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Intoxicated man breaks into house, falls asleep

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(Photo provided by Moses Lake Police Department)

The Moses Lake Police Department reported that an intoxicated man broke into an area home on Saturday night, Nov. 11, 2017, and then fell asleep.

In a press release the Moses Lake Police Department reported, “This was a weekend for heavy drinking in Moses Lake, with bar fights and other misdeeds. Not sure what the impetus was, but officers responded to a much higher than usual number of ‘drunk and stupid’ calls.”

One incident in particular caused some head shaking. Around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, a resident in the Knolls Vista neighborhood heard his front door open, then close. Upon investigation, the homeowner located 26-year-old Seth Estrada inside his house. The homeowner confronted the suspect and called 911. Estrada was highly intoxicated and apparently not sure where he was.

(Photo provided by Moses Lake Police Department)

When officers arrived a few moments later, they located Estrada sitting at the kitchen table, and he had already fallen asleep (passed out?) in his chair. When officers woke Estrada up, he was not cooperative and rather indignant that the officer would bother him while he took a nap after breaking into someone else’s house. As he stood up to square off with the officer, Estrada grabbed a baby bottle off the table in front of him, perhaps mistaking it for his beer.

Estrada moved away from the officer and attempted to get into one of the bedrooms in the house, before being quickly restrained. In speaking with Estrada, he was heavily intoxicated and was only able to tell officers that he is American, from Texas, and that he knew he shouldn’t go into other people’s houses.

Estrada was booked into the Grant County Jail on charges of residential burglary.



(By Christine Eagar, as reported by Moses Lake Police Dept.)




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