Goats win first league game against Omak
Alumni game this Saturday, December 20 at 4 p.m. in Chelan gymnasium

Another Reason Why We Love to Live in the Lake Chelan Valley
The views are stunning - all year long

Stehekin Maintenance Yard Funds Could Be Used for Stehekin Road Repairs
Resident Dick Bingham has a suggestion for the Park Service

Law Enforcement Officers Recognized at Night of a Thousands Stars
Honoring law enforcement for keeping our highways safe

Manson Trojans Have Strong Showings in Basketball Against Moses Lake and Okanogan
Next game Friday, December 19th at Lake Roosevelt

Gallery Muse Grand Opening in Lake Chelan, Friday Dec. 19
Enjoy food, wine, cheese and wonderful local art

GoMinder: Adopt-A-Tree - It is not too late to give a gift of caring
Trees need love too!

Hospital Board approves sale of apartment building
The hospital lost money on the property last year

Campbell’s Take First Place in HDCA Dessert Taste Off and Auction
Desserts netted $600 for Chelan’s Food Bank

Possibility of a WHITE CHRISTMAS may be more than a Dream, this year!
Lots of snow in the forecasts!

Photos of Bridgeport High School Vandalism Show Damage
Sheriff says video security cams may help identify vandals

Manson FFA Ag Mechanics Teams Compete at Cashmere
Students had 3 hours to complete a task

Commissioners Call for Review of Electric Service to New Loads of 1 aMW or More
Board puts moratorium in place and sets hearing for Feb. 2, 2015

Vandals Trash Bridgeport High School - Damage in Tens of Thousands of Dollars
Classes closed for 2-3 days

New lights and sidewalks coming to Chelan
LED lighting will reduce initial and recurring costs

Snow for Echo Valley in the Forecast
Low temps should make it stick

Search Continues for Man Who Fled Into Wenatchee River Near Leavenworth
Identity of suspect released

US Congress Approves Authority Needed to Open Stehekin Valley Road
A huge step forward but not a 'done deal' quite yet

Last Consecutive Date for a Long Time
If you are young now, and lucky, you will see the next

Theft Suspect Flees into Wenatchee River Near Leavenworth
Suspect still at large as of Friday evening - possible drowning

North Cascades Bank Donates Replaced Computers
Manson Schools will use the computers in Elementary and Middle Schools

Chelan Goats Holiday Hoop Tournament 2014
December 29th and 30th at the Chelan Community Gymnasium

Senator Linda Evans-Parlette addresses City Council
BREAKING NEWS: Congress expands Alpine Lakes Wilderness near Seattle

Public Comment Period Extended on Plan to Replace Administrative Facilities at Stehekin
Extended through January 20, 2015

District 7 FFA Apple Judging CDE at the Manson Grange
Manson placed 8th out of a field of 16

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Goats win first league game against Omak
Sports With Rich Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - December 19, 2014
Goats win first league game against Omak – lose to Okanogan in non-league action
Alumni game this Saturday, December 20 at 4 p.m. in Chelan gymnasium
By Richard Uhlhorn
The Chelan Goats and Lady Goats traveled to Okanogan to take on the Bulldogs and both came away with losses.

For the full story, click HERE.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, December 19 @ 12:36:17 PST

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Another Reason Why We Love to Live in the Lake Chelan Valley
Strictly Fun Greg Kennedy - December 19, 2014
Another Reason Why We Love to Live in the Lake Chelan Valley
Tyler Brankamp captured this wonderful winter scene of Lake Chelan and the snow-covered mountains
Tyler Brankamp of Universal Solutions sends us this captivating winter view of our lake and mountains after a fresh snowfall was illuminated by the morning sun. Tyler tells us he saw this scene as he was coming over the hill on the south side of Clifford Street above Chelan. Thanks Tyler!

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, December 19 @ 10:11:26 PST

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Stehekin Maintenance Yard Funds Could be Used for Stehekin Road Repairs
Comments & Opinions By Jerry Isenhart Jerry Isenhart - December 19, 2014
The Stehekin River at Car Wash Falls where a critical section of Stehekin Valley Road was washed away in 2003.
Stehekin Resident Dick Bingham Says He Knows Exactly How to Expedite Funding to Open Upper Stehekin Valley Road
Now that Congress has made the long-awaited approval to relocate a section of the Stehekin Valley Road that would once again give the public access to all 23 miles of the Stehekin Valley, resident Dick Bingham shares his letter to the Park Service suggesting that they forgo plans to make a number of changes to administrative facilities in the lower end of the valley and instead use the monies earmarked for those projects to overcome the final challenge - locating the monies to carry out Congresses most recent authority to repair and relocate as necessary a fragile section of the Stehekin Valley Roadway that was closed after it was badly damaged in a once-in-500-year flash flood in 2003.

Binghman of Stehekin, who is well known for telling it like he sees it, sent GoLakeChelan a copy of his appeal to the National Park Service about their latest request for public input on the the environmental assessment of a major plan to move administrative functions away from the Stehekin Landing. And according to the NPS proposal, it includes major changes to a number of aspects of their Stehekin Valley operations including moving the maintenance facility from its current location to a safer, more sustainable location adjacent to the Stehekin Airstrip. The decision to be made now involves:
  • what specific maintenance facilities would be constructed (fire operations, solid waste operations, administration, etc.) and where they would be located in that area
  • where to construct one single-family three-bedroom residence for NPS staff
  • how to improve solid waste management within Stehekin, including how the NPS would coordinate with Chelan County to receive and dispose of solid waste from NPS and non-NPS solid waste generators
Bingham tells us that the time is now to express these ideas during this open Public Comment Period for the Environmental Assessment of the Park's proposed plans - and create an opportunity to suggest that the priority of re-opening all 23 miles of the Stehekin Valley Road were hardly a possibility when these other administrative projects were created. But that's all changed now - and he suggests that as many persons as possible should use the EA Assessment Comment Period to make the case that it's a new day - and the Park Service can delay these secondary administrative changes and get busy funding re-opening of the road.

