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Holiday Hills Project for new development goes to public comment in Chelan

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A plat map highlights the 3 parcels that represent the proposed Holiday Hills development in Chelan, WA. (www.acrevalue.com)

A proposal has been made by Palisade Capital Holdings, LLS, in Wenatchee for the first phase of a new development called Holiday Hills in the Mountain View Terrace area in the City of Chelan. A Notice of Application was released by the City of Chelan on October 11, 2017, and is open for public comment until Oct. 25, 2017.

The proposed Holiday Hills is a 84.79-acre project that would provide the infrastructure required by the City of Chelan to subdivide three existing large parcels into approximately 250 parcels.

“It is just a land division,” Chelan City Planner Craig Gildroy explained of the first phase which is under review now.

Holiday Hills Project Survey

Holiday Hills Project Preliminary Site Plan

Gildroy went on to explain that the project includes townhomes located in the RM (Resdiential Multifamily) zoning which does not allow for short term rentals.

According to the application, the complete project designates 173 parcels as townhouses within the RM zoning. Five additional RM zoned parcels would provide the infrastructure needed for multifamily apartment buildings, such as low-income housing, apartments or condominiums. These 178 parcels have been specifically created to provide affordable housing.

Public comment on the proposal can be sent to Chelan City Planner, Craig Gildroy at cgildroy@cityofchelan.us. (Photo by GoLakeChelan)

“Those parcels are limited to full time rentals there,” Gildroy stated. “They are setting it up so they can sell the land with the unit, but whoever buys that unit cannot rent it out for less than 30 days.”

The project also includes 15 parcels of commercial zoning. The application states that, these lots are larger and will contain the road frontage and utilities needed for the future development of hotels, condominiums, restaurants, spas and commercial retail buildings.

Gildroy explained that if a hotel or restaurant were to be proposed, those items would require a building permit, and there may be separate environmental review. “So, those type of issues would be reviewed at a later date. We are (now) really just looking at the subdivision of land.” he said.

(Image courtesy of City of Chelan)

Additionally, 27 parcels have been designed as transition parcels that can be developed as either short term rental units (townhouses) or single-family housing depending on market demands. The remaining 28 parcels would be single family residences or single-unit vacation housing.

According to Gildroy, the townhome portion of the development is the most prevalent issue the city is receiving comments about. “It’s a really dense development in that area, so we are looking at the code and seeing what we can do to make that a little better,” Gildroy said.

(Image courtesy of City of Chelan)

“What I noticed right off the bat is that there are no parks,” Gildroy commented. “What about the recreational opportunities for the people that live there? They would be utilizing the park system, so that would have an impact. We will take a good look at that.” 

Additionally, the plan calls for the first 28 units of the townhome portion of the development to utilize Lake Street, which is a ‘half road’ according to Gildroy. “There is more analysis that needs to be done before the city will give the approval for even the first 28 units,” Gildroy explained.

Public comment for this first phase of the project is being accepted until October 25, 2017. Following this period, the proposal and comments will go to the hearing examiner, where the development will receive plat approval should it meet code.

“We have had some good conversations with the people that live near there,” Gildroy said. “I encourage anyone who lives in the area to get their comments in. I know it’s a short comment period, but the city only has 90 days to get this to hearing and make a decision.”

Send any comments on the project to Craig Gildroy at cgildroy@cityofchelan.us.

(By Jillian Foster)




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