City Not Ready to Hear Pro and Con Statements on Collective Bargaining
Petitions would probably be able to go on the February 10 ballot

Women's Wellness Cancer Support Group Meeting Sept 9
11:45 at the hospital board room

Andrew Wahl at the Chelan Public Library Sep 9
Learn what comic books can show us about American culture

High School Fall Sports Begin - Trojan Football Team 33 Strong
Season opener Friday, September 12th

Chelan will Purchase PUD Parking Lot
Council voted 4-2 to purchase the property

Chelan High School Class of 1959 Reunion Sept 12
Calling all old Goats!

Douglas County Sheriff and VFW Post 3617 Help Kids Get Back to School
Providing back packs and school supplies to children of low income families

Where is all of that smoke coming from?
Smoke filtering into valley is from a Duncan Fire burnout

Unidentified Body Located in a Remote Area of Manson
Time of death, age and race yet undetermined

TEE Time for August 28, 2014
Barb Rayburn wins the 2014 Ladies Division club championship

Over 100 Enjoy PUD Cruise on Lake Chelan
A picture perfect summer evening for a cruise on Lake Chelan

Cascade River Road to Remain Open
Construction of culvert delayed until next year

Business Education Seminar: Healthcare in Lake Chelan
Learn about changes to the Affordable Healthcare Act

Blue Water Scholarship Helps Students Realize Higher Goals
A program to help break the cycle of poverty

Campfire Restrictions Reduced on National Forest Lands
Fires allowed in an established fire pit

Echo Valley Fundraiser at Slidewaters Just Days Away
Support our local ski hill and enjoy discount admission to Slidewaters

Plan Your Labor Day Travel with WSDOT Tools
Spend summer’s last holiday weekend having fun, not stuck in traffic

Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce Appoints Tiffany Gering as New Sales Manager
Extensive sales experience and existing connections in our valley make her an excellent addition

What's Ahead For Labor Day Weekend Weather
Maybe depends on who you ask!

Manson Hosting New Cross Country Fun Run in Sept
All-terrain fun at MA-8 Golf Course

Manson Schools Ready For Back to School With Open House / BBQ / Movie This Thursday
School Starts Next Wednesday - Sept 3rd
Open House / BBQ is Aug 28th

It's Countdown Week For Back to School at Lake Chelan District
Lots of events on tap this week- Chelan Schools Start Next Tuesday

A Rebuttal Concerning the New Hospital Proposal
Our LINK to Facebook Forum Page Now Working Correctly

Mining.com Exposé on Holden Mine Cleanup
Take a look at the project in this photo-rich article

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City Not Ready to Hear Pro and Con Statements on Collective Bargaining
News With Richard Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - September 2, 2014
Councilman Cooney wants to hear both the pro and con statement on the petition for collective bargaining at the same time.
City Administrator Paul Schmidt told representative of the Freedom Foundation that the collective bargaining petition request would be heard either on September 11 or 25th depending on receiving a letter of sufficiency from the County Auditor who hadn’t supplied it for the August 28 meeting.
City not ready to hear pro and con statements on collective bargaining at last Council meeting

By Richard Uhlhorn
Scott Roberts, citizen action network director for the Freedom Foundation, was not happy with the City of Chelan or the Chelan County Auditor who has not provided the City with a report on the sufficiency of registered voter signatures on the two petitions the City received on July 30, 2014.

City Attorney Alan Galbraith said the petitions would probably be able to go on the February 10 ballot. “It’s a complicated matter,” said Galbraith “The staff wanted to make sure that a good pro and good con is presented before making any decisions on this issue.”

The issue is two propositions concerning collective bargaining and the transparency of and protection of employees working for the City.

Proposition 1 is intended to provide an open and transparent collective bargaining process to protect the rights of individual City employees, and to maintain high quality public service.

Proosition 2 is a collective bargaining proposition which demands that the City representatives in the collective bargaining process will not agree to any agreement containing a “union security” provision or any other provision which would require any public employee to associate with or make payment to any private organization (union) as a condition of gaining or retaining public employment.

Roberts, who drove over from Seattle, was on hand at the City Council meeting to present the pro-side of the argument. “I would love to make the presentation,” he said. “Everybody in the chain is not responding,” he added. At one point, he blamed the City Clerk for not doing enough make it happen.

Al Lorenz, a local realtor and sponsor of the propositions, said in a telephone conversation on Monday, September 2, that City Administrator Paul Schmidt had invited Roberts and Max Nelsen to be at the August 28 Council meeting. “They wasted eight hours coming over,” said Lorenz.

The issue turned out to be that the Chelan County Auditor did not supply the City with a letter of sufficiency (a check of the listed voters on the petition to make sure they are registered in the County to vote.

Councilman Mike Cooney told Roberts and Nelsen that he wanted to hear from both sides at the next meeting. Schmidt said if it wasn’t ready for the September 11 meeting it would be on the agenda on September 25.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, September 02 @ 12:51:26 PDT

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Women's Wellness Cancer Support Group Meeting Sept 9
Lake Chelan Hospital News Updates Anne Brooks - September 2, 2014
Click Here for the Hospital website
Women's Wellness Cancer Support Group Meeting September 9th
The Women's Wellness Group, cancer support group, will meet at the Lake Chelan Community Hospital for lunch on Tuesday, September 9th, at 11:45 in the Board Room. Lunch is now provided by the Wenatchee Wellness Place.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, September 02 @ 08:04:30 PDT

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Andrew Wahl at the Chelan Public Library Sep 9
GLC Community News Jennifer Oatey - September 2, 2014
Andrew Wahl
Andrew Wahl at the Chelan Public Library Sep 9
The Chelan Public Library Presents - "Sequential Reaction: A History Of the American Comic Book" with Andrew Wahl, journalist and comic book scholar.

Join us Tuesday, September 9th at 7 p.m. at the Chelan Public Library for this interesting conversation about the history and the evolution of comic books, asking what they can show us about American culture.