Bingham's letter to the Park Service reads:

Dick Bingham

Now that Federal Legislation has been passed to allow reopening (and keeping open) the road to Cottonwood Camp, the $$$ budgeted for the Maintenance Yard relocation would better serve everyone if it was now directed toward re-opening the Upper Stehekin Valley Road (hereafter referred to as USVR) to Cottonwood Camp.

The existing Maintenance Yard buildings can be fairly easily defended against flooding by using sandbags during a severe flood event or by installing permanent berms around the perimeter of affected facilities augmented by sandbags, as needed, to close normally open walk/drive-thru access points of the berm structure.

I am pretty certain this could be done in a very tasteful manner for a tenth to a hundredth the cost of what is being proposed.

The present M-Yard is not pretty but it WORKS fine as it presently exists. The road washout that typically happens between Harlequin Bridge and the Maintenance Yard road-junction with the upper Company Creek Road will similarly impede access from this road to the proposed new M-Yard Facility.

So, little or nothing is gained by this proposed plan other than to spend LOTS of money and move to a potentially more dangerous debris-flow region closer to Company Creek. There, any debris-flow mitigation work along Company Creek to defend the proposed new site can affect how water/debris is allowed to spread-out and push it all toward the Chelan County PUD Power-house.

Knocking-out of this facility would have terrible long-term effects on the entire community and, potentially, generate some significant lawsuits against the NPS.

This project should be cancelled for now and more thoroughly thought out. Meanwhile, monies could be moved to re-open the USVR.

Opening the USVR to Cottonwood Camp has the exciting potential for increasing tourist traffic to Stehekin. Once it is commonly known in the tourist world that it is again possible to experience the truly wilderness part of Stehekin as viewed/accessed from a NPS Shuttle-bus ride to trailheads along the USVR, older people, the infirm and families with young children will spend multiple days camping or day-hiking while staying at the NPS concession-provided lodging facilities. This is WIN-WIN for all stakeholders.

There will ONCE AGAIN be an excellent reason to spend more time visiting/using the virtually unspoiled wilderness that exists just a few miles beyond the Stehekin-Landing environs on or along the USVR.

As conditions now exist, the average boat-arriving tourist has about an hour to travel to Rainbow Falls for a single 'big-whoopy' moment and then get back on the boat to another destination - DOWN-LAKE!

The really-BIG experience of a trip along the USVR to Cottonwood Camp has been denied tourists for nearly two decades. The word is out I'm sure "Why stay longer just to see a bunch of old buildings" the equivalent of which they can see almost anywhere - down-lake.

Forget the $$$-millions proposed to be spent moving the M-Yard facility and direct it to where it can be better utilized - providing better access to America's NCNP for everyone instead of just those who are healthy and can walk long distances.

Dick Bingham
Stehekin, WA

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, December 19 @ 09:30:32 PST

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Law Enforcement Officers Recognized at Night of a Thousands Stars
Wenatchee Police Department Doug Jones, WPD - December 17, 2014
Law Enforcement Officers Recognized at Night of a Thousands Stars
On December 12th at the Chelan County PUD local law enforcement officers were recognized as part of the statewide event, 'Night of a Thousands Stars'.

This statewide event honors law enforcement for keeping our highways safe. The stars represent their badges, the 1000 represents that there will be 1000 officers patrolling our highways at any given time.

While on patrol they stop and arrest those driving under the influence, reducing the number of collisions that result in serious injuries and deaths.

The following officers were recognized with awards from two categories. The top DUI and the top Proactive Traffic award.

Chelan County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Mike Lamon-Top DUI
Deputy Dan McCue-Proactive Traffic

Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Dean Schlaman-Top DUI
Deputy Tyler Caille-Proactive Traffic

East Wenatchee Police Department
Officer Leeon Leyde-Top DUI Officer
James Marshall-Proactive Traffic

Okanogan County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Gisberth Gonzalez-Top DUI
Deputy Shane Jones-Proactive Traffic

Wenatchee Police Department
Officer Erik Vasquez-Top DUI
Corporal Keith Kellogg-Proactive Traffic

Washington State Patrol
Trooper Brett Lovell-Top DUI
Trooper Joel Anderson-Proactive Traffic

We also recognize Trooper Joel Anderson for his overall dedication and outstanding work that has enhanced traffic safety in our community. Their contribution supports The "Target Zero" goal of zero deaths and disabling injuries by 2030.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Wednesday, December 17 @ 20:15:41 PST

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Manson Trojans Have Strong Showings in Basketball Against Moses Lake and Okanoga
Manson School District Janice Stewart - December 17, 2014
Manson Trojans Have Strong Showings in Basketball Against Moses Lake and Okanogan
Manson Trojan Basketball teams hosted Moses Lake Christian Academy on Saturday and Okanogan Bulldogs Tuesday night.

The Lady Trojans lost both games, but put up a powerful showing against Moses Lake Christian with a final score of 29-39.

The Lady Trojans were led by Maddee Ward and Raechel Vanderholm, each with 10 points.

On Tuesday, the Lady Trojans lost to Okanogan with a final score of 10-51 after the Bulldogs jumped to to an early and overwhelming lead of 22-4 in the first quarter.

Leading the scoreboard for Manson was Raechel Vanderholm with 5.

The two losses puts Manson's record at 2-2 for the season, 1-1 in league.

On the boys side, the Trojans picked up a win against Moses Lake Christian and a loss to Okanogan after a well fought battle.

On Saturday the Trojans took a commanding lead early in the game against Moses Lake Christian Academy and ended with a final score of 43-28.

Leading the way for Manson was Spencer Ward with 16 points and Willy Picton with 10.

The Trojans played against Okanogan on Tuesday and lost that game with a final score of 44-68, competing very well against an experienced and talented Okanogan team.

Manson had four players with 8 or more points: Jorge Juarez, Spencer Ward, Eduardo Escalera and Bo Charlton.

Manson's record is now 2-2 overall, 0-2 in league.

