Slow Going in California

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Good Morning All:

The three pictures included are highlights of a great back road I traveled yesterday. I left Eureka, CA headed south a few miles..then turned right (toward the ocean!!!) at Ferndale and 5 hours later I covered a little over 60 miles. Why so slow you ask? Well the very fastest I ever traveled was 18 mph...never got out of 2nd gear and then there were the stops. The road very narrow, twisty, and
rough...paved, but let's just say CA does not allocate much road repair money to this beautiful stretch of backroad. The town of Ferndale deserves some "visit" time...old, quaint, NICE. The road as a whole is wide enough for travel...few spots that are one way and several bridges are one issue other vehicles verrrrrrry limited. I counted 10 until I hit the end of the road through the Redwoods. The road goes up, up, up and you are then overlooking farm / cattle land and out to the Pacific. Then you start down, down, down. When those curves say 10 mph they reallllly mean 7 mph!!!! And there you are right at the ocean.....keep on going and you arrive at a little town called Honeydew...old, small general store/post office/antique gas pump (and price of regular gas $4.99 gal!!!). Stopped for a cool one and sat on the porch talking to some locals. They realllllly like the Spyder and the young man who tended the store knew what a 2 Bros exhaust was and he wanted to "just hear 'her' purrrrrr"... Immediately saw ahead a 1 way bridge...holy crap it was wood planked...made for the Spyder....front wheels straddled a lower portion (about 4 inches deep) and yep maybe my 4x4 PU would have fit but it would have been close...very narrow to say the least. So now I am going up and down until down puts me smack dab in a Redwood forest....those trees are just plain magnificent. Thank goodness there was room for me to pull over when I saw coming toward me one of those cities on wheels...minimum 50 ft long and 8 feet wide...that road sure was not constructed for motor homes of that magnitude...wonder how far he got on the road I just came down. Now back on 101 North to motel. Leaving this morning...will go south on 101 until Leggett then turn right toward ocean...and south on HiWay 1.

Have a great day. I'm living the life and loving it..


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