This event is sponsored by the North Central Regional Library.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, September 02 @ 07:57:51 PDT

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High School Fall Sports Begin - Trojan Football Team 33 Strong
Manson School District Janice Stewart - September 2, 2014
Thirty-three student athletes took to the football field for their first day of practice on Wednesday, August 20th, gearing up for what is sure to be a rewarding and challenging season.
High School Fall Sports Begin - Trojan Football Team 33 Strong
Head Coach, Scott Ward, said the league realigned this year, bringing in some stiff competition. “The NCW 2B league has once again been split into northern and southern divisions and added five previously classified 1A schools, three to the north and two to the south,” Coach Ward explains.

The newest shuffle stacks Manson against Oroville, Tonasket, Okanogan, Brewster, Bridgeport and Liberty Bell.

“When you look up and down both the north and south, it is going to shape up to be a very competitive NCW 2B,” said Ward, who is starting his seventh season with the Trojans, his fourth as head coach.

And it appears to be motivating the team. “We have a big group of seniors this year that seem to be pushing the team to practice with a high level of energy,” Ward added. “And our 4 captains, David Guillen, Mikey Pittman, Jorge Tejada, and Joe Toolson are doing a great job of setting the pace of each practice and leading by example.”

Join Coach Scott Ward and the Trojan Football team for their season opener on Friday, September 12th at 7PM in Manson.

“Trojan football fans should be excited about the early season effort that these young men are putting forth. This is going to be a group of guys that play with a lot of heart and determination’” said Coach Ward.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, September 02 @ 07:37:46 PDT

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Chelan will Purchase PUD Parking Lot
News With Richard Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - August 30, 2014
City Administrator Paul Schmidt laid out three options to consider regarding the PUD Parking lot; Do Nothing, Enter into an Interlocal Agreement with Link Transit or Purchase the property with City funds.
Mike Cooney, in support of a City purchase said he likes the idea of controlling what happens on that property.
Erin McCardle was against purchasing the property, saying the use of City funds would tie the City’s hands for several years.
Chelan will Purchase PUD Parking Lot

By Richard Uhlhorn
At last night’s City Council meeting, Paul Schmidt, city administrator, gave council members a pro and con presentation regarding the PUD Parking Lot and adjacent property currently occupied by the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce.

The City has been trying to negotiate a reasonable purchase price for the property since 2013. At its September 12, 2013 meeting, the Council agreed to offer the PUD its asking price of $800,000 ($200,000 cash) with $600,000 to be credited as an exchange in value to the City for benefits derived to the PUD by the City actively operating a Visitor Information Center (VIC) for the next 10 years in its current location.

This offer was rejected by the PUD and the City was back to the planning boards. At Thursday evening’s meeting, Schmidt outlined three options to consider. “It’s not a new item,” said Schmidt who said the parking lot issue has been around since June 29, 1976.

Mike Steele was against spending $800,000 on the property when Link could purchase it without any cost to the City and it would remain a parking lot.
Link manager Richard DeRock was on hand to listen to the Council and answer questions regarding an Interlocal agreement with the City.
Guy Harper made the final motion to purchase the PUD Parking Lot for the appraised price of $800,000.
Schmidt told the Council that it was an important piece of property and that the Council needs to look at what else the City can do with the property.

The agenda item being considered at Thursday’s meeting was a Link Transit Interlocal Agreement for the PUD Parking Lot. The basic terms of this agreement would have Link Transit submitting a WSDOT Regional Mobility Grant application to purchase the lot. The City of Chelan would maintain the lot and former VIC and defray the costs by leasing the building. Link Transit would own the property, but the City would have the capability to remodel and expand the building as long as the WSDOT grant terms were met.

The Interlocal Agreement was for 10 years.

“If the City was to pass this agreement tonight, Link would act on it,” said Schmidt.

However, Schmidt told the Council that another option would be for the City to purchase the property outright. Finance Director Cheryl Grant said that $400,000 was available in cash reserves and the City could make a four-year internal loan for the rest of the money.

This would be based on finding another option for the high priority Woodin Avenue Bridge project which includes either an Improvement District or an increased sales tax.

Schmidt said that the City appreciates the PUD’s patience but that on September 15, the PUD plans on declaring the property surplus and put it on the open market.

Councilman Michael Steele and Councilwoman Erin McCardle were both in line to sign an Interlocal agreement with Link Transit. “We don’t need to own this,” said Steele. “Our interest is in preserving the asset.” He went on to say the grant saves the City $800,000. “We’ve always wanted to preserve the parking lot. I don’t think spending $800,000 now is in our best interest.”

Councilman Mike Cooney stated that a Park and Ride is not public parking. “I like the idea of having control.” He felt that the City could look to another partner like the HDCA.

McCardle said, “We had the opportunity to purchase for $800,000 earlier and scoffed at it. What has changed,” she asked. “If we commit these funds our hands are tied for the next several years.” Councilman Cameron Morehouse replied that the City stopped at the $800,000 because they were in negotiations with the PUD.

Councilman Higgins felt the City should purchase the property. “We could be investing and getting returns on it.”

Richard DeRock, Link Transit said if the Council signed the Interlocal agreement, he isn’t allowed to put hours on the lot; that the only permits he can use are for Amtrak users.

Councilman Guy Harper made a motion for the City to purchase the property. The council voted 4-2 to purchase the property with Steele and McCardle voting no.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, August 30 @ 09:17:05 PDT

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Chelan High School Class of 1959 Reunion Sept 12
Strictly Fun Linda Blessin - August 30, 2014
Chelan High School Class of 1959 Reunion Sept 12
The Chelan High School class of 1959 will be holding their 55th class reunion on Sept. 12th.

Other "senior age old goats" are invited to join us at the Senior Center for a light supper get-together, $10 will cover the cost.