Manson's next game will be on Friday, December 19th in Lake Roosevelt with JV starting at 4:30 and Girls Varsity at 6 p.m., boys varsity at 7:30 p.m.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Wednesday, December 17 @ 19:42:55 PST

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Gallery Muse Grand Opening in Lake Chelan, Friday Dec. 19
Strictly Fun Christine Eagar - December 17, 2014
Click Here for the Gallery Muse. Facebook page
Gallery Muse Grand Opening in Lake Chelan, Friday Dec. 19
Gallery Muse, a new art gallery in the Lake Chelan area is celebrating their Grand Opening at 108 E Woodin Ave in Chelan, this Friday, December 19th from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Owners, Rose Weagant Olcott and Jason Olcott, are thrilled to be opening Gallery Muse and will celebrate their opening with food, wine, and cheese.

Gallery Muse features six local and well-respected artists from the North Central Washington Region. Visitors can view and purchase paintings of various styles. Works are by well-known local artists, Michael Caldwell, Diana Sanford, Jan Cook Mack, Gene Barkley, and Rod Weagant. Gallery Muse also features sculptures by 3D artist, Neal Hedges.

Owners Rose and Jason both have backgrounds and a passion for sharing art with the community. Rose practically grew up in art galleries in North Central Washington, with her father, Rod Weagant being a well-known and respected artist in the area. Many of his fellow artists and colleagues are people that Rose has known since she was a child.

Jason is a photographer and specializes in creating black and white prints, preferring the craft of the hands-on process of dark room photo-development. He creates raw, textual frames from old barn and fence wood and has done several art shows in Seattle.

Owners Rose Weagant Olcott and Jason Olcott invite you to enjoy their grand opening December 19th. Photo by Terri Emery.
Rose said the idea of opening a local art gallery came to her on a slow Monday afternoon this past September. She and her husband Jason considered opening a gallery a dream that was soft at first, until they were able to secure the gallery space at 108 E. Woodin Ave. The location next to Goldsmith Lucerne hadn’t been rented in almost six years, but had previously been used by other galleries, so the space proved perfect.

Rose says, “Twenty years ago the art community was thriving in this area, and I remember my dad and other artists gathering to share and talk about art. These people are older now, and there’s a gap left between the people who are passionate about art and the people who are experienced and good. That’s what we’re trying to do; to create a community resource for art.”

Gallery Muse is featuring six artists:
  • Gene Barkley – Precise pointillism style paintings
  • Michael Caldwell – Oil paintings on canvas, and acrylic on paper
  • Diana Sanford – Pastels and gigantic oils
  • Jan Cook Mack – Oil paintings, bold style
  • Rod Weagant – Plein Aire Landscapes
  • Neal Hedges – 3D sculpture artist, use of metal and muslin
The back section of the gallery will be called ‘Make Studio.’ It will not be ready to open until about March 2015.

Rose explains, “We’re setting the stage for people to ‘learn how to art.’ I like using the word art as a verb. This will be a place to create – a place that instigates action and takes the fear of art out of people. Make Studio will be all-inclusive.”

Rose and Jason plan to work with their friends in the Methow Valley, at Door No. 3 in Twisp, to help create interactive art projects and installations.

Gallery Muse also plans to offer community outreach projects and art installations during local Lake Chelan events, like Winterfest this January. They are designed to be interactive for the community, and the pieces are intended to be experienced and created with community involvement. Gallery Muse wants their projects to inspire people and allow people to develop a sense of confidence in their art or in themselves.

Rose and Jason have already sold two paintings. They also own ‘A Shot of Gratitude’ in Chelan.

Find Gallery Muse on Facebook at: www.Facebook.com/MuseChelan.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Wednesday, December 17 @ 19:12:13 PST

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Adopt-A-Tree - It is not too late to give a gift of caring
GLC Community News Greg Kennedy - December 17, 2014

GoMinders - December 17, 2014
Adopt-A-Tree - It is not too late to give a gift of caring

Looking for a stocking stuffer, a special gift to commemorate a memory or loved one, or to create a sense of caring and nurturing in a young person? Consider giving an adopted tree at the Buckner Orchard for 2015.

Click Here for more info

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Wednesday, December 17 @ 12:26:53 PST

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Hospital board approves sale of apartment building
News With Richard Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - December 17, 2014
The apartment complex just below the current hospital has been sold by the Hospital to the Chelan County Housing Authority.
The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to sell the building at their Tuesday board meeting.
Hospital board approves sale of apartment building

By Richard Uhlhorn
In answer to a few GoLakeChelan readers who questioned the sale of the Lake Chelan Community Apartments to the Housing Authority of Chelan County, Board Chairman Tom Warren stated that a purchase and sales agreement has been in place since 2013. ”We set the price at that time,” said Warren. “It’s not like we are selling to a private individual or company.” The sale to the Housing Authority will assure the apartments are used as subsidized senior housing.

CEO Kevin Abel stated that the values of property change all the time. “What is it really worth?” he said.

The Housing Authority has managed the property for the hospital since 2006 and has been trying to secure funding to purchase the apartments for two years. They recently received a $2.1 million grant from the Washington Housing Trust Fund. This grant will cover the $680,000 purchase of the building and the remaining $1.4 million will be used to renovate the apartments.

During the agenda item on the building, Warren said, “At this point they are asking for three months to close.” Abel replied that was so the Housing Authority can get its funding in place and he told the board that they would order up the preliminary title report.

Abel also commented that the hospital lost money on the property last year.

“If something happened with the building between now and March, are we responsible for that?” asked Commissioner Mary Signorelli. Abel replied that until the sale was complete, the hospital would remain responsible.

The Commission voted unanimously to sell the apartments and give the Housing Authority until March 2015 to secure their funding.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Wednesday, December 17 @ 12:17:00 PST

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Campbell’s Take First Place in HDCA Dessert Taste Off and Auction
Strictly Fun Kris Nolen - December 17, 2014
Troy and Chris with the winning dish.
Campbell’s Take First Place in HDCA Dessert Taste Off and Auction
Six of Chelan’s finest eateries competed in the Historic Downtown Chelan Association’s Dessert Taste Off and Auction at the Vogue, Saturday December 13.

Official judges Scott Anderson ( North Cascades Bank ), Linda Cox ( Kelly’s Hardware ) and Cody Lillian ( Warehouse Woolery ) picked a Cranberry Pecan Bread Pudding with Crčme Anglaise from Campbell’s Pub and Veranda as the best dessert. The bread pudding, as all of Campbell’s desserts, was made by Campbell’s dedicated pastry chef, Teresa Love.

