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LocalTel Communications is high bidder on Federal Building in Wenatchee

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The Federal Building, which was the old U.S. Post Office, is located on the corner of Chelan Avenue and Yakima Street in Wenatchee. (Photo courtesy of NCWLife.com)

Wenatchee, WA – LocalTel Communications has revealed today that it is Bidder #2 in the auction for the Wenatchee Federal Building. The old U.S. Post Office location on the corner of Chelan Avenue and Yakima Street in Wenatchee went on the auction block in early February.

LocalTel remained the high bidder when the auction closed Friday, April 14 at 9:33 p.m. Officials with LocalTel Communications are now waiting to hear if their bid has been accepted by the General Services Administration (GSA).

President of LocalTel, Dimitri Mandelis, says that they really only want a small portion of the 104,000+ square foot building for their own use. “The loading dock at the rear of the building will be remodeled in to an attractive LocalTel front with easy access for in and out parking.” Mandelis added, “…the roof would allow us to expand and enhance our SkyFi Wireless Internet services with the additional height that the Federal Building offers.”

LocalTel has also informed the City of Wenatchee that if they are still interested in the building, they are open to selling them as little or as much as they want, for the same cost per square foot at which LocalTel is purchasing it.

LocalTel has plans to bring additional fiber into the building. Any future tenants or owners would have the benefit of access to LocalTel’s Fiber Services, SkyFi Wireless Internet, and Guardian Security Services.

(Press release submitted by LocalTel)




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