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The Nature of Reality

December 30, 2015

(Photo by Rose Olcott.) Liz Tanke writes about the Nature of Reality I am writing this as the nature of reality reveals itself in the manifestation and movements of wispy [...]

Return to Innocence

December 10, 2015

“Innocence tinctures all things with brightest hues.” ― Edward Counsel There is wonderful appeal in the innocence of young children, from their purity of heart [...]

Get well, stay well with energy medicine

November 23, 2015

Kari Lyons Price is and Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner. (Photo provided courtesy of Spirals.) This month I want to share an amazingly powerful yet simple [...]

How to Treat and Prevent Toxic Build Up

September 15, 2015

The Sanskrit word ama translates as toxic build up. This is a loose translation, as all English translations of Sanskrit words are. Often it takes 10 minutes of explanation [...]

Being what we want to create

August 31, 2015

(Submitted by Jeanne McElvaney) Maybe, like me, you’re feeling a personal dream move out of the corner of your heart. Maybe it has already slipped past the sentries of [...]

Living at a higher vibratory rate

August 30, 2015

  Kelsy Herold teaches Yoga at Spirals in Chelan. (Photo courtesy of Kelsey Herold.) Hang with me for a few minutes, and I’ll explain to you the power of [...]
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