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Get ready to ‘Manson Mingle’ at Wapato Point Cellars this Wednesday

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(Image courtesy of Manson Chamber of Commerce)

The October Manson Mingle is set for Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, at Wapato Point Cellars starting at 6 p.m. Wapato Point Cellars is located at 200 N. Quetilquasoon Road in Manson.

“We thank Wapato Point Cellars for hosting the Manson Mingle,” Manson Chamber of Commerce member Norm Manly said.

“The Mingle gives you a great opportunity to chat with other business owners and compare notes. The Manson Chamber will talk about the success of past events and let you know what they have scheduled for the rest of the year,” Manly continued.

Adam Bremmeyer, Wapato Point Cellars Tasting Room Manager, will bring the group up to speed on their new full-service bar. 

(Image courtesy of Manson Chamber of Commerce)

“There is no question that connecting a community makes it stronger and more effective,” Manly said. “Karen Lombard and Adam Bremmeyer of Wapato Point Cellars are looking forward to seeing you.”

Wapato Point Cellars will provide appetizers and their wines at a discounted rate, and the Manson Chamber will bring a dessert. 

Be sure to bring business cards to share with others. Hope to see you at Wapato Point Cellars on Oct. 18, 2017.

(Image courtesy of Manson Chamber of Commerce)

(By Norm Manly, edited by Christine Eagar)




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