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Lake Chelan Community Hospital Commissioner Candidate Jeremy Jaech elected Chair for UW Board of Regents

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Jeremy Jaech is a candidate for Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Clinics Board of  Commissioners (Position #1). (Photo by Jillian Foster)

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Local resident and Hospital Commissioner candidate Jeremy Jaech has been elected Chair by the University of Washington Board of Regents at their September meeting. The Regents are appointed by the Governor for six-year terms and oversee the fourth largest employer in the state of Washington, managing a $7 billion-dollar annual budget. Half of this budget is UW Medicine with its medical school, four hospitals and twelve clinics.

Jaech has previously served as CEO for several private companies as well as publicly-traded Visio Corporation.He has served on eight private company boards, three public company boards, and five non-profit and governmental boards in addition to his service on the UW Board of Regents. During his career, he co-founded four technology startup companies.

Recently retired, experienced leader and serial entrepreneur Jeremy Jaech, decided to run for Hospital Commissioner Position #1 to share his expertise as the Lake Chelan Hospital enters a critical phase of its growth. 

Jaech’s experience with building new facilities at the University of Washington is particularly relevant to Lake Chelan Hospital. The UW uses the General Contractor/Construction Manager method, which is the same method the hospital is using for its new facility. None of the other commissioners have any experience with this contracting method.

Jaech said, “I have a vision for what this new hospital can mean for our community. We have an opportunity with the new building to improve healthcare by bringing in new programs, getting our healthcare IT systems up to par, and engaging other organizations with connections to our community in finding people who need healthcare and treating them before their health issues become acute.”

Jaech’s knowledge of the future of healthcare, particularly how reimbursement from Medicare is changing, give him inside information that will be helpful in making sure that the new building supports the functions that will be fully reimbursed by insurance and government payers. 

To learn more and to see times and places to meet the candidate, please go to his website at www.jeremyjaech.com and visit the Events page.

Please contact:

Dar Brasch, Campaign Manager



(Submitted by Jeremy Jaech)




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