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Jerry Isenhart runs for Lake Chelan Community Hospital Commissioner, position #05

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Long-time community leader and local businessman Jerry Isenhart says he threw his name into the Lake Chelan Hospital Commission race, not because he was running against anyone or any thing, but because he has been searching for a way to say a genuine “Thank You” to the community (both the Medical and the Civic Communities) who stepped up to support he and his family when the Isenhart’s lost their son, Jerry Jr. to brain cancer in 2014. 

Isenhart said:

“I will never forget when Dr. Jay Waszkewitz brought his own personal mini refrigerator down to Jerry’s hospital room, filled with waters, and sodas and treats. I saw first-hand, the compassion of Chelan’s senior physician, and we were touched. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. The hospital commissioners, hospital administration and staff all poured out to us through the most troubling time in our life. I always wondered how I could say ‘Thank You’.

And now, in retirement, this might be a way. If I could be a positive advocate to assuring we have a quality medical campus for our valley for the next 50 years, that might be one method we could express our gratitude.”

Isenhart said he hopes his involvement as a two-term Chelan City Councilmember, Mayor of Chelan, and member of the Lake Chelan School Board, would help him carry out the duties of a Hospital Commissioner in a responsible way.

And he said his 40+ years of managing his broadcast and communication companies, KOZI and GoLakeChelan.com, he would hope his skills of leadership, problem solving, and positive community relations could be utilized as well. 

(Submitted by Jerry Isenhart)




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