Auctioned off by auctioneer and Fire Commissioner Bob Gervais, the desserts netted $600 for Chelan’s Food Bank.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Wednesday, December 17 @ 08:22:29 PST

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Looks Like A Snowy Week Ahead
Strictly Fun Dec 16, 2014
Dreams of a White Christmas Just May Come True!


Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Tuesday, December 16 @ 16:58:01 PST

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Manson FFA Ag Mechanics Teams Compete at Cashmere
Manson School District Janice Stewart - December 16, 2014
Manson FFA Ag Mechanics Teams Compete at Cashmere
The Manson FFA Ag Mechanics team traveled to Cashmere to compete in a contest hosted by Cashmere FFA. The Manson Team consisted of, Sam Mendoza, Cody Amsden, Everth Fernandez, Gabe Sophie, Christian La Dolce, and Jorge Juarez.

The contest consisted of creating a brand, using 4ft of 1/8th flat bar, 3ft of 1/2th” hot rolled round stock, and having a heat guard. The scoring was based on design, brand longevity, and its ability to work. The students had 3 hours to complete the task.

Team one of Cody, Jorge and Christian placed 4th and team 2 with Gabe, Evert and Sam placing 6th.

The next contest will be held in January in Okanagan.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, December 16 @ 10:47:14 PST

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Commissioners Call for Review of Electric Service to New Loads of 1 aMW or More
Chelan County PUD Kimberlee Craig, CCPUD - December 16, 2014
Click above for a video about the use of hydro power to benefit the local economy
Commissioners Call for Review of Electric Service to New Loads of 1 aMW or More
With an eye on strategic planning, Board puts moratorium in place and sets hearing for Feb. 2, 2015

Chelan County PUD commissioners Monday placed a moratorium effective immediately on accepting applications for electric service for new large loads that would require power of 1 average megawatt (aMW) or more at a single location.

Commissioners also set a public hearing on Feb.2, 2015, to take public comment on the moratorium and possible changes to current policy. Putting a hold on accepting new applications for electric service from customers seeking 1 aMW or more will provide time to finish strategic planning, as well as to evaluate the impacts on the District’s power system.

FYI: Average Annual Megawatt or Average Megawatt (aMW)

A unit of energy output over a year that is equal to the energy produced by the continuous operation of one megawatt of capacity over a period of time. (Equal to 8,760 megawatt-hours.)
John Stoll, Customer Utilities managing director, told board members the 34 inquires received so far this year about electric service for 1 aMW or more is “unprecedented” and would have represented possible new load of 220 aMW. One megawatt serves about 417 average Chelan County homes.

Today’s action does not affect the five applications already accepted and being processed. Stoll said the applications for service of 1 aMW or more are being processed under current policies. They represent a total of 9.5 aMW; three of those coming on line this year and two expected in 2015. The PUD load growth for all types of electric customers in the past has been 1 to 3 aMWs a year, he said.

“Load increases of this magnitude have substantial policy, operational and cost implications for all customer-owners,” Stoll said. “We need to evaluate growth in terms of what is the best, for the most, for the longest.”

The moratorium preserves the status quo so new policies or regulations that may arise from strategic planning will not be undermined by intervening events, he added.

Options brought forward by the Economic Development Topic Team for strategic planning include a recommendation to leverage Chelan PUD surplus power to attract industries and jobs here based on value to the community. The method for defining value to the community is still being developed. While the topic team proposal focuses on loads larger than 5 aMW, it has implications for other large loads as well.

Customer-owners are prioritizing these and options from the other topic teams now with responses due in February. The schedule calls for the strategic plan for 2015-2019 (and beyond) to come to the commission for a vote by the end of March.

The moratorium won’t affect normal load growth, Stoll said, such as requests to serve new subdivisions, stores, schools, medium-size fruit warehouses or manufacturing firms. All of those typically use less than 1 aMW, he said.

Commissioners directed staff to advertise the public hearing set for 1 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2015, in the commission boardroom. After listening to comments at the hearing from customers-owners, and reviewing analysis by staff, board members have the option of extending the moratorium or taking other action.

In other business Monday, commissioners:
  • Applauded the 12 years of service by retiring Commissioner Norm Gutzwiler, who is stepping down at the end of the year following two terms on the board representing District 1 customer-owners. Board President Ann Congdon thanked Gutzwiler for being a mentor when she joined the board. “He is calm and has a ton of common sense and led the group with a steady hand,” she said. Commissioner Randy Smith noted it was Gutzwiler who brought back the practice of starting each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Gutzwiler thanked his fellow commissioners, adding “…and to all employees, past and present, it’s been a pleasure working with you and Merry Christmas.” Customer-owners, commissioners, PUD employees, friends and family celebrated Gutzwiler’s service at an open house Monday that followed the board meeting. Gary Arsenault, who was elected in November to fill the District 1 seat, will join the board at the first meeting in January.
  • Reviewed efforts for engaging all customer-owners in evaluating options for distributing a public power benefit as developed by community topic teams. Plans are to mail a survey to Chelan PUD customer-owners in early January.
  • Changed the power sales agreement with Alcoa’s Wenatchee Works aluminum smelter to reduce financial risk for District customer-owners and provide cost certainty for Alcoa on the credit rating premium by fixing it at 1.45 percent through 2019. Chief Financial Officer Kelly Boyd said the fixed rate reduces PUD staff time to monitor the fluctuating rate in the original provision and simplifies revenue forecasting. There is no impact on other power purchasers, Boyd said.
  • Honored Rocky Reach Visitor Center staff for the successful “Rediscover Your PUD” events that reached some 6,000 customer-owners and community members in 2014. There were tours, “info stations” in PUD parks and an “info-cruise” on Lake Chelan, plus programs on Native American culture and the PUD’s connection with the land, fish and wildlife in its care. Kirk Hudson, Generation and Transmission managing director, presented awards to Visitor Services Manager Debbie Gallaher, education specialist Bob Bauer and Christine Detering, support specialist.
  • Received an update on plans to close the lobbies at 1 p.m. on Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, at District offices in Wenatchee, Chelan and Leavenworth.
  • Heard an update from Natural Resources Director Keith Truscott on PUD funding that has supported 59 projects totaling $41 million in fish habitat improvements in tributary streams. The District contributed $5.5 million to the work under Habitat Conservation Plans for Rocky Reach and Rocky Island dams.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, December 16 @ 09:00:41 PST

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Vandals Trash Bridgeport High School - School Closed for 2-3 Days
Douglas County Sheriff Report Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal, DCSD - December 15, 2014

Sheriff tells Go Lake Chelan that Video Security Cams may help authorities identify vandals.
Vandals Trash Bridgeport School Early Monday
Damage Estimates in Tens of Thousands of Dollars
From the desk of Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal
Douglas County Sheriff's Office
On 12/15/14 at about 5:20 AM Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a burglary complaint at the Bridgeport High School in Bridgeport, WA.

