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Chelan City Council Position #06 has three candidates in the upcoming primary election

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(Photo by GoLakeChelan.com)

The upcoming Special Primary Election on August 1, 2017, will see three candidates vying for City of Chelan, Chelan City Council Member #06, a non-partisan office held for a four-year term.

Three candidates have filed for Position #06 that includes current Councilmember Skip Cameron Morehouse who is running for re-election. He will be challenged by Andrew Baker and Tim Hollingsworth.

The goal of the Special Primary Election is to help narrow down the three candidates to just the top two. The top two candidates will go on the General Election held on November 7, 2017.

GoLakeChelan.com asked each candidate a selection of questions. Ballots were mailed out by the Chelan County Auditor’s office on Friday, July 14, so all voters in the district should have received their ballots by now. Primary election ballots must be dropped in a ballot box by 8 p.m. or postmarked by August 1, 2017.

Meet the Candidates

City of Chelan, Chelan City Council member #06 (Non-partisan office held for a four-year term)

Skip Cameron Morehouse. Provided by Skip Cameron Morehouse)

Skip Cameron Morehouse

Age:  66

Background and/or Qualifications:  After graduation from Chelan High School in 1969, I went on to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Oceanography from the University of Washington. I was able to participate in oceanic studies aboard a Japanese research vessel, traveled abroad, and eventually pursued a career in the Issaquah area as a contractor, specializing in family home remodels. My return to Chelan in 2004 was sparked by a significant change in my life with my marriage to Cathy Morehead – another Chelan graduate, class of ’70.

Soon after our return, the impending presence of Walmart became a controversial issue for the residents of Chelan. I joined the council at that time, out of my sincere concern for the future of the beautiful and irreplaceable valley. Since becoming a member of the Chelan City Council, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge regarding Federal, State and Municipal government.

What inspired you to run for Chelan City Council?

Because I grew up in this community and care deeply about issues such as water quality, dark skies and view preservation, I have been able to bring my experience and knowledge to successful conclusions which have benefitted our community. My pursuit for a council position originated and continues, out of my sincere desire to solve problems within our city and to guide our community toward a future of which we can all be proud.

What unique qualities would you bring to the Council?

I believe my education, experience and proven record are important reasons to return me to my seat on the Chelan City Council. My twelve years of experience is more than twice that of three returning council members, and if I am returned I will have more experience than any elected official currently holding office in Chelan City government. 

A significant success story for our lake was the work I championed alongside Russ Jones, for the prevention of Woody Tree Debris within City Limits. This change in our Chelan City ordinance was accepted by County Commissioners, Washington State Fish and Wildlife, the Department of Ecology on behalf of the entirety of Lake Chelan, and was ultimately forced upon the Army Corps of Engineers.

What issues do you think are the most vital to the City of Chelan, and how will you address those issues?

Some of my Chelan Council-member success includes:

  • Teen Center Funding, working with Pastor Paul Palumbo at $10,000/year (Currently:  THRIVE program at CHS)
  • Reactivate/update the City Web Page, (At that time, over a year out of date)
  • Dark Sky Ordinance, (save the night sky by directing lighting downward)
  • Save the old Library for community use, working with Councilman, Guy Harper (Now the home of Chelan Valley Hope and the Food Bank)
  • Initiate investigation into lack of water permits.  The City of Chelan and over a hundred citizens have applied for water permits which has been ignored by the DOE and PUD for several decades.  DOE and PUD are now working on this issue.
  • No further Tree-Root/Woody Debris on the shores of Lake Chelan
  • Funding the Lake Chelan Research Institute, @ $20,000 a year for five years. This is the first long term investment in water quality monitoring by the City of Chelan, since it was founded 102 years ago.
  • Building Height Restriction and Walking Space preservation in Downtown Master-plan

What would your Chelan look like ten years from now? 

No answer provided.

