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Lupe Galvan crowned as the 91st Miss Lake Chelan

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The 91st annual Miss Lake Chelan took place at Chelan’s PAC on Saturday, March 11, 2017. (Photo by Branden Allen)


The 91st annual Miss Lake Chelan Pageant transformed Chelan Middle/High School’s Performing Arts Center on Saturday, March 11, aptly fitting this year’s theme “Once Upon a Time”. In addition to receiving scholarships, Miss Lake Chelan and her court princesses represent the Lake Chelan community at regional festivals and participate in community groups and activities.

The candidates are judged in six areas, each attributing a different percentage of their overall score:

Scholastic 15% – Qualified educators review and rate transcripts of grades.

Interview 20% – Judges look for presentation, a sense of values, clarity of expression, and concern for others.

Fitness 10% – The panel evaluates coordination, stamina, agility, and posture.

Talent 20% – Based on originality, appropriateness of the selection, and costume and stage selection.

Self-expression 20% – Judges consider elements of grace, poise under pressure, ability to communicate effectively, grooming, posture, and carriage.

Spirt of Miss Lake Chelan 15% – The judges do not determine the scores for this category. The candidates were given technical marks for being present and on time, meeting deadlines, and efforts made throughout the process. The candidates themselves then voted for who they believe should win this award, and the technical marks are figured into the overall scoring.

Lucas Gueller & Lupe Galvan, Donny Watson & Ava Dickes, Alex Nelson & Madeline Peebles, Alex Gavin & Olivia Nygreen, Eric Rodriquez & Azzia MacDonald, Javier Torres & Taylor Sams. (Photo by Branden Allen)

After opening introductions, the girls flooded the auditorium, taking the stage as part of a fitness routine which segued into the talent showcase where candidates took to the stage individually, displaying talents such as oration, singing in French, and dance for the honor of being crowned 2017’s Miss Lake Chelan.

As is tradition, the candidates’ escorts also performed a routing to the tune of “The Gospel Truth”. The dance was humorous and entertaining, breaking the tension and high-stakes of the pageant. The escorts received scores in jest from judges, receiving no less than a 9.9 which was promptly changed to a 10 after some goading from the audience.

Lucas Gueller, Donny Watson, Alex Nelson, Alex Gavin, Eric Rodriquez, and Javier Torres preform traditionally light-hearted Escort’s Dance. (Photo by Branden Allen)

Judges deliberated during the community sponsored raffle that gave away over 30 different prizes. After much anticipation the winners of this year’s scholarships were announced:

Fitness Award:  3rd Olivia Nygreen, 2nd Ava Dikes, 1st Lupe Galvan

Interview Award:  3rd Ava Dickes, 2nd Lupe Galvan, 1st Taylor Sams

Talent Award:  3rd Taylor Sams, 2nd Ava Dickes, 3rd Lupe Galvan

Escort Award:  3rd Henry Elsner, 2nd Eric Rodriquez, 3rd Bradley Castro

Self-Expression Award:  3rd Azzia MacDonald, 2nd Lupe Galvan, 1st Taylor Sams

Scholastic Award:  3rd Olivia Nygreen, 2nd Ava Dickes, 3rd Madeline Peebles

Judges Award:  Olivia Nygreen

Spirit of Miss Lake Chelan (Miss Congeniality):  Taylor Sams

The candidates for Miss Lake Chelan 2017 stand together in unity awaiting the announcement of the winners. (Photo by Branden Allen)

The auditorium roared as the Royal Court of the 2017 Miss Lake Chelan Pageant was announced. The runners up were Miss Taylor Sams (first runner up) and Miss Ava Dickes (second runner up).

Thunderous applause drowned out the sound system in the Performing Arts Center as Miss Lupe Galvan was crowned Miss Lake Chelan 2017.

Miss Lake Chelan 2017, Lupe Galvan. (Photo by Branden Allen)

Taylor Sams, First Princess. (Photo by Branden Allen)

Ava Dickes, Second Princess. (Photo by Branden Allen)

(By Branden Allen)




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