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CannaConscious.tv is a show about the growing Cannabis culture, industry and styles that fuel its popularity as well as its critics.

Influencing the public around the benefits of cannabis just received a boost from the latest trend in Internet marketing technologies.


CannaConscious.tv is a livestream cannabis show being produced by GoLakeChelan.tv studios in the beautiful resort area of Lake Chelan, Washington.

CannaConscious.tv addresses leading issues around cannabis, entertains and informs audiences in a fair and concise manner, giving cannabis an integral voice in the media.

With segments designed around:

  1. Cannabis Politics
  2. Financial Rewards
  3. Celebrities in Cannabis
  4. The Culture of Cannabis
  5. The Products
  6. Services Supporting the Industry
  7. The Medical Side
  8. The Naysayer’s Voice
  9. Cannabis Events
  10. Cannabis-Fueled Charities… and more!

CannaConscious.tv is more than just a livestream tv show. It’s an entire platform, fueled by digital marketing and leading edge promotional strategies. The show is produced in the professional studios of GoLakeChelan.tv studios and syndicated in partnership with an international digital marketing agency, KEY Difference Media.

With a livestream platform that can deliver content to any device, cable channel or website, the cannabis industry now has a whole new way to influence, promote and share your message.

Consider sponsoring CannaConscious.tv for an opportunity to be part of the show, influence the content and craft the message we all need to share, in favor of cannabis and its many benefits.


To discuss a sponsorship, please contact:

Todd Kelly at: 509.679.7573 
James Craddock at: 480.231.8724


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