If you are able to attend, contact Pat Finnigan at 692-2367 or email Pat at

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, August 30 @ 09:04:28 PDT

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Douglas County Sheriff and VFW Post 3617 Help Kids Get Back to School
Douglas County Sheriff Report Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal, DCSD - August 30, 2014
Douglas County Sheriff and VFW Post 3617 Help Kids Get Back to School
From the desk of Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal
Douglas County Sheriff's Office
On 08/28/14 the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3617 and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office partnered with EPIC Head Start to provide back packs and school supplies to children of low income families at the East Wenatchee Head Start facility. The children will be starting Kindergarten in September. Each child received a backpack containing crayons, safety scissors, pencils, and paper.

Sheriff’s Deputies and volunteers along with the commander of VFW Post 3617 passed out Frisbees and Junior Deputy badges. EPIC/Head Start director, Michelle Giard and her staff made sure each child received a back pack. The Sheriff’s Office brought its armored car for the kids to check out. In all, 24 children who will be starting school this fall received the supplies.

The VFW not only supports veterans, but many other community needs. It was a pleasure to work with the post and Director Giard to help local children get a good start in school.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, August 30 @ 08:37:52 PDT

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Smoke filtering into valley is from a Duncan Fire burnout
News With Richard Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - August 29, 2014
A burn out to help contain the Duncan Fire within constructed firelines pumped smoke into the Chelan Valley on Thursday, August 28 making many wonder why. Until fire season ends, residents in North Central Washington are likely to have to endure more smoke episodes as fire fighters continue to try and contain on-going fires. File photo by Richard Uhlhorn from an aerial flight over the Mills Canyon Fire.
Smoke filtering into valley is from a Duncan Fire burnout
By Richard Uhlhorn
At Thursday evening’s City Council meeting, Councilman Ben Higgins asked why the Forest Service feels it necessary to conduct a prescribed burn just before Chelan’s third biggest tourist weekend.

This morning, Robin DeMario, public relations representative at the Wenatchee/Okanogan National Forest answered that question during a telephone call to her office.

“It is not a prescribed burn,” stated DeMario “It was a burn out to help contain the Duncan Fire from getting into unburned forest outside the fire lines,” said DeMario.

Because this is still an ongoing wildfire, the crews are trying to contain it and keep it from breaking out of established fire lines into unburned forest.

“The fire is 50 percent contained, but the north and east side are inaccessible and a 50% fire line is about all we can construct,” said DeMario. “Fire managers are using the old burn scars from the Pyramid Fire and the 70s Shady Pass fire to help contain this fire.

“The crews will continue mopping up and strengthening the fire lines today,” she said. “As the day (Friday) heats up you should see the smoke dissipating quickly in the afternoon.”

DeMario also reminded the public that fire season is not over. People using the forests for recreation should remain very careful. Please check with the various ranger districts for campfire and other restrictions and closures before heading into the woods.

Following is a brief update on conditions currently occurring in the Duncan Fire burning on the Entiat Ranger District in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest by Robin DeMario:

* The 400-acre burnout to secure the line along the Entiat River Road and Shady Pass area went well on Thursday. There was residual heat in the area north of Shady Pass that was causing the fire to become more active again. Weather conditions were right to do the burnout on Thursday; it was the right time to take this suppression action at that location so the fire wouldn’t have a chance to build up steam and possibly spread outside the containment area.

* Although there was a lot of smoke coming from the burnout on Thursday afternoon, and some smoke had settled in valleys overnight, most of the remaining smoke should dissipate throughout the day Friday. There is still cleanup work being done, so some smoke or haze can be expected in the burnout area for several days.

* Now that the burnout has occurred, crews will continue mopping up and improving existing fire lines. There is a fire line around 50 percent of the fire. The north and west flanks are in areas that are inaccessible and too dangerous to insert firefighters. Existing old burn scars from the 2012 Pyramid Fire are being used to help hold the fire in check on the north flank.

* Over four miles of sprinklers are in place along the west flank from Cottonwood Campground towards the wilderness area. Sprinklers were put in place to wet down the area and keep the fire from crossing over to the south side of the Entiat Valley. These sprinklers will remain until all threats have been removed. The fire is not in the wilderness area. Extensive improvements were done on the Entiat River Trail and in the shaded fuel break to slow the spread of the fire.

* The burnout will also help to expedite opening that area up to public use sooner.

* The Type 3 Team managing the fire has been demobilized; about 150 personnel are still on site and will finish out today’s shift. The fire camp at the Entiat Fish Hatchery will be closed on Saturday. Future suppression actions on the fire will be managed by Entiat Ranger District fire personnel.

* The Duncan Fire is 12,695 acres.

- Robin

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, August 29 @ 14:55:12 PDT

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Unidentified Body Located in a Remote Area of Manson
Chelan County Sheriff Sheriff Brian Burnett - August 29, 2014
Unidentified Body Located in a Remote Area of Manson
Sheriff Brian Burnett reports on August 27, 2014 Chelan County Sheriff’s Detectives recovered the remains of an unidentified male in a remote part of Manson, Washington. Detectives responded to the scene to recover the body and collect any information leading to the cause of death for the unidentified male. Due to the condition of the body Detectives are not currently able to determine the time of death, the male’s age or his race.

Detectives are currently working to identify the male, the time of death, and why the male was in the remote location.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, August 29 @ 09:00:02 PDT

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TEE Time for August 28, 2014
Strictly Fun Alice Soma - August 29, 2014

TEE Time
with Alice Soma
TEE Time for August 28, 2014
Barb Rayburn
Barb Rayburn battled to the end to win the 2014 Ladies Division club championship. The format is scratch golf for fifty-four holes played over three days. Barb took the championship with a three-day score of 270, barely surpassing multi-year champion April Talley (273). The “spirit of the game” was demonstrated by the modesty and graciousness of our champion and runner-up. Congratulations to Barb and April. Gail Peterson cinched 1st in Div. 1 with a total score of 284; Div. 2 Gail Bender with 299; and Div. 3 Toni Berry with 308. Karen Holst and Linda Hahn tied for low net of the field with 218 each.