Contact Information:


Andrew Baker. (Provided by Andrew Baker)

Andrew Baker

Age: 40

Background and/or Qualifications:  Grant County PUD Lineman for eight years. I owned my own construction business for several years before becoming a Lineman so I bring multiple perspectives, as both a former business owner as well as a civil servant.

What inspired you to run for Chelan City Council?

I truly love our community and the people who live here year round and make this town work. I want to help keep Chelan a successful place to live and work.

What unique qualities would you bring to the Council?

I bring an unusual and fresh new perspective to the council because I represent an under represented demographic: the working class of Chelan.

What issues do you think are the most vital to the City of Chelan, and how will you address those issues?

The most vital issue facing Chelan is how to manage the exponential growth we are experiencing while still representing people who live here and work here year round, as well as the business owners. We have to balance all of that while still maintaining the pristine water quality of the lake and the surrounding environment.

What would your Chelan look like ten years from now?

Well, I certainly know that I don’t want us to turn into Bellevue or Sun Valley, Idaho. I want Chelan to retain its small town characteristics with natural uninterrupted views of the butte and of the surrounding mountains. We need to have more access points to nature sites and to the lake so everyone can enjoy our recreation areas. 

Contact Information:


Facebook:  Andrew Baker

Tim Hollingsworth. (Provided by Tim Hollingsworth)

Tim Hollingworth

Age:  57

Background and/or Qualifications: BS in Forest Resource Management from the University of New Hampshire, 1985; Licensed Professional Land Surveyor: NH, 1990, WA, 1994. Moved to Chelan in 1991, married to Tracy Marsailes, 1991 and have two children, Hank and Nora who both recently graduated Chelan High School. I began my own practice as Pinnacle Surveying in 2003, working with a range of landowners, consultants and real estate professionals including small homeowners and orchardists, local realtors and developers and architects and contractors.

What inspired you to run for Chelan City Council?

Chelan has been very good to me and my family, and I have always tried to be involved with the community in various ways. Listening to the range of concerns voiced at public hearings during my work on the Planning Commission over the past year inspired me to step up and offer my skills and passion to the voters at the next level

What unique qualities would you bring to the Council?

As a land surveyor it is my professional duty to understand the history and culture of my area of practice which has been the Chelan Valley for 26 years. I also need to listen to people to help them solve problems or find ways to enhance the value of their land. Often I am called upon to find common ground between neighbors that find themselves at odds. My involvement with many local organizations over the years has taught me the value of being a team player. I believe that these skills will strengthen our City Council.

What issues do you think are the most vital to the City of Chelan, and how will you address those issues?

The increasing popularity of our beautiful valley as a vacation destination and retirement location is attracting a great deal of wealth from the booming Puget Sound area. We need to take advantage of the opportunities this phenomenon offers to make our City better, while preserving the rural values and characteristics that make this a great Town. I would:

  • Continue my involvement with planning and development regulation issues to promote ways to help those who earn their living here maintain the ability to make their home and stay engaged within the community.
  • Advocate for an environment that promotes locally owned businesses and attracts new enterprises that will keep our economy locally centered and diverse.
  • Support our outstanding Parks Department to maintain the golf course and existing parks and find innovative ways to expand and enhance our facilities within prudent budget constraints.
  • Emphasize the need to address critical infrastructure concerns like parking in the downtown area and around Lakeside Park, summer traffic bottlenecks through town, inadequate water pressure in some neighborhoods and vigilant maintenance of the South Shore Sewer line that runs in the bed our lake.
  • Promote sensible regulations to protect water quality and improve safety on our lake including adequate funding for marine law enforcement and reasonable controls on mooring and “rafting” in the Chelan River to protect our drinking water supply.

What would your Chelan look like ten years from now?

I hope that Chelan will be the type of town that my children will want to come back to and be able to settle down and raise their families as my wife and I were able to do.

Contact information:

Facebook: TH4ChelanCouncil 


(By Jillian Foster)




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