Spring Break

Monday, March 25, 2013

120 peak KW
Zero diesel Usage
Clear 46,25,29
zero snow, except shady patches
zero precipitation

Glorious Day with clear skies, snow plastered mountains and abundant spring activities in the natural world.

Fun to get up about dawn, walk outside and yell, "Wake up birds!!", who then start the whole neighborhood chirping in the new day.

Much movement of water birds at the head of the lake, too. Swans were exercising overhead last week: quite a gaggle of huge noisy birds! The lure of the North won out though, and they're gone till next fall.

Still got those darn geese though.

Human activity is ramping up with the season as well, though the community numbers are traditionally low during spring break (after a winter that had some of the lowest informal census counts I remember.)

I heard a chain saw yesterday, somewhere, so I know someone is still here...

Time for my family to exercise our wings a bit, and get noisy.

Back next week for more 'Spring Busting Out All Over'.


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