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We’re Part of Many Tribal Energies

October 11, 2016

(Image courtesy of Geralt) All of us are part of many tribes, and each one has its unique value. We might connect through work, school, church, sports, or hobbies. [...]

The Best Yet

September 30, 2016

(Image by Anandkz) I believe we always have THE BEST to look forward to. Life is not static. Each moment represents the opportunity for expansion, love, realization and [...]

Expect Serendipity

September 21, 2016

Book with Skates. (Photo by Laura Folsom) The joy of unexpected happenstance. The delightful surprise. These are also tools in creating change in the energy field. Old [...]

Was just thinking…

September 2, 2016

(Image courtesy of ScienceFreak) “What presence do I want to be aware of today?” I choose the activities that feel the most meaningful in my moments. Since I Am [...]

Oracle cards also called wisdom cards

August 13, 2016

(Image courtesy of Lumpi) Oracle cards are also called wisdom cards. They are the modern version of tarot cards that date back to the 15th century and can be used for both [...]

What IF?

August 8, 2016

(Photo by BerverLi) Just thinking.… WHAT IF??? What if…everything we ever do is perfect~~and it is all ‘ending’ well, and we can look back and say, [...]

Follow Your Personal Spirit

July 28, 2016

(Image courtesy of Geralt) We have an energy that is intimate with our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. It carries the blueprint of our life purpose. It communicates with the [...]

Float into Fearless Change

July 14, 2016

(Image courtesy of Public Domain / Dimitris Christou) With Guided Energy, you get to quiet your internal chatter, take a deep breath, and go on an inner world journey. In [...]

What’s Your Magic?

July 5, 2016

(Image courtesy of Pixabay Public Domain) What’s your Magic? Honor your Magic! What in your lifetime have you created that totally amazed you? And not to be compared [...]

Unconditional Love

June 2, 2016

(Image courtesy of BeverLi, Spirals) I don’t think that Unconditional Love is that ‘ooshy gooshy’ feeling that I cannot seem to muster up. For me [...]

Overcoming Old Energy Patterns

May 18, 2016

Kitten in the grass. (Photo courtesy of Jeanne McElvaney) When we start seeing new possibilities, we have a lifetime of experiences to guide us. Most often, we instinctively [...]

Aren’t We Funny Creatures?

May 12, 2016

(Image by ArtsyBee) Snuggling into my fluffy covers, taking that last little sigh before sleep would come, with my nightly intent set, “Show me the secrets of the [...]

Beauty in the Mystery of Our Life

May 2, 2016

(Image by ReFreshBoutique, Everett) There is beauty in the mystery of our life. It calls to our curiosity. It invites us to explore. But it also asks us to be patient when [...]

Reconsider Your Usual Days

April 19, 2016

Flying Bird (Image by anabellachalu) Familiar is both our friend and foe. We can lean into it for comfort, but it also keeps us in the same place. Our routine days tease us [...]

Listen to your choir of emotions

March 22, 2016

(Image courtesy of John Hain) Every feeling is a valuable, essential voice as you sing your song of change. With Old Thinking, our emotions are often seen as good or bad, [...]

Let intuition be your guide

March 13, 2016

(Image courtesy of Spirals) Have you ever just had that feeling that something was right, or wrong for you? Maybe you finally acted on something that the “little voice in [...]

Change Your Story

March 6, 2016

Chelan in the early 50s. (Courtesy of Chelan Museum) We’re all story-tellers. It comes naturally as we talk to others about our life. Quantum Thinking helps us [...]

It’s Odd

March 2, 2016

(Image courtesy of BeverLi at Spirals) It’s odd…. Isn’t it so magnificently odd, this colorful dance we weave? Having complete access to all….all [...]

Think Beyond Practical

February 9, 2016

Crystal bowls. (Photo courtesy of Jeanne McElvaney and Spirals.) Focusing on what we want doesn’t create the changes we’re seeking. It’s more fun than that. [...]

Help for your Winter Blues

February 5, 2016

Kari Lyons-Price of Mindfulness Trainings in Wenatchee, WA. (Courtesy of Kari Lyons-Price) This time of year many of us suffer from the “winter blues” or what [...]

There is superpower in relaxation

January 25, 2016

Image painted by Zac Robertson. (Courtesy of Jeanne McElvaney of Spirals) Relaxation is a skill to be nurtured, explored, and understood. It doesn’t automatically [...]
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