The investigation revealed that sometime during the night intruders entered the school by breaking a window.

While inside they did extensive damage by ransacking the building, breaking windows, and damaging school equipment. The damage is estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The suspects took a safe from the office and ransacked student’s lockers. Officials are still trying to estimate the loss. There was a surveillance video of the intruders and detectives are examining it to see if it can be used to identify the suspects.

The case is still under investigation and there is a reward for anyone with information about this crime.

Because of this crime, the school will be closed for 2-3 days while staff itemize the loss and clean up the damage.

The acts of the suspect(s) are a crime against the students, teachers, and the community.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office would be grateful for any help in solving this crime.

Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Monday, December 15 @ 19:32:03 PST

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New lights and sidewalks coming to Chelan
News With Richard Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - December 15, 2014
Public Works Director Dwane Van Epps demonstrated new street lighting and Woodin Avenue Bridge lights to the City Council.
New lights and sidewalks coming to Chelan

By Richard Uhlhorn
The City of Chelan was awarded a $250,000 grant from the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) to construct 2,000 lineal feet of sidewalks on east Woodin Avenue. The project will take place on the south side of Woodin Avenue from Robinson Street to the intersection of SR150 at Les Schwab Tire.

The total estimated cost of this project is $397,161. The City would be required to match the $250,000 grant with $147,161 of local funds.

Since the award wasn’t received until after the City’s budget hearings, this project wasn’t included in the Public Works budget for 2015. “I will be back asking for a budget amendment in January,” Public Works Director Dwane Van Epps told City Council at its Thursday, December 11 Council meeting.

The acceptance of the grant funds will be up to the Council at their first meeting in January.


While not on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting, Van Epps made a lighting presentation to the Council after the meeting was concluded. He brought two 100 watt LED street lights that could replace the City’s current 200 watt high pressure sodium lights which would give the City a considerable cost savings over the current lights. “We are pretty excited,” said Van Epps.

He also had a series of lights that can be installed on the Woodin Avenue Bridge. The color of these lights can be changed individually through the use of a control panel. Van Epps demonstrated these lights to the Council.

In other business:

Tom Clark complained to Council during the Citizen Comment period that the current library system is corrupt.
Tom Clark spoke during the Citizen’s Comment Period and called the current library system corrupt all the way to the top management. He told the Council that they had a responsibility to insure that proper policies were in place at the library.

Clark said he has consulted an attorney and told the Council that the employees were being manipulated by the system. “Management doesn’t want an inquiry,” said Clark.

According to the library on separate inquiry, Mr. Clark has been barred from using the library for one year. No further comment was forthcoming on the situation, but Mayor Goedde asked City Administrator Paul Schmidt what the City should do next. It has already met with library management over the issue.

Schmidt stated that it was a due process issue and that he has met with Mr. Clark and would set up a meeting with the library management and its employees. Councilwoman Wendy Isenhart asked for a copy of the letter so she knows specifically what the allegations are. Schmidt said, “It’s a due process issue.”

Accordingly, the North Central Regional Library only has a lease arrangement with the City.

City Council unanimously accepted the City’s and Airport’s 2015 budget. The City’s budget penciled out to $13,647,534 and the Airport budget is $446,400.

Councilman Mike Cooney asked if there was a caretaker at the airport currently. Schmidt replied that two retired gentlemen were handling those duties. “We are spending less on personnel now.” Schmidt also stated that the Airport is trying to close out the Environmental Analysis (EA) and move the proposed updates into the design phase. “The FFA has approved all of the work.”

Schmidt told Council that the City of Shelton has invited the City of Chelan to join a coalition of 19 other cities to hire a legislative lobbyist to address the legislature on issues of unfunded sewer mandates and funding. “They are looking for $780.00 from each city,” said Schmidt.

Mayor Goedde further explained that one small city of 500 residents is being forced to finish a $500 million dollar sewer plant under the current Clean Water Act.

The Council unanimously voted to join the coalition. (Councilwoman Erin McCardle was excused from this meeting.)

Councilman Skip Morehouse told the rest of the Council that the Department of Ecology is pressing to have more control over railroad track and RR crossings because of oil transportation by rail. “They are proposing a barrel tax on the railroads and on 250 private leases on crossings to land owners,” said Morehouse. He remarked that the City has to answer to multiple agencies if it wants to do any work.

City Council unanimously approved cancelling its December 23 regularly scheduled meeting. Council will reconvene its regularly scheduled meeting on January 8.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Monday, December 15 @ 12:42:35 PST

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Snow for Echo Valley in the Forecast
GLC Community News Greg Kennedy - December 15, 2014
Snow for Echo Valley in the Forecast
The National Weather Service webpage allows pinpoint forecasting with the click of a mouse. A look at today's forecast at the Echo Valley Ski Area shows good news for skiers. Moderate snowfall is predicted for the next several days with temperatures remaining below freezing, allowing snow to accumulate.
Tonight   A 50 percent chance of snow, mainly after 10pm. Cloudy,
          with a low around 26. North wind 5 to 7 mph. New snow
          accumulation of less than one inch possible.
Tuesday   Snow likely, mainly before 4pm. Cloudy, with a high near
          30. Northeast wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the
          afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New snow
          accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.
Tuesday   A 30 percent chance of snow, mainly before 10pm.
Night     Mostly cloudy, with a low around 28. Light north wind.
          New snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Monday, December 15 @ 10:25:22 PST

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Search Continues for Man Who Fled Into Wenatchee River Near Leavenworth
Chelan County Sheriff Sgt Kent Sisson, CCSO - December 15, 2014
Search Continues for Man Who Fled Into Wenatchee River Near Leavenworth
Search efforts continued through the weekend for the male subject that jumped into the Wenatchee River on Friday in an apparent attempt to avoid contact with deputies. Alen Bolic (28yoa) with a last known address in Tacoma, WA has not been seen since entering the river near the mouth of the Tumwater Canyon Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, the agency’s swift water rescue team searched eddies downstream from the point Bolic was last seen. A sheriff’s office helicopter was used to check a long section of the river from above.

