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Jerry Jr. Memorial Scholarship awarded to Zach Phelps at CHS football scrimmage

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William Isenhart, Jerry Isenhart Sr., and Cecilia Isenhart award the second annual Jerry Isenhart Jr. Memorial Scholarship to Zack Phelps. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, the community gathered for the Jerry Isenhart Jr. Memorial Scholarship Scrimmage Football Game. Chelan senior Zack Phelps, who represented the ideals and spirit of the award’s namesake, was awarded the $500 scholarship.     

Jerry Jr. was a 2012 Chelan High School graduate who was a natural athlete and a compassionate leader. He was known for his big heart and caring personality. Although taken by a rare case of brain cancer, he fought a fearless battle leaving many inspired. He left a legacy.

The Chelan High School football team playing a scrimmage game in honor of Jerry Jr. at Sargent Field in Chelan. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

The Memorial Scholarship scrimmage football game was set up to honor Jerry Jr.’s contribution to the team. The game took place at Sargent field, where the white team took the win against the green team, 22-20.

“It was a fun football game and we got to honor Jerry Jr.,” Football Coach Travis Domser said. “The game is great and the cause is great. It gets the community out to watch some football. The kids also learn what it means to do things right. We try to get it all with football.”

The Chelan High School football team lines up to honor Jerry Jr. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

During halftime, the football team lined up to honor Jerry Jr. The Isenhart family presented the scholarship to a special athlete who represented Jerry Jr.’s qualities, characteristics, and values. Coach Domser mentioned how this year it was extremely tough to pick a senior that represented Jerry Jr.’s attributes. There were various seniors who fit the role, but it was Zack Phelps who was awarded the special scholarship.

“Zach Phelps is a friend to everybody, just like Jerry Jr. was,” Coach Domser said. “That is the one thing that stood out the most.”

William Isenhart, Jerry Isenhart Sr., and Cecilia Isenhart award the second annual Jerry Isenhart Jr. Memorial Scholarship to Zack Phelps. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

In order to receive the scholarship, recipients filled out an application and met a certain criteria. A committee of 5-6 people got together to read the submitted applications, take a vote and make a decision.

While considering a senior, Coach Domser said, “Besides all the acclamations for football, we’re looking for those good humans and gentle giants.”

The white team won 22-20, over the green team at The Jerry Isenhart Jr. Memorial Scholarship scrimmage football game. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

This is the third annual Jerry Isenhart Jr. Memorial Football Game, and the second annual Scholarship Scrimmage Football Game that the football program has held. Prior the game Jerry Isenhart Sr. spoke and stated his hope that they can increase the scholarship in the future.

“It’s important. We’re trying to make this a fundraiser that has longevity,” Domser said. “When something is important, you take your time to make sure nothing is left uncovered. It’s a fun process and I’m glad the Isenhart family gets to be a part of it.”

The Chelan football team shakes hands with the Isenhart family during halftime on June 8 at Sargent Field. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

In the short time Jerry Jr. had, he influenced many people, and that is something the football program along with the Isenhart family wishes to continue.

“Jerry Jr. was a family member, a friend and a gentle giant, but most importantly, he was part of the community,” Coach Erik Romero said. “That is something we hope to continue for many years down the road.”

(By Stephanie Quiroz)




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