7:30
Rodriguez, Jasmin 7:30
Sanchez, Julia 8:10
Sandoval, Noemi 7:10
Silva, Carlos 7:10
Smith, Damon 6:50
Urness, Tycobey 6:30
Valdovinos, Umbelina 6:10
Venegas, Juan Ramon 7:50
Walters, Mason 6:30
Ward, Baylee 7:10
Ward, Madison 7:30
Ward, Spencer 6:50

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Acosta, Miriam 6:50
Alejo, David 7:30
Almeida, Juan 8:10
Alvarado, Brenda 7:10
Bucio, Suleima 6:30
Cameron, Mason 6:50
Cazarez, Daniela 6:10
Garcia, Celeste 7:50
Gembala, Lily 7:50
Gomez, Lissette 7:30
Johns, Noemi 7:30
Juarez, Jose 7:10
Krumm, Cody 6:10
Leyva, Fredy 6:30
Leyva, Daicy 6:10
Lindert, Rosellyn 7:30
Lopez, Brenda 8:10
Lopez, Carlos 8:10
Lopez, Cristian 6:50
Martinez, Salvador 7:10
Mcclanahan, Cody 7:50
Mendoza, Karina 7:10
Montes, Misael 6:50
Ortega, Steve 6:30
Pacheco, Anselmo 8:10
Portillo, Alma 6:30
Quiroz, Alex 7:50
Webb, Jeffrey 6:10

(Submitted by Christy Libbey)




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