Search coordinators believe there is a high probability Bolic drowned a short time after entering the very cold water. He was last seen floating towards a section of white water rapids just south of the Tumwater Canyon.

Family members have been contacted in the matter.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Monday, December 15 @ 09:35:16 PST

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US Congress Approves Authority Needed to Open Stehekin Valley Road
PHP-Nuke Dec 14, 2014
After an intense and long political battle, both the US Senate and House of Representatives voted to approve legislation late this past week that "Paves The Way" to re-open the full Stehekin Valley Road all the way to the end of the road at Cottonwood.
President Obama is expected to sign the measure in to law this coming week.
But as proponents of the effort agree; while this is a huge step forward, it's not a 'done deal' quite yet.
GoLakeChelan readers may remember in October of 2003, a "Once in 500 Year" flood wiped out a precarious section of the Stehekin Valley Road at Car-Wash Falls, about 13 miles up the 23 mile long narrow mountain route; closing the road at the time, and setting the stage for the National Park Service to later deem the road needed to be closed permanently. An outcry to that decision set in motion years of politicking which included efforts by former Washington Governor Dan, Congressional Representatives Doc Hastings and Dave Reichert, visits to Stehekin by US Senator Maria Cantwell, and appearances before the US Congress by State Senator Linda Parlette and Chelan County Commissioner Doug England.

In a statement to constituents late Saturday, State Senator Linda Parlette, writes:

In 2003 a flood of record proportions washed out a portion of upper Stehekin Valley Road, between High Bridge (where North Cascades National Park begins) and Cottonwood Camp. Rather than reopen the road, to maintain the level of public access to Cottonwood – a popular starting point for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to go deeper into the North Cascades NP and Stephen Mather Wilderness – the National Park Service made the surprising decision to close the road permanently.

That was in 2006. Since then I have worked with members of our state’s delegation to D.C. to reopen the road, even testifying before Congress in 2009 in support of legislation from U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings that would have removed a policy-related roadblock. The U.S. House adopted his bill that year, and a similar measure in 2012, but the U.S. Senate did not take up the issue.

The National Park Service has been inconsistent when it comes to repairing washed-out roads that provide wilderness access. I pointed that out for readers of the Seattle Times through a guest column earlier this month; coincidentally, Congress voted the very next day to authorize the reopening of upper Stehekin Valley Road.

Today the U.S. Senate gave its approval to the same policy change approved by the House – which used language crafted with help from my office:

"The Secretary may adjust the boundaries of the North Cascades National Park and the Stephen Mather Wilderness in order to provide a 100-foot- wide corridor along which the Stehekin Valley Road may be rebuilt—
  • (1) outside of the floodplain between milepost 12.9 and milepost 22.8;
  • (2) within the boundaries of the North Cascades National Park; and
  • (3) outside of the boundaries of the Stephen Mather Wilderness.

    NO NET LOSS OF LANDS.—The boundary adjustments made under this section shall be such that equal acreage amounts are exchanged between the Stephen Mather Wilderness and the North Cascades National Park, resulting in no net loss of acreage to either the Stephen Mather Wilderness or the North Cascades National Park.’’

    There are still questions to answer, such as when work to reopen the road will begin, and how it will be funded. I am confident, however, that there is now enough momentum to see things through – and that is very exciting!

  • Chelan County Commissioner Doug England, another ally of those favoring reopening the road all the way to Cottonwood and who accompanied Senator Parlette to Washington, D.C. in 2009 to appeal for federal help on the matter emailed GoLakeChelan with the following comment:
    It's taken a long time for the entire Congress to recognize that this treasure of the North Cascades needs to be reopened to everyone. It is a giant step but not the final one to get the actual road rebuilt in an area that will only enhance the wilderness experience. We fully expect the Department of the Interior to approve and fund the final action.

    I look forward to again be able to enjoy this "Crown Jewel" of the Cascades with my children and grandchildren.

    And another to weigh in on this latest news is Cliff Courtney, Stehekin businessman and Community Leader. Cliff writes:

    Regaining access to Cottonwood by reopening the upper 10 miles of the Stehekin Valley Road will double the recreational opportunities for the visitor and restore access as was intended by congress all along.

    I hope the State of Washington can now follow suit and break the stranglehold they have placed on visitor access by way of Lake Chelan. If we can break the passenger boat monopoly and find funding to actually reopen the road it will bring Stehekin back in to the running as a desirable destination with desirable opportunities.

    It is unfortunate that congress had to step in and force the National Park Service to do the right thing. Is it any wonder that support for new parks is dwindling when they cannot manage what they already have, and that the solution they always come up with is to deny access and close down recreational opportunities?

    I abhor the reality that top down management requires a "pork for parks" solution and I hope the ransom we were forced to pay to make this happen does not bankrupt the nation. This bill should have passed years ago on it own merits and without trading political favors.

    Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Sunday, December 14 @ 04:01:26 PST

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    Last Consecutive Date for a Long Time
    Strictly Fun Greg Kennedy - December 13, 2014
    Last Consecutive Date for a Long Time
    Today, December 13, 2014, is the last time most living persons will see a consecutive date in the month/day/year format. This afternoon the date and time will briefly read 12/13/14 15:16.17.

    The next time a consecutive date will appear is January 2, 2103.

