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Expect Serendipity

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Book with Skates. (Photo by Laura Folsom)

The joy of unexpected happenstance. The delightful surprise. These are also tools in creating change in the energy field.

Old Thinking tells us serendipity is about luck, a fluke, a rare coming together. It’s people and circumstances randomly connecting, leaving us feeling touched by the mystery of life.

When you are using energy to create change, you recognize serendipity is part of the journey. Quantum Thinking reminds us that we move toward experiences we have launched with intention. The moment our anticipated outcome becomes a focus of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, the energy field begins responding. It lines up circumstances and people who can empower our intention. As matching energies start streaming toward us, we experience serendipity.


(Image courtesy fo Jeanne McElvaney)

We empower the changes we want by expecting serendipity. Like putting our car lights on high beam, we notice more in the periphery of our days. Connections that would have gone unnoticed or seemed insignificant now catch our attention. Possibilities that can become part of our change arrive with a joyful jolt.

Notice how often this kind of energy weaves through your days when you are seeking changes. Let it encourage you. When it arrives, enjoy the sensation and then take action. It’s bringing you opportunities to support your energy shift. It’s confirming that the energy field is responding to your intention.


(By Jeanne McElvaney, Author and Energy Healer)





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