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Chelan students visited by Seahawks’ ‘Blitz’ to encourage Fuel Up to Play 60 program

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The Fuel Up to Play 60 assembly took place at the Chelan Community Gym on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. The special assembly was hosted by ‘Blitz’ and a ‘Seagal’ who shared healthy eating habits with students. (Photo by Jillian Foster)

The students of Chelan Middle School and Morgen Owings Elementary were treated to a special assembly at the Chelan Community Gym on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. The Seattle Seahawks sent their mascot, ‘Blitz’ to meet the students and share the Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) program which promotes healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle.

“Our school is in a unique position to influence the eating and physical activity habits of students,” Joe Harris, Chelan Middle School Physical Education and Health teacher, stated in a press release. “We need community-wide support to help our students build positive, lifelong habits, and Fuel Up to Play 60 provides the healthy messages, resources and activities we need to get started.”

Chelan students fill the community gym in anticipation of meeting the Seattle Seahawks mascot, ‘Blitz’. (Photo by Jillian Foster)

Joe Harris teaches Physical Education and Health at Chelan High School and arranged the special assembly through a partnership with the Washington State Dairy Council, Chelan Fresh and the NFL. (Photo by Jillian Foster)

The press release went on to explain that the FUTP60 program, is community-focused and fun. Fuel Up to Play 60 is activating schools and communities to support school wellness initiatives, good nutrition and physical activity.

The program is part of a partnership between the National Dairy Council (NDC), the National Football League (NFL), Chelan Middle School, Lake Chelan School District and its students, who are recruiting friends, parents, teachers and business and community leaders to join them in pledging to adopt healthier behaviors.

The assembly demonstrated how students can use balanced nutrition to fuel their bodies for 60 minutes of activity per day. The Seahawks ‘Seagal’, listed the five basic food groups and asked students to name foods that fall into each category.

Students demonstrated their favorite touchdown dance moves during the FUTP60 assembly. (Photo by Jillian Foster)

The Seattle Seagal and Seahawks mascot ‘Blitz’ posed alongside the Chelan High School Goats mascot. (Photo by Jillian Foster)

Protein, grains, fruits, vegetables and of course, dairy were all front and center at the assembly which had students cheering in the stands for their favorite players who sent a special video presentation for the students to enjoy.

Following the assembly, Blitz took a moment to pose with the Chelan High School Goat mascot, who was on hand to give out high-fives to students.

(By Jillian Foster)




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