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Eden Moody partners with GoLakeChelan.tv & KEY Difference Media to promote her new album through Go4DLive!

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(Courtesy of Eden Moody)

Performer and musician Eden Moody will be promoting her album through live-stream performances in the GoLakeChelan.tv high definition studios and Go4DLive!

Go4DLive! combines in-studio high definition live-streaming and is supported by a full GoLakeChelan.tv production crew with a growing network of partners who have already pivoted towards the new economy, and the content amplification power of KEY Difference Media, an international Digital Content marketing firm.

And now musician Eden Moody, who has seen the music industry’s promotional machine become less and less effective, has joined Go4DLive!, a new live-streaming content creation and digital media amplification product. She believes this is the next vehicle for giving musicians, actors, authors, artists, activists, politicians, businesses and more a way to not only be seen and heard but to be discovered as well.

(Courtesy of Eden Moody)

Moody plans to live-stream her performances at GoLakeChelan.tv studios where agents, fans and talent scouts can see her perform in front of a live studio audience with the best sound and video quality available. They’ll be able to simply tune in to her live performances on the web. Moody’s performance will be further amplified through a syndication process that promotes her across digital channels such as social media and other search-centric platforms.

Why Go4DLive! rather than a tradition route?

Traditional media is losing ground rapidly to the digital era. What’s more is that live-streaming video is creating an on-demand society that totally discards the effectiveness of traditional approaches.

It used to be that producing a demo song would take weeks, if not months to put together, not to mention the costs associated with it. All so you could then go spend more money trying to market and promote it well enough to gain attention.

The benefits of Go4DLive! are that she isn’t just being represented by a single agent to sell her music through a single channel, but rather she is being perpetuated through a growing network of people and businesses who have platforms aimed at the new economy, where music and entertainment are at the core of their own promotional strategies.

As a result, she now has fresh revenue opportunities by being paired with participants of the Go4DLive! network, where her music and message offer synergy and support. 

Eden Moody performing locally in Chelan. (Photo by GoLakeChelan.com)

Go4DLive! provides Moody with unique opportunities.

1. Eden Moody’s music will now undergird a corporate empowerment platform called The Friendship Pod Network. 

2. She will also be a character in their global story marketing campaign which has now led to a possible movie deal.

3. She is also prepping for various live-stream commercials and has been slated as the host for various mobile live-streaming events.

4. Finally, Moody has her own live-stream show on personal development through music getting set to launch in a few months as well.

Setting the Bar High

Eden Moody and Go4DLive! is setting the bar for future musicians and others who want to find new ways to monetize their talents, message and passion so they can move ahead in their careers, without the obstacles of inflated production costs and time barriers. 

“It feels good to know I can write a song one day, and the next day play it live in front of an audience and the world to receive instant feedback and attention for a reasonable price,” Moody said. “And when agents and performance scouts see how I can perform live, they are more likely to book me. And since all I need for a live performance is an appointment in the GoLakeChelan.tv Go4DLive! Studio, I have as much production power at my fingertips, as my biggest musical idols. I’m starting to feel like a star!”

(By James Craddock)




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