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That we may KNOW our worth

March 26, 2017

(Image submitted by Spirals, Credit: chehappyeyes) We are holding intent and focus in shifts – taking turns, meditating, writing, reading, ‘experiencing into [...]

Passion from the Inner Sanctum

March 1, 2017

This photo is of the underneath, dark and hidden side of a mushroom type fungus. Discovered in the jungle of Saipan, passion led me to find beauty deep inside it. (Image by [...]

Seasons of Change

February 9, 2017

(Image by Mysticartdesign) Everything is energy, including our beliefs. Those beliefs grow like leaves on our tree of life, giving it shape and color. Showing the world how [...]

Two Words Can Ignite Change

January 7, 2017

(Image by Geralt) When we are ready to make a change in our life, words begin flowing through our thoughts. Very often, they are something like… “It’ll be hard, but [...]

Stones for Insights

December 19, 2016

Stones. (Photo by James DeMer) Using stones as a means to boost your energetic levels, enhance mood, and protect you from outside influences of any kind will be a force you [...]

The Maze of Anger

December 11, 2016

(Image courtesy of Stux.) If we choose to walk with others who are living in the dead-end corridors of unacknowledged anger, we become entangled in spite of all our good [...]

Using appreciation to ignite change

December 2, 2016

(Image courtesy of Skitterphoto) Our emotions are more present and fully engaged around the missing pieces of our life puzzle because they are familiar. We have carried these [...]

Raising your morning vibes

November 21, 2016

(Image by Marcelo6366) Every morning when I get into the shower, I begin a ritual that assists me in showing up as the best version of myself each day. ‘Getting [...]

Toss your Maps and Itineraries

November 2, 2016

(Image by Geralt) When making changes using energy, there is no best route. We can’t follow the roads others have taken. It’s a far more inspiring, intriguing, [...]

Everyone is a Teacher

October 21, 2016

(Image by Prawny) Children get caught in a whirlwind of necessary rules, well-intentioned guidelines, and pressure from friends and family on a day-to-day basis. It’s a [...]

We’re Part of Many Tribal Energies

October 11, 2016

(Image courtesy of Geralt) All of us are part of many tribes, and each one has its unique value. We might connect through work, school, church, sports, or hobbies. [...]

The Best Yet

September 30, 2016

(Image by Anandkz) I believe we always have THE BEST to look forward to. Life is not static. Each moment represents the opportunity for expansion, love, realization and [...]

Expect Serendipity

September 21, 2016

Book with Skates. (Photo by Laura Folsom) The joy of unexpected happenstance. The delightful surprise. These are also tools in creating change in the energy field. Old [...]

Was just thinking…

September 2, 2016

(Image courtesy of ScienceFreak) “What presence do I want to be aware of today?” I choose the activities that feel the most meaningful in my moments. Since I Am [...]

Oracle cards also called wisdom cards

August 13, 2016

(Image courtesy of Lumpi) Oracle cards are also called wisdom cards. They are the modern version of tarot cards that date back to the 15th century and can be used for both [...]

What IF?

August 8, 2016

(Photo by BerverLi) Just thinking.… WHAT IF??? What if…everything we ever do is perfect~~and it is all ‘ending’ well, and we can look back and say, [...]

Follow Your Personal Spirit

July 28, 2016

(Image courtesy of Geralt) We have an energy that is intimate with our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. It carries the blueprint of our life purpose. It communicates with the [...]

Float into Fearless Change

July 14, 2016

(Image courtesy of Public Domain / Dimitris Christou) With Guided Energy, you get to quiet your internal chatter, take a deep breath, and go on an inner world journey. In [...]

What’s Your Magic?

July 5, 2016

(Image courtesy of Pixabay Public Domain) What’s your Magic? Honor your Magic! What in your lifetime have you created that totally amazed you? And not to be compared [...]

Unconditional Love

June 2, 2016

(Image courtesy of BeverLi, Spirals) I don’t think that Unconditional Love is that ‘ooshy gooshy’ feeling that I cannot seem to muster up. For me [...]
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