Regular play of the day was T’s and F’s (holes beginning with a t or an f less ½ handicap). Div. 1 1st went to Linda Hahn and 2nd to Gail Peterson. Div. 2 was busy with Molly Hoots taking 1st followed by Karen Holst in 2nd. Toni Berry, Karen Erickson, and Jaclyn Starr-Evans tied for 3rd. Div. 3 winner was Patty Myers followed by Pam Zent, 2nd, and Deanna Sullivan 3rd.

We had three birdie girls (Susie Clausen, Jaclyn Starr-Evans, and Pam Zent) seven chip-ins (Corky Sessous, April Talley, Judy Johanson, Karen Holst, Molly Hoots, Toni Berry, and Jaclyn Starr-Evans).

Play September 4 moves to an 8:00 AM check-in time for the 8:30 start. Play of the day will be Monthly Medal (low gross/net and least putts). There will be an important club meeting after golf as final planning for the September 11 Invitational will be finalized.

Fore now,

Alice Soma

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, August 29 @ 08:49:26 PDT

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Over 100 Enjoy PUD Cruise on Lake Chelan
News With Richard Uhlhorn Richard Uhlhorn - August 29, 2014
It was a picture perfect summer evening for a cruise on Lake Chelan and over 100 people took advantage of the PUD’s over of a free cruise aboard the Lady of the Lake.

A number of PUD staff talked about the PUD’s requirements on Lake Chelan over the next 50 year license period including Michelle Smith,
Steve Hays
and Scott Buehn.
PUD General Manager Steve Wright welcomed and thanked the attendees of the PUD Lake Chelan cruise on Tuesday evening.
Over 100 Enjoy PUD Cruise on Lake Chelan
By Richard Uhlhorn
Over 100 interested people reserved a spot on the Lady of the Lake for a “Rediscover Your PUD” two hour cruise on Tuesday evening from 8 to 10 p.m.

The cruise was billed as a get-to-know the PUD’s responsibilities on Lake Chelan with a number of high ranking staff explaining the PUD’s balancing act of seven objectives in the new 50-year operating license that was granted in November, 2006.

Lake Chelan is operated by the PUD as a reservoir for the Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project and the PUD balances lake levels to meet its operating objectives including fish, large woody debris, parks, recreation, wildlife, cultural responsibilities, Stehekin and year-round flows in the Chelan River.

General Manager Steve Wright welcomed everyone to the cruise and thanked his staff for putting together the evening’s educational program. “Lake Chelan is a gem in the Northwest,” Wright remarked. “We have experts on the boat who will speak as we travel to Manson Bay and back.” Those attending were encouraged to ask questions or to seek out PUD staff members during the break and social period to talk about the issues.

Managing Director Kirk Hudson explained the format and Scott Buehn, the PUD’s energy planning and trading coordinator explained his role in guiding lake level management.

“Tonight, the lake is at 1099.5 feet,” said Buehn. “That’s six inches down from our maximum level of 1100 feet (above sea level). This gives us a little bit of operating leeway.” He explained that a part of the lake level regime is to help manage erosion and that after Labor Day the PUD begins to draw down the lake level to reduce shoreline erosion.

After September 7, the PUD drafts the lake “more aggressively,” said Buehn. “The snowpack dictates how low we can lower the lake,” he added.

For many in the Lake Chelan Valley, lake levels for recreation and economic purposes are highly important and there is a continuing discussion to keep lake levels as high as possible into October for boaters.

One attendee asked if the PUD is still allowing kayakers to go down the Chelan River. Buehn deferred to Michelle Smith who is the PUD’s Hydro License and Compliance Manager. Smith said that the PUD currently allows the kayakers to use the river on one weekend each year (3rd weekend in September) on a reservation basis. “They have to reserve beforehand and American Whitewater manages the program for us,” said Smith. “Last year, 20 people showed up and kayaked the river over the weekend.” Smith said that the program has worked out quite well because most natural rivers are down on flows in the fall.

Steve Hays, the PUD’s Fish & Wildlife Senior Advisor, talked about large woody debris and the PUD’s requirements to manage that section of the license. “We stockpile wood to be used in erosion control,” he said. The PUD also gets rid of wood that backs up behind the dam over the spring and summer months.

Smith also talked about the PUD’s Parks and Recreation Programs. She shared an interesting sidelight on Lake Chelan that few people are aware of. Up-lake, there are pictographs that are 30 feet higher than current lake levels which means Lake Chelan long before the reservoir was raised by the dam, was much higher than it currently is.

Parks, which were constructed after the second license in the 70s, are still a part of the PUD’s requirements under the new license. These include maintenance over the next 50 years and include Old Mill Bay Park, Manson Bay Park, Riverwalk Park, Powerhouse Park, Chelan Falls Park and the little Shoreline Park adjacent to the Chelan Ranger District.

Smith also told the attendees that the PUD has responsibility to the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service with regards to their docks. “We have no easements with these federal agencies,” said Smith. The relicensing team negotiated with these agencies for provide certain services throughout the 50 year license. The PUD does have easements on private property around the lake that was purchased when the dam was originally constructed.

The only recreational addition to the PUD’s Chelan Hydro Project is the one mile trail constructed from Riverwalk Park into Reach 1 of the Chelan River drainage.

Smith also commented on boat launch facilities that remain open after drawdown. This includes the public launch just west of the dam and the Old Mill Bay launch which can handle launches down to 1079 feet below sea level.

Von Pope, the wildlife program manager, told the attendees that the PUD helps the Forest Service with their prescribed burns around the lake to help conservation measures and wildlife habitat as a part of its requirements. The PUD is also required to monitor erosion sites around the lake.

Smith came back to talk about the PUD’s responsibility to help protect the over 100 cultural sites that were identified around the lake during the relicensing period. “These are highly sensitive and we work with the Tribes to protect them,” said Smith.

The PUD has also been working with Stehekin to remedy the major dust issue that occurs on the mud flats at the head of the lake when drawdown takes place. “We’ve had many ideas to fix that problem and are wetting the mudflats with a sprinkler system that seems to be working,” said Smith.