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, December 13 @ 12:18:49 PST

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    Theft Suspect Flees into Wenatchee River Near Leavenworth
    Chelan County Sheriff Sgt Kent Sisson, CCSO - December 13, 2014
    Theft Suspect Flees into Wenatchee River Near Leavenworth
    Sheriff Brian Burnett reports Chelan County deputies are searching for a 28 year old male theft suspect who fled into the Wenatchee River near Leavenworth this afternoon. The subject has not been seen since entering the river near the entrance to Tumwater Canyon at approximately 2:20 p.m.

    Deputies had been attempting to locate the suspect since Monday when he was captured on video stealing two bottles of liquor from a Leavenworth grocery store. The subject is known as a homeless transient who has been in the Leavenworth area for about one month. He is also a person of interest in a malicious mischief incident which occurred earlier this week.

    At approximately 1:20 p.m. this afternoon a deputy observed the subject walking along Highway 2 in downtown Leavenworth. When deputies attempted make contact with him, he fled toward Black Bird Island and was later observed by citizens running away from deputies on a park trail toward the Enchantment Park. Deputies were unable to locate him at that time.

    Later in the afternoon, deputies went to check for the suspect at a camping location commonly used by transients along the Wenatchee River at the mouth of the Tumwater Canyon. The suspect was identified at that location and immediately fled toward the river when he noticed deputies approaching from a distance. He was verbally directed to stop, but ignored that order and jumped into the water from the shoreline. He began swimming across the swollen river, but was swept downstream. At one point, the subject was seen momentarily grasping a large boulder in the river several hundred yards down river. The subject apparently lost his grip of the boulder after a few seconds and again began floating/swimming down the river toward a section of rapids.

    Several deputies, Chelan County Fire District 3 personnel, Cascade medics, and citizens responded and began searching for the subject in, or along the river. The search effort continued until dusk with no sign of the subject. He was last seen wearing a bright green tee-shirt and blue jeans. The search will resume again on Saturday morning. At this time, it is unknown if he drowned, or exited the river and is hiding from law enforcement.

    The subject’s name is being withheld until relatives can be identified and contacted in this matter.

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, December 13 @ 11:53:29 PST

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    North Cascades Bank Donates Replaced Computers
    Manson School District Janice Stewart - December 13, 2014
    (L-R) Ricardo Escoto, Matt Charlton, Dasha Blythe, Kaya Reagan, Kelli, Evans, Lori Way and Scott Anderson
    (L-R) Scott Anderson-North Cascades Bank Alyssa Lamar-student MHS
    North Cascades Bank Donates Replaced Computers
    The Manson School District received about 90 donated computers last week - after North Cascades Bank replaced their equipment - and felt the outgoing gently used computers and related hardware could best be put to use in a local school.

    Lori Way, Technology Coordinator for the Manson School District, said the computers and flat screen monitors will be used in both the elementary school and the middle school. “They will be used as student work stations in the elementary school for numerous activities, tests, reading, writing and math enrichment,” she said. “The middle school will be setting up mini-labs to facilitate differentiated instruction in math, science and English; and for projects, robotics, research and computer design.”

    The bank delivered the donation last Tuesday by way of three packed vehicles. Students, along with some help from a few teachers and even Superintendent Matt Charlton, helped carry in the computers.

    “A long standing core value of our bank has been to support education in our communities,” said Scott Anderson, North Cascades Bank President. “Having this equipment put to use in our schools is a great opportunity for us to reinvest in our community.” Lori Way said the school is very grateful for the amazing donation. “This donation was very much needed and appreciated by the Manson School District,” she added.

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, December 13 @ 11:26:30 PST

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    Chelan Goats Holiday Hoop Tournament 2014
    Chelan_Goats Joe Harris - December 13, 2014
    Chelan Goats Holiday Hoop Tournament 2014
    Chelan High School is pleased to host a holiday basketball tourney Monday December 29th, and Tuesday December 30th, at the Chelan Community Gymnasium. This tournament will consist of Boys and Girls teams from Chelan, Life Christian, Adna and Connell High Schools.

    The gymnasium will be open at 2:30 P.M.

    Admission: per day
    Adults - $7.00
    Students w/ASB - $5.00
    Seniors/Children 5 and under will be admitted free.
    No league passes will be accepted for the tournament.

    All Tourney Passes can be purchased for: Adults, Students w/ASB, $12.00
                Tourney Game Schedule
    December 29th                              Time
    Game 1	Girls, Life Christian vs Connell   3:00
    Game 2	Boys, Adna vs Life Christian       4:30
    Game 3	Girls, Chelan vs Adna              6:00
    Game 4	Boys, Chelan vs Connell            7:30
    December 30th		
    Game 5	Girls Loser G-3 vs. Loser G-1      3:00
    Game 6	Boys Loser G-4 vs. Loser G-2       4:30
    Game 7	Girls Winner G-3 vs. Winner G-1    6:00
    Game 8	Boys Winner G-4 vs. Winner G-2     7:30

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, December 13 @ 10:49:01 PST

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    Senator Linda Evans-Parlette addresses City Council
    News With Richard Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - December 13, 2014
    Senator Linda Evans-Parlette visited Chelan City Council to up-date the Council on the upcoming 105-day legislative session coming up and the Wilderness Act issue regarding the Upper Stehekin Road.
    Agnes Peak is one of the scenes backpackers and hikers get a glimpse of hiking out of Cottonwood Campground on the West Fork Agnes Creek Trail.
    Dark Glacier is one of the many glaciers located in the North Cascades National Park accessible out of the Cottonwood Trailhead.
    Senator Linda Evans-Parlette addresses City Council

    By Richard Uhlhorn
    Senator Linda Evans-Parlette visited Chelan City Council on Thursday, December 11, to give a quick up-date on the upcoming 105 day legislative session and her work on tweaking the 1988 Wilderness Act so the road from High Bridge to Cottonwood can be reopened.

    She told Council that State revenues were up approximately $3 billion dollars (+9%) but that I-1351’s passage added a $4 to $5 billion anchor that the Legislature will have to come up with to balance the budget. “That Initiative passed with no funding attached, so it will be a challenge.”

