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Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club members are ‘Almost Fashionable’ at annual Member Guest Event

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Gail Bender, Lou Gibbs, Candace Farnsworth, and Peggy Goodman with Big Girl Panty Game Rules on Hole #12 at the Annual Member-Guest Event on July 27. (Photo courtesy of the Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club)

Member Guest

The Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club’s competition held on July 27, 2017, was the Member Guest Event. Prizes were awarded for fun and normal Modified Chapman Team play. Many event pictures have been posted on the Lake Chelan Golf Club – Ladies Division Facebook page. The ‘Almost Fashionable’ theme brought out the humor in the lady golfers, with member Pam Zent and her guest Sandra Darke taking top honor in their Seahawks attire. 

The ‘In the Cup’ contest on hole number 4 had one winner, Karen Erickson. Silliness abounded with the Chamber Pot for all guests’ drives landing on 18 green and the 10’ Pole for members landing within 10 feet of the pin on hole number 7. Golf lessons were earned by Bobbi Kludt and Carol Mathewson (147) for Highest Gross score, and Jeannean Mazzaferro and Chris Donoghue (99) Highest Net score.

Serious golfing awards went to guests Christi Bofto, Sara Hebner, and Sandy Ward for Longest Drives on number 8. Longest drives on number 17 went to members Elaona Teague, Gail Peterson, and Bev Cooks. Low Net of the Field went Carol Ferguson and her guest Julie Jacobson (68). Low Gross of the Field went to Candace Farnsworth and guest Peggy Goodman (88).

Pam Zent and her guest Sandra Darke took top honor of ‘Almost Fashionable’ in their Seahawks attire at the annual Member-Guest event. (Photo courtesy of the Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club)

Club Championship

Joni Dedo, Tournament Chairperson announced that sign-up sheet is in the ladies locker room. According to our club General Procedures, you must have played a minimum of five weekly 18-hole competitions to be eligible to compete. The last day to sign-up is Monday, August 7. If for some reason you are unable to make it to the clubhouse to sign-up, contact Joni via phone at (206) 354-5684 or email at joni.dedo@gmail.com.

The Club Championship will be 54 holes of medal (stroke) play to be played Thursday, August 10, Tuesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 17. All flights will be played without handicaps, and the Club Champion will be the player with the overall lowest gross score, regardless of the flight in which she competed. Runner-up will be the player with the 2nd overall lowest gross score. A winner for each flight will then be decided based on lowest gross score of the flight for the 3 days.

Note: Handicaps will be used to determine and award the player with the lowest overall net score for the 3 days.

The Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club celebrated their annual Member-Guest event on July 27. (Photo courtesy of the Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club)

2017 Invitational

“Let’s Par-Tee!” is the theme for this year’s Invitational to be held on September 14, 2017. Registration forms were emailed to Lake Chelan Ladies Club members and then to other clubs. Forms are also available in the locker room. Contact Invitational Chairperson, Sherry Fisk at 509-393-9715 or email jsfisk@msn.com.

(By Mary Couchee)




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