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Grand Opening of Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center gives community a look at the new facility in Manson (PHOTOS)

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Owners Jeremy and Jacquelyn Jaech cut the ribbon on Saturday, August 12, 2017, officially opening Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)


It was a very special day for Jacquelyn and Jeremy Jaech, owners of Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center, as their Grand Opening in Manson on August 12, 2017, introduced the community to an amazing addition for the Lake Chelan Valley.

A tennis doubles championship highlighted part of the day. There were close to fifty U.S. Tennis Association rated players participating in a four-round tournament that started at 7:30 a.m. Finals for the tournament were held on Sunday. The Jaechs have a huge network of tennis players, and the valley will soon see their tennis courts full.

Community members touring the tennis courts at Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center in Manson, WA on Augusgt 12, 2017. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Harmony Meadows came about when the Jaechs bought what was once Banjo Creek Farms, and lovingly restored and created it from just a vision into a multi-purpose event center.

“We started by saying, ‘what could we do to build a tennis facility over here?'” Jeremy said. “We looked at a lot of different locations. I was riding my bike by Banjo Creek Farms one day and saw the for sale sign. I went home and said this is the spot.”

The Lake Chelan Valley community attended the Grand Opening to welcome Harmony Meadows and tour the tennis and event center grounds. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Harmony Meadows provides a space for weddings and other special events, like corporate events, parties or workshops. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Jacquelyn’s love for tennis started out of a desire to find an new activity she and her husband could enjoy together. It was during an anniversary trip that Jacquelyn signed both of them up for tennis lessons.

“I thought, it’s not too late to learn a new sport. We played tennis everyday for a week, and that is why we ended up with these courts,” Jacquelyn said. “We came back home and started to take lessons, and I just got obsessed. It’s a fun and social activity. It’s a lifetime sport.”

Jacquelyn described their vision for Harmony Meadows. “Our hope is to be an economic driver for the community by creating a compelling tennis destination for tourism and an educational and community resource for local residents.”

Harmony Meadows also offers guests tastings for both handcrafted beer and wine by One Breweing, operated by Greg and Jo Cowell. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Jeremy added, “This property has a rich history and fond memories for many. We feel fortunate to continue this tradition and provide guests experiences for years to come; whether it is through tennis, an event, or even enjoying a scoop of gelato.”

Harmony Meadows also offers guests gelato and tastings for both handcrafted beer and wine by One Brewing. One Brewing is located on site and operated by Greg and Jo Cowell. The location is an add-on to the couple’s original company, One Wines Inc. which is  at 526 E Woodin Avenue in Chelan.

Along with their tennis facility and event space, Harmony Meadows offers guests gelato. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Harmony Meadows provides a space for weddings and other special events. “I like to do big things. I want it to be perfect,” Jacquelyn said. “There’s something special about weddings. It feels really special that we get to have an impact on somebody’s life. It’s touching to be able to do that. Doing weddings was just a natural choice.”

Whether a wedding, corporate event, party or workshop, Harmony Meadows offers a unique tranquil setting with majestic views surrounding the property. Its multiple sites can be selected to accommodate specific needs for an event.

There are also two unique accommodations that offer different views of the property. The Cottage offers a tranquil and elegant space where brides, wedding parties, or individual visitors can unwind and relax. The Hayloft Suite offers a bird’s eye view of the entire property with a casually elegant and cottage-style interior. 

One of the unique accommodations on the property is The Cottage. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

The Parlor inside Harmony Meadows event center. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

The eight outdoor destination tennis courts are pro surface hard courts, the only courts of this quality in the Pacific Northwest, with four indoor courts planned in the near future.

When asked what he thought of Harmony Meadows, John Brasch longtime tennis buff said, “My wife Darlene and I have been at Monte Carlo, Paris and Kooyong where the Australian open was held, and I say with certainty the courts at Harmony Meadows are every bit as good and a wonderful facility.”

The newly constructed, destination tennis facility is composed of eight outdoor courts, and soon-to-be four indoor courts. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

“We are very fortunate to have Jeff Richards, a tennis professional on staff to assist with training and program development,” Jeremy stated. Harmony Meadows will be working with both the Manson and Chelan School Districts developing top notch programs for students.

Jeff Richard, tennis pro, on staff at Harmony Meadows. (Photo by Norm Manly)

The grand opening, ribbon cutting ceremony took place with friends present, as well as community members and representatives of both the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce and the Manson Chamber of Commerce.

Executive Director of the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce Mike Steele weighed in, “I think first and foremost it shows the great growth that’s occurring in the Lake Chelan Valley. To me, it’s also is a new opportunity for economic development and economic progress.”

Manson Chamber of Commerce board member Jeff Conwell also commented on the grand opening. “We’re really excited to have Harmony Meadows out here. It really gives us a world-class venue that we can celebrate not only as a community but that we can invite people all over the Northwest and beyond,” Conwell said.

There was a great community turnout to support the grand opening of Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Randy Norris and the Full Degree entertained the guests. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Commenting on tennis lessons, Conwell said, “We’ve considered it and it would be a great opportunity to get some great exercise. It’s going to be fun to see how this unfolds as we move along with tournaments and different things they can bring out here to the valley. Think what that’s going to mean economically? It’s going to be terrific for all of us.”

“They’ve done an incredible job here,” Conwell said. “It really means a lot to this community. It means a lot to the whole valley because we don’t have many venues like this. Jacquelyn and Jeremy have done a fabulous job and we celebrate them and what they’ve achieved here.”

Owners Jeremy and Jacquelyn Jaech cut the ribbon and celebrate at the Grand Opening to Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center. (Photo by Norm Manly)

Jacquelyn told the crowd, “We’re so pleased and excited to be opening our facility. It’s a vision that turned into reality today. It was a labor of love. How wonderful having the community and friends out enjoying Harmony Meadows.”

For Jeremy and Jacquelyn, Harmony Meadows is an extension of their space in the valley. “We believe that life in balance is harmony. We’re looking for having that balance in our lives of good things, good people and good community,” Jacquelyn said.

For more information on Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center, visit their website: http://harmonymeadowscenter.com.

Harmony Meadows Tennis and Event Center is located at 4848 Green Avenue in Manson, WA. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

(By Stephanie Quiroz and Norm Manly)




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