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Chelan designer Diana Hoyt champion of 2017 Design Face-Off competition

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Diana Hoyt with Deep Water Home in Chelan, Washington competed in and won the 3rd annual Design Face-Off at the BNCW Home Show held in Wenatchee, Washington. (Photo Courtesy of Deep Water Home)

Diana Hoyt of Deep Water Home in Chelan was named the victor of the 3rd annual Design Face-Off at the Build North Central Washington (BNCW) Home Show on Feb. 12, 2017, held at the Town Toyota Center in Wenatchee.  

The annual show is billed as a culmination of premier professional companies, covering such areas as: building, remodeling, baths, kitchens, landscaping, home interior, outdoor living, home exterior, real estate, home technology and many other home-related products and services.

“Each year they ask two designers to come in and do a room. It’s designer against designer. I was lucky enough to be asked, and I was honored to represent Chelan,” said Hoyt.

Hoyt had just returned from the Las Vegas Furniture Market Convention and was eager to show attendees and judges the newest trends in design.

Diana Hoyt poses with two ‘contractors,’ the Minions, at the 2017 BNCW Home Show in Wenatchee, Washington. (Photo Courtesy of Deep Water Home)

“I had just come back from the furniture market in Las Vegas and got to see what was on trend and how things were moving,” said Hoyt. “My whole inspiration for this room was to show everyone what is going on in the design world. You may not be ready for it, but it is where the trend is going.”

Hoyt describes her competitor’s design as soft and neutral. “She used more of what is trending and what has been trending for a while now, which is reclaimed wood and soft and neutral colors. We had quite contrasting rooms, but it was fun because both rooms speak to people.”

Hoyt’s design featured the bold ‘Sea Serpent Blue’ paint color from Sherwin Williams which can be purchased locally at Kelly’s Hardware or Kidoodles.

Both contestants of the Design Face-Off were given a blank canvas to create their interior design masterpiece. (Photo Courtesy of Deep Water Home)

“I chose a very bold color and went with a mid-century modern design, which is where things are going now,” Hoyt described. “Our new buying market, which is millennials – 30 million of them, love it because it’s fresh, minimalistic and you don’t need a lot of furniture. A few pieces can tell a great story.”

Another fresh trend, according to Hoyt, is the use of gold as a pop of color in design. “You are going to see it all over in 2017. I use it as a pop of color just like you would a pop of red. I sprinkled it in the artwork, the pillows and I mixed my metals,” said Hoyt.

Hoyt explained that for many, the concept of a well-designed room can seem out of reach, whether due to finances or lack of artistic skill. Hoyt’s advice for every dweller is to look to color for an affordable option.

“You start small and gravitate to what you love,” Hoyt said. “Paint is the most inexpensive way to change up a room. Maybe you can’t afford a new sofa. Go grab a can of paint and you can refresh the room.”

Hoyt used pops of gold and midcentury modern themes in her room which won the challenge. (Photo Courtesy of Deep Water Home)

For those needing the assistance of a professional, Hoyt offers many options in the creation a polished space for clients. Hoyt will do in-home consultations, staging and full design and purchasing service. Hoyt says she has something to help anyone looking for a space they can be proud to call home. 

You can contact Diana Hoyt at Deep Water Home at (509) 881-8982 or visit the Deep Water Electronics store in downtown Chelan to view some of the elements that Hoyt used in her award-winning design.

(By Jillian Foster)




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