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REMINDER – Citizens for a New Hospital Now invite residents to a campaign kick-off on Feb. 11

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(Rendering courtesy of NewHospitalNow.com)

Citizens for a New Hospital Now are pleased to announce the kick off of our Lake Chelan Community Hospital campaign this Saturday, February 11 at 11 a.m.

Become a part of this exciting local movement. Join us on the site of the new hospital (across from Walmart on Hwy 97A) for coffee, cocoa and a novel photo op.

Friend next to friend, neighbor next to neighbor, we will physically outline the footprint of the new hospital. Come join this exciting local movement!  Learn more at NewHospitalNow.com.

(Courtesy of NewHospitalNow.com)

(Submitted by Claudia Swenson)




3 Comments on REMINDER – Citizens for a New Hospital Now invite residents to a campaign kick-off on Feb. 11

  1. Just we we need, wrong. We don’t need a mini mall type hospital when we have a perfectly good building that just needs some maintenance and upgrade. Lets not let the West siders change Chelan into a clone of the strip malls that have ruined virtually every town on the West Side and keep our hospital looking over the lake not looking at the dump. Having our hospital in view by everyone in the downtown core is part of the charm of Chelan. We need to stop the urban decay and keep Chelan unique. You only have to look at many of the stores downtown that have been modernized and repurposed to see how it should be done. Don’t let the empire builders tear down a perfectly good building and put up this strip mall designed monster. Vote NO, Save our Hospital

    • Bill- So if the architects built a hospital like Whitefish, MT would you be OK with it? http://www.nvhosp.org It could be done but for a lot more money. But the commissioners and administration are proposing to build a functional, yet affordable hospital for the community. The hospital, as it currently is, does have an excellent view and is in view of the city, but being able to see it and a view and “charm” does not help patient care, patient privacy, infection control or ability to keep up with 21st century technology. The building has outlived its ability for adequate care. Vote YES for better healthcare for the community!

  2. Correction: Just what we need.

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