Steve Hays talked about the PUD’s fishery program which is to raise and stock 100,000 trout (some sterilized) into Lake Chelan. These include rainbow and cutthroat trout. He informed the attendees that the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Forest Service are responsible for native fish in the lake which includes burbot (freshwater ling cod and cutthroat). Other species introduced to the lake over the years include kokanee, Chinook salmon, lake trout and bass.

Hays said that not much is known about burbot and the fisheries biologists don’t know whether they are stable or declining. Bull trout (Dolly Varden) was a natural species in Lake Chelan but disappeared a number of years ago. “We think it might have been a disease,” said Hays. “We continue to search for bull trout, but nobody has been able to catch one in the lake. There have been rumors that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife might try to re-introduce them to the lake.”

One attendee asked how bass were introduced and Hays said, “Smallmouth bass were introduced by the Moonlight Fish Enhancement Committee (illegal introduction). We (fisheries) have decided that peaceful coexistence is the best practice with bass and, in fact, the bass fishermen have bass tournaments on the lake now.”

Hays talked about the Chelan River and the fact that the new license requires a minimum year-round flow of 80 cubic feet per second. “Before this license, the drainage was dry after we were through spilling,” said Hays.

The PUD is actively working with fish enhancement on the river. In Reach 4, a habitat channel was created for spawning Chinook salmon and steelhead. “This seems to be functioning really well,” said Hays. They are also investigating the possibility of cutthroat and rainbow inhabiting the upper portions of the River.

They are hoping the river can eventually sustain a population of 200 cutthroats which are a cold water trout. The river does get warm and may become too warm to sustain cutthroat. Rainbow trout are better adapted to warmer water.

In closing, Kirk Hudson, described several upcoming events at the PUD including a Cultural Resources event called “River Ramble,” spotlighting local animals, native plants, reptiles and Native American life. Guests will learn about wildlife and plants from the collective knowledge that’s been passed down by the vibrant peoples who’ve thrived along our rivers.

The hands-on program, designed for all ages, runs from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, September 5 and from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 6 at Rocky Reach Dam Visitor Center.

In addition, Hudson mentioned that the PUD would conduct a hard hat tour of the Chelan Powerhouse on October 18. “This is by reservation only and we have limited space.” Interested parties should call Rocky Reach Visitor Center to sign up for this fascinating tour.

In closing, General Manager Steve Wright thanked everyone for coming.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Friday, August 29 @ 08:37:58 PDT

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Cascade River Road to Remain Open
National Park Service Ken Hires, NCNPC - August 28, 2014
Cascade River Road Trailhead - GoogleMaps
Cascade River Road to Remain Open
The Cascade River Road is the portal to hiking into Stehekin from the west side of the mountains. The entrance to the road is near Marblemount and the trailhead is located at the end of the road.
Originally scheduled to be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic on September 2 for much needed repairs, the Cascade River Road will remain open as long as weather permits. The repair, which will consist of installing a sixty foot long concrete “box culvert” with a debris rack to prevent culvert plugging at Boston Creek crossing, will be delayed until next year.

To get information on trail and road conditions within the North Cascades National Park Service Complex, please contact the Wilderness Information Center at 360-854-7245, the Golden West Visitor Center at 509-699-2080, ext. 14 or any park ranger station.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Thursday, August 28 @ 09:08:35 PDT

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Business Education Seminar: Healthcare in Lake Chelan
News From The Lake Chelan Chamber Lacey Lybecker, LCCC - August 28, 2014
Business Education Seminar: Healthcare in Lake Chelan
Learn about changes to the Affordable Healthcare Act and the positive impact new healthcare facilities have on a community

Join the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, September 9th for a Business Education Seminar at Acacia Wedding & Event Center. This month’s topic focuses on healthcare in Lake Chelan.

September 9, 2014 | 6:00-8:00pm
Acacia Wedding & Event Center | 319 N Saunders, Chelan, WA 98816
RSVP: 509-682-3503 or

Specialists from COUNTRY Financial will guide small business owners through changes and updates to the Affordable Care Act. Ben Lindekugel, Executive Director for the Washington Association of Public Hospitals, will also join us to brief the community on the positive economic impact that a new medical facility brings to a community.

All community members are welcome to attend and will have the opportunity to ask questions.

RSVP to the Business Education Seminar by contacting the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce at 509.682.3503 or .

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Thursday, August 28 @ 07:59:41 PDT

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Blue Water Scholarship Helps Students Realize Higher Goals
GLC Community News Greg Kennedy - August 28, 2014
Blue Water Scholarship Helps Students Realize Higher Goals
Ron Studman of Blue Water Concierge writes us about a scholarship that is helping Hispanic students pay for college.

Ron Studham
Dear Friends,

We formed Blue Water Concierge to offer a single vendor approach for clients home care needs and as a ministry to the Hispanics who live in Chelan Valley. The businesses’ growth has exceeded our expectations; we are blessed by the people we serve and the staff we employ.

Running the business has made us more aware of the poverty level in the communities we serve. At the same time, we are encouraged by our staff’s desires to better themselves and dreams that someday they, or their children, might have a chance to go to college - their work ethic is truly remarkable.

A client suggested we start a scholarship fund for first generation Hispanic college students. We loved the idea, so we filed the papers needed to form the Blue Water Scholarship Fund, which is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. In addition to paying for tuition and books, the fund’s volunteers will provide mentoring to students throughout their college years. (CLICK HERE for Bylaws, State Charter and Information Sheet)

The first Blue Water Scholarship is going to an amazing young man. He was born in Mexico and is the youngest of eight children. At age seven he started picking fruit for orchardists in the Valley. He was abandoned by his parents, blamed for their divorce and told by his father, “I never want to see you again – don’t even come to my funeral”.

He has always worked to support himself. In High School he worked in the packing plants after school. He got off work around 11 p.m., came home to do his homework, and in his words, “repeated the process the next day”. During his senior year his brothers were pressuring him to quit school and work with them in the orchards to make more money. His teachers convinced him not to quit. No one from this family attended his High School graduation.