    Congress expands Alpine Lakes Wilderness near Seattle
    The boundary of the Stephen Mather Wilderness and North Cascades National Park will be reconfigured to allow rebuilding a 10-mile stretch of destroyed road in Stehekin Valley, just north of Lake Chelan.

    GoLakeChelan will have more on this story soon. Stay tuned ...
    She stated that the house will have to balance the budget by March 20, 2015. “We have 47 Republicans and 51 Democrats and I think that margin is good,” said Parlette. “It forces us to work together.”

    She said that despite the Supreme Court’s edict that education must be funded first (an edict she supports), there were a lot of other State issues out there that need addressing.

    Senator Parlette is the chairperson of the Senate Republican Caucus and will be attending any meetings that take place between the Governor and the Legislature.

    Parlette also brought up a contentious issue between the National Park Service and those who would like to see the Upper Stehekin Valley Road reopened from High Bridge to Cottonwood.

    That portion of the road was permanently closed in 2006 after a 500 year flood event washed out a section of the road by the Stehekin River.

    Representative Doc Hastings has been at the forefront of trying to get the government to tweak the Wilderness Act so the road can be rebuilt. The National Park Service initially used the Wilderness Act’s constraints as a reason to keep it closed because of the limited 100’ wide corridor it sits on. Today, the NPS is saying it would cost too much to repair and open.

    Parlette told the Council that the U.S. Senate was supposed to vote on the issue Tuesday, December 9, but that didn’t happen, so she is hoping it gets the Senate vote on Thursday. “If the bill passes it will allow them to move the boundaries,” said Parlette.

    If repaired it would allow Park vehicles to transport visitors, hikers and backpackers nine miles closer to Rainy Pass and other wilderness trail systems in the area.

    For more information on this issue, read Linda’s recent Op-Ed in the Seattle Times. http://seattletimes.com/html/opinion/2025149512_parletteopedwilderness04xml.html

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, December 13 @ 10:27:05 PST

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    Public Comment Period Extended on Plan to Replace Administrative Facilities at S
    National Park Service Denise M. Shultz, NPS - December 12, 2014
    Public Comment Period Extended on Plan to Replace Administrative Facilities at Stehekin
    In response to public input, the review period for the “Replacement of Administrative Facilities at Stehekin Environmental Assessment (EA)" will be extended through January 20, 2015. The EA, as well as the proposed rate structure for waste collection can be found on the project website at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/SMFRP.

    The purpose of the proposed action is to provide cost-effective and sustainable maintenance, fire operations, and housing critical to Lake Chelan National Recreation Area operations outside of environmentally sensitive areas. The proposed action is needed to remove the existing facilities from the Stehekin River’s floodplain, because the existing facilities are inefficient to operate and maintain, and a long-term solution for solid waste disposal must be identified and implemented.

    Existing maintenance and fire facilities would be removed from the floodplain and channel migration zone of the Stehekin River, allowing the lots to be restored to more natural conditions. In accordance with the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area General Management Plan and Final Stehekin River Corridor Implementation Plan/Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision, new maintenance facilities would be consolidated in an area near the airstrip and would include shuttle bus storage and maintenance; equipment; a repair building; a fire cache and dorm; helicopter pad; hazardous materials, propane, and gasoline storage; and a solid waste compaction/recycling transfer facility. One single-family house would be built in one of three potential locations in the Stehekin Valley.

    The Environmental Assessment analyzed the impacts of a No Action Alternative and three action alternatives. Each action alternative includes a different layout for the new maintenance facility at the Stehekin Airstrip site, in combination with a different housing site. The Environmental Assessment identifies a Preferred Alternative and an Environmentally Preferable Alternative.

    Comments may be submitted electronically at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/SMFRP or through the regular mail or by hand delivery directly to: Superintendent’s Office, ATTN: Stehekin Administrative Facilities EA, North Cascades National Park Service Complex, 810 State Route 20, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284.

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, December 12 @ 11:37:59 PST

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    District 7 FFA Apple Judging CDE at the Manson Grange
    Manson School District Janice Stewart - December 12, 2014
    (L-R) James Calhoun, Tycobey Urness, Aylee Neff, Cody Amsden and Gabe Sofie
    (L-R)Cody Amsden & Gabe Sofie
    District 7 FFA Apple Judging CDE at the Manson Grange
    Manson FFA recently competed in the District 7 FFA Apple Judging CDE held at the Manson Grange.

    Manson competitors consisted of Aylee Neff, James Calhoun, Tycobey Urness, Gabe Sophie, and Cody Amsden. They have been practicing for the past 6 weeks in the mornings before school.

    The contest consisted of grading 25 red and 25 golden delicious and identifying different varieties of apples and pears along with apple pests.

    Manson placed 8th out of a field of 16 and had the 8th highest individual in Aylee Neff.

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, December 12 @ 11:30:40 PST

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    Relief in sight: WSDOT awards $70M to fix 32 bridges
    WSDOT Kyle McKeon, Engineering Services Manager, WSDOT - December 12, 2014
    Click Here for the Bridge Awards document
    Relief in sight: WSDOT awards $70M to fix 32 bridges
    Federal funding helps cities, counties improve public safety

    Across Washington, bridges help connect the state’s communities. Thanks in part to a recent evaluation process, 32 of those bridges are in line to receive more than $70 million in federal highway funds.

    The Washington State Department of Transportation this week selected city and county projects that will replace, remove or repair aging and structurally deficient bridges. These strategic investments will improve and preserve critical, locally owned transportation infrastructure.

    “Approximately half of these bridges are beyond the point of repair and need to be replaced,” said Kathleen Davis, WSDOT Local Programs director. “And by repairing and preserving the other half, we are adding many years of operation to their lifespans.”

    WSDOT’s bridge replacement advisory committee received and reviewed 73 applications requesting approximately $180 million. The committee evaluated each bridge application based on the bridge’s condition and sufficiency rating.

    The committee is composed of bridge and engineering professionals representing Washington cities and counties that provide perspectives from urban and rural communities.

    The local bridge program’s primary objective is to enhance safety for all travelers through replacement and rehabilitation of old, deteriorating bridges owned by city and county governments.

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, December 12 @ 11:10:08 PST

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