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August 23, 2017

Leap! (Image by John Hain) When we passionately want something, the energy field will make it happen. We can depend on that. If we’re clear and ready for the energy [...]

Think Beyond Practical

July 24, 2017

Magnifying Glasses. (Image by John Hain) Quantum Thinking invites us to go beyond what seems practical and reasonable. It encourages us to explore what is awesome and [...]

A Simple Practice for Letting Go

July 10, 2017

Green Leaves. (Image by Pensioner) “Let it go!” People tell us when something is really bothering us. But how? Stuff it? Try to forget it? Distract ourselves? These [...]

Fear of Our Potential

June 12, 2017

(Image by Mysticartdesign) More often than not, we stand at the edge of our potential feeling scared and hesitant, thinking we are afraid of failure. But it isn’t that. [...]

Changing Fear to Courage

May 22, 2017

Boys Walking Through Portal. (Credit: Currens) Fear will follow each and every decision to make changes in our life. It will be there because it’s our guide. It helps [...]

Building our dream with Quantum Thinking

May 12, 2017

Pear House. (Image by Erica Wittlieb) Old Thinking insists that we make things happen with will-power, determination, and sacrifice. Quantum Thinking recognizes we are part [...]

Love Yourself

April 23, 2017

(Image by quicksandala) One of my intentions is to not get stuck in the beliefs I thought I knew. Like Alvin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not [...]

Energy bubbles are excellent friends

April 16, 2017

(Image by Prawny) We have an energy bubble around us that both connects to and limits interactions with other people. With our feelings as sentinels, our bubble establishes [...]

That we may KNOW our worth

March 26, 2017

(Image submitted by Spirals, Credit: chehappyeyes) We are holding intent and focus in shifts – taking turns, meditating, writing, reading, ‘experiencing into [...]

Passion from the Inner Sanctum

March 1, 2017

This photo is of the underneath, dark and hidden side of a mushroom type fungus. Discovered in the jungle of Saipan, passion led me to find beauty deep inside it. (Image by [...]

Seasons of Change

February 9, 2017

(Image by Mysticartdesign) Everything is energy, including our beliefs. Those beliefs grow like leaves on our tree of life, giving it shape and color. Showing the world how [...]

Two Words Can Ignite Change

January 7, 2017

(Image by Geralt) When we are ready to make a change in our life, words begin flowing through our thoughts. Very often, they are something like… “It’ll be hard, but [...]

Stones for Insights

December 19, 2016

Stones. (Photo by James DeMer) Using stones as a means to boost your energetic levels, enhance mood, and protect you from outside influences of any kind will be a force you [...]

The Maze of Anger

December 11, 2016

(Image courtesy of Stux.) If we choose to walk with others who are living in the dead-end corridors of unacknowledged anger, we become entangled in spite of all our good [...]

Using appreciation to ignite change

December 2, 2016

(Image courtesy of Skitterphoto) Our emotions are more present and fully engaged around the missing pieces of our life puzzle because they are familiar. We have carried these [...]

Raising your morning vibes

November 21, 2016

(Image by Marcelo6366) Every morning when I get into the shower, I begin a ritual that assists me in showing up as the best version of myself each day. ‘Getting [...]

Toss your Maps and Itineraries

November 2, 2016

(Image by Geralt) When making changes using energy, there is no best route. We can’t follow the roads others have taken. It’s a far more inspiring, intriguing, [...]

Everyone is a Teacher

October 21, 2016

(Image by Prawny) Children get caught in a whirlwind of necessary rules, well-intentioned guidelines, and pressure from friends and family on a day-to-day basis. It’s a [...]
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