He had good grades, which lead to a small first-year scholarship. When we spoke to one of his teachers she said, “He is one of the hardest working kids I’ve ever known. His teachers all loved him, and we all cried at his graduation. He is someone, if given a chance, can break out of the poverty cycle.” We want to be sure he has that chance. In the fall, BWSF will pay for all of his tuition and books.

This young man wants to be an architect. He is enrolled at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, WA and completed his first year of classes in June. His “Plan B” is to get a Welding Certificate so, “... if I can’t afford the tuition, I have something to fall back on.” While at SVC he worked as a cashier in the college bookstore and has told us “It was the best year of his life". He came back to the Valley to work this summer to save money, and would eventually like to attend WSU or UW to earn an Architectural Degree in Construction Management.

There are dozens with similar stories who need help, which means the list of potential recipients is growing. Our goal is to help students before they are forced to spend a lifetime working as maids, in the orchards, or packing plants. If you would like to donate please make your check payable to BWSF at the address below; we’d love to help as many students as possible this year. Thank you.


Ron Studham
President & Director
Blue Water Scholarhip Fund
PO Box 1607
Chelan, WA 98816
Tel: 509.679.4012

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Thursday, August 28 @ 07:41:07 PDT

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Campfire Restrictions Reduced on National Forest Lands
USFS Robin DeMario, USFS - August 27, 2014
Click Here for the USFS Campfire Restrictions webpage
Campfire Restrictions Reduced on National Forest Lands
The ban on campfires in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest will be partially lifted on August 27. Starting Wednesday, campers may have campfires in metal fire rings in designated campgrounds in six of the seven Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest ranger districts. Naches Ranger District is the only district where campfires will not be allowed in campgrounds. Campfires will also be allowed in all federally designated wilderness areas in the forest.

Campfire restrictions in these areas were downgraded because of cooler weather and recent precipitation that has reduced fire danger in some areas of the national forest.

“Recent cooler weather conditions in conjunction with normal seasonal changes have begun to reduce fire danger,” said Forest Fire Management Officer Keith Satterfield.

“With reduced fire activity still going on in the Chiwaukum, Hansel and Duncan fires, forest visitors need to remember that wildfires can still occur. That's why it is so important to be careful when building any campfires, whether they are in established campgrounds or in other areas of the national forest,” Satterfield said. “We don’t want an unattended campfire to become a wildfire.”

In areas where campfires are allowed, forest visitors are advised to build them in an established fire pit, remove flammable materials from around the pit, construct the fire away from overhanging vegetation, and keep the fire small. Most importantly, make sure that all campfires are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before leaving a campsite.

The cooler temperatures and moisture also allowed Industrial Fire Precaution Levels for woodcutting to be lowered to level 2. This means that woodcutters can cut firewood from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; they must turn off their chainsaws at 1 p.m. and stay in the area for one hour to watch for possible fire starts.

For more information about campfires or woodcutting, please contact any Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest office.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Wednesday, August 27 @ 08:48:07 PDT

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Echo Valley Fundraiser at Slidewaters Just Days Away
Strictly Fun Terrie Carleton - August 26, 2014
Click Here for the Echo Valley website
Echo Valley Fundraiser at Slidewaters Just Days Away
The "Last-Blast-of-Summer" Echo Valley fundraiser at Slidewaters is happening this Monday! What a great way to wrap up the Labor Day Weekend!

All you need to do to support Echo Valley Ski & Tubing Area is purchase a $10 bargain ticket to the Slides! That's it. That's all.

Then on Labor Day, Monday, September 1st from noon to 6:00 p.m. come to Slidewaters to float the lazy river, play on the slides and listen to live music by the LakeBoys! Ahhhhh ...

Monday, September 1st
Noon - 6 p.m.
Bargain Price - $10.00

You must purchase tickets in advance from:

Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, Lake Chelan Sports, Allison's in Manson, and Orondo Cider Works

Or send a check to P.O. Box 99, Chelan, 98816 and we'll send your tickets in the mail! Easy/Peasy ...

If you can't use your ticket, but still want to support Echo, just let us know and we'll donate your ticket to the Chelan or Manson Library for them to give away during their summer reading program! Send a kid to SLIDEWATERS!

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, August 26 @ 08:27:13 PDT

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Plan Your Labor Day Travel with WSDOT Tools
WSDOT Lars Erickson, WSDOT communications - August 26, 2014
Plan Your Labor Day Travel with WSDOT Tools
Know before you go: Spend summer’s last holiday weekend having fun, not stuck in traffic

With Washingtonians gearing up to celebrate the last, long holiday weekend of the summer, travelers are advised to plan ahead for heavy traffic on the state’s major highways.

One way to beat the crowds is to check the Washington State Department of Transportation’s predicted travel volumes on the state’s major travel routes. To help drivers navigate holiday traffic, WSDOT gathers data to provide the best times to travel on Interstate 90 over Snoqualmie Pass, US 2 over Stevens Pass, Interstate 5 through Thurston and Pierce counties, and I-5 between Bellingham and the U.S./Canada border.

Real-time travel information is also available:
  • Online tools that provide traffic camera images, ferry schedules and a map of highway incidents and closures.
  • The 511 travel information hotline. For out-of-state callers, it’s 1-800-695-ROAD (7623).
  • The WSDOT mobile app, email alerts and other tools such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Overhead and roadside electronic signs.
  • Highway advisory radio stations: 530 AM or 1610 AM.
To help ease traffic congestion, WSDOT and its contractors will halt most highway-construction work at noon Friday, Aug. 29, through Monday, Sept. 1. Although work is suspended, drivers should be prepared for lane shifts or construction-related changes in these areas:
  • I-5, Stillaguamish River Bridge, Snohomish County: All southbound I-5 traffic is reduced to two lanes for a bridge-replacement project. Drivers will use a new roadway across the median to two lanes of northbound I-5 across the Stillaguamish River Bridge, and then cross back on the other end of the bridge. Northbound I-5 is also reduced to two lanes from State Route 530 to 236th Street Northeast.
  • State Route 8, Thurston County: Westbound SR 8 is reduced to one lane around the clock between mileposts 17.5 and 19 near the Summit Lake Grocery for continued clean-up activities following a fuel spill in August.
Drivers crossing the State Route 520 bridge Monday, Sept. 1, will be charged weekend toll rates due to the holiday. Drivers can also expect heavier-than-normal traffic volumes and delays on eastbound I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass Friday, Aug. 29, and westbound Monday, Sept. 1.

Travelers whose weekend plans include a trip by ferry, train, personal aircraft or bus should also make plans to avoid holiday delays:
  • Washington State Ferries asks that travelers allow for extra time during the Labor Day holiday weekend. The heaviest terminal congestion is anticipated from 3 to 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 29, on westbound routes. Traffic on eastbound routes is anticipated to be heaviest Sunday, Aug. 31, and Monday, Sept. 1. Travelers on the Port Townsend/Coupeville route and the Anacortes/Sidney, BC, route are advised to make reservations. Waits and advance arrival recommendations vary by route. Travelers needing specific information can either call the WSF information line at 888-808-7977 or check the WSF website.
  • Amtrak Cascades offers 18 stops along the I-5 corridor. Amtrak Cascades trains often sell out during holidays, so make reservations early. Plan to arrive one hour before the train’s scheduled departure. Check online or call 800-USA-RAIL for more information.
  • WSDOT provides updates on state-operated airports. Check online or call 800-552-0666 for information.
  • Most public transit systems will follow a holiday schedule, and some transit systems will not operate fixed-route or dial-a-ride service on Labor Day.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, August 26 @ 08:17:49 PDT

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Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce Appoints Tiffany Gering as New Sales Manager
News From The Lake Chelan Chamber Lacey Lybecker, LCCC - August 26, 2014
Tiffany Gering
Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce Appoints Tiffany Gering as New Sales Manager
Executive Director Mike Steele, staff, and board of directors of the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce their recent hire of Tiffany Gering.

Tiffany Gering was hired as the Sales Manager for the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce. Gering brings a wealth of experience in helping business owners take advantage of advertising and sponsorship opportunities that uniquely enhance their business. In her new role, she will work on building dynamic sponsorship and advertising packages for Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce business members.

“Tiffany’s extensive sales experience and existing connections in our valley make her an excellent addition to our staff and our member community.” said Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mike Steele.

Gering grew up 30 miles North of Lake Chelan in Brewster, Washington. After graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Business Management, Tiffany moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Music Management. After many exciting celebrities encounters, she decided that being close to family was her first priority and moved to Chelan in 2005. She worked at the local radio station, K.O.Z.I., for over seven years as the Sales Manager.

Posted by gregory_kennedy on Tuesday, August 26 @ 07:50:52 PDT

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Weather Over Labor Day May Include Some Rain Showers
Local News August 26, 2014
Clear & Sunny Through Saturday But Then ....
Some Chance of Rain ...Or Maybe Not?
Depends On Who You Ask?

Click Here for More From NOAA

And then there is this forecast from Weather Underground

Click Here for More From Weather Underground

The National Weather Service reports that Labor Day Weekend in the Valley may include some showers by Sunday and Monday...

Friday night through Monday...The upcoming end-of-summer Holiday weekend increasingly appears to live up to this reputation as a cooler and showery trough arrival is advertised by the GFS and ECMWF models for multiple runs now. Friday night looks benign with only increasing midlevel clouds as the system lines up on the region.

  • On Saturday the trough will move into the region with a surface cold front passing through bringing breezy conditions...noticeably cooler temperatures and scattered showers and possible thunderstorms mainly over the mountains north of the basin.

  • By Sunday the forecast area will be in the cusp of this trough with the intertrough cold pool aloft decreasing stability and promoting a larger areal coverage of showers and a few thunderstorms.

    At this time Sunday looks like the riskiest day for planning outdoor activities...but even so there is no organized storm system apparent that would suggest a rain-out scenario...just breezy with a chance of a brief shower or thunderstorm running over any particular location with the highest chance in the mountains north and east of the basin.

  • By Monday the trough is set to exit to the east with lingering showers probable over the Idaho Panhandle but essentially drying out elsewhere.

    Temperatures through the holiday weekend will be below normal and may struggle to escape the low 70s in many valley locations Sunday and Monday.



  • Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Tuesday, August 26 @ 05:21:45 PDT

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    Manson Hosting Cross Country Fun Run at MA8 Golf Course Sept 27th
    Lake Chelan Hospital News Updates Aug 26, 2014
    Join Max for Cross Country Fun Run at MA8 Golf Course Sept 27th

    August 26, 2014

    Lake Chelan Community Hospital invites you to join Max for a FREE Cross Country Fun Run September 27t at 9 AM, at the MA-8 golf course in Manson, next to Mill Bay Casino.

    This will be a true cross country course. Be prepared for flat grassy areas, rolling hills, sand and fun for all.
    • 2.5 or timed 5K
    • Prizes
    • All ages
    A partnership with Manson Trojan First Annual Cross Country Invitational, following the fun run.
    Stay to cheer on the Trojans.

    Thank you to the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Foundation for helping fund the Club Max kids' wellness program.

    For Pre-Registration Visit: http://lakechelancommunityhospital.com/fun-run-with-max_448.html
    Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Tuesday, August 26 @ 05:04:30 PDT

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    Manson Schools Ready for Back to School With Potluck/Family Night This Thursday
    Strictly Fun Aug 26, 2014 - Updated to Correct Dates of Open House/BBQ/Movie & First Day of School
    Manson Schools ready For First Day of School With Open House / BBQ / and Movie Night - This Thursday
    First Day of School - Two Days After Labor Day - Sept 3rd


    Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Tuesday, August 26 @ 04:51:14 PDT

    (_ | )

    Lake Chelan Schools Getting Ready for First Day of School
    Strictly Fun August 26, 2014
    Lake Chelan School Directors meet tonight for their regularily scheduled School Board Meeting, 6 PM at the District Board Room.
    Employees of the District have a busy week this week with the New Teacher Orientation and New Staff Lunch held Monday, Aug 25th, and Bilingual and 1st Aid Training today, and the School Board Meeting tonight.

    Tomorrow, it's an 'All Staff Breakfast plus the MOE Open House and the 6th Grade BBQ on Wednesday too.

    A copy of tonight's School Board Agenda can be viewed by Clicking Here

    Lake Chelan Schools First Day of School is n ext Tuesday, Sept 2nd. For a look at the 2014-15 School Calendar - CLICK HERE


    And Chelan's Varsity and JV Football squads will take to the field this Friday at Quincy for a 'pre-season' Jamboree with Royal and Quincy beginning at 6PM.
    Posted by Jerry_Isenhart on Tuesday, August 26 @ 04:14:45 PDT

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    A Rebuttal Concerning the New Hospital Proposal
    GLC_Reader_Remarks Greg Kennedy - August 23, 2014 - Updated Aug 24th (Link to Facebook Forum Repaired - Is Working Now )
    A Rebuttal Concerning the New Hospital Proposal
    As promised, GoLakeChelan is presenting both sides of the issue regarding the upcoming levy vote for a new hospital in Chelan. These letters to the editor are the opinions of the submitting parties. GoLakeChelan will remain neutral so we can offer the information to help you make your decision on this important topic.

    A forum has been set up on our Facebook Page for public discussion of this issue.
    August 22, 2014

    Dear Friends,

    The latest attempt of the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Bond to build a new hospital building ignores the fact that we now have a helicopter ambulance service in Brewster. This service in combination with our present EMS ambulance's based in Manson and Chelan makes transport to first class hospitals in Wenatchee, Spokane, and Seattle a reality.

    It is impossible for small seasonal community like Chelan to build a first class hospital that competes with Wenatchee with the resources available, and much more sensible to use the present monies to establish a landing pad at the present hospital and stabilize and ship patients to Wenatchee.

    Twice previously the voters have told LCCH that they did not want this "empire building", at the expense of the other urgently needed community funding, and the vested interests just did not get the message. I urge all the taxpayers in the hospital district to once again reject this attempt to bypass the obvious will of the voters.


    William A. Worth
    Lake Chelan
    The Importance of Public Discussion
    A Message From GoLakeChelan's Jerry Isenhart
    GoLakeChelan was founded in 2001 for the purpose of providing, among other things, a forum for community discussions. We remain dedicated to that purpose today.

    It is with honor and respect that we publish letters from our readers on topics of community concern without any implication that we agree or endorse the thoughts and opinion of the authors. That has been our posture regarding previous letters recently posted on this most recent topic, as well.

    We believe that an informed electorate will make better decisions on election days, when as many sides of an issue are heard as possible.

    Missing from our discussion has been a place for readers to easily comment on these items.
    We initially set up a dedicated Forum for comments but after a short period of time we found the Forum had been found by Spammers. In order to allow to us best manage and assure accountability for comments - we have moved the discussion to a unique page on our Facebook presence.

    This will be a moderated forum, and we will adhere tightly to our request that posts are civil and respectful.
    Posted comments which, in our opinion, do no comply, will not be accepted.

    - - - - -

    Letter for Submission May Be Sent to:

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, August 23 @ 12:43:44 PDT

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    Mining.com Exposé on Holden Mine Cleanup
    PHP-Nuke Greg Kennedy - August 23, 2014
    Mining.com Exposé on Holden Mine Cleanup
    The $200+ Million Dollars of Magic Happening Right in Our Own Back Yard
    It's amazing what's happening at Holden Village and surrounding area over the past 3 years. An amazing amount of men, machinery and money have been dedicated to reclaiming the land from damage done during Holden's 'hay-days' of the The Howe Sound Mining Company.

    Because of the rural setting, it's not a place that one can just drive by, or stop in. Thus, we are left to publications such as this one to share with us just exactly what's happening.

    The Mining.com website has an interesting photo-rich article about the Holden Mine Remediation Project. If you want to take a look at what is going on up there, this is the next best thing to being there.

    Click on the image above and enjoy learning more from this well done article.

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, August 23 @ 10:02:18 PDT

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    Lake Chelan School District Regular Board Meeting Agenda 8-26-14
    Lake Chelan School District Georgia Mashayekh - August 23, 2014
    Lake Chelan School District Regular Board Meeting Agenda 8-26-14
    DATE: August 26, 2014
    TIME: 6:00pm
    LOCATION: District Board Room
    3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – August 12, 2014
        * District Activities 8/25 – 8/28
    8/25 - New Teacher Orientation and New Staff Lunch
    8/26 - Bilingual and 1st Aid Trainings
    8/27 - All Staff Breakfast, Notification Training,
           Professional Development Training, Staff Benefits Fair,
           MOE Open House, 6th Grade BBQ
    8/28 - Teacher and Para Training
        * Copy of Annual Yearly Progress letters sent to families
        * Food Service changes
        * Accountability Index Ratings
        * County Treasurer’s Report
        * Balance Sheet
        * Cash Flow Statement
        * Board Procedure 6910 for LGO Bond
        * LGO Bond Final Closing Memorandum
        * Payables and Payroll
        * Personnel
        * Surplus
        * Board Procedure 6910

    Posted by gregory_kennedy on Saturday, August 23 @ 09:42:24 PDT

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    · A Lot of Time Off the Bench - Judge Warren in Rwanda
    · Buckner Orchard Square Dance Was Bales of Fun
    · News Making Weather - Just Waiting to Happen
    Monday, August 11
    · Family of Missing Bill Fitzpatrick Launch Web-Site & Petition to White House
    · Pedestrian Fatality One Mile South of Pateros on Hwy 97
    · helan Fire and Rescue Commissioners Regular Meeting Agenda 8-13-14
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    · Support the Chelan Manson Youth Fair Fund
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