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Be careful out there…

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Yellow road warning sign , Storm Coming , 3d render

The heavy rain is beginning to cause some problems on local roads. Chief Tim Lemon said during a telephone conversation that there are some rocks falling out by the tunnel on Hwy. 97A and along the highway towards State Park.

“If people don’t need to be driving on those roads, my recommendation is to stay home.”

If you have to drive on the highway, please be aware of rock fall.

Out on the South Shore, there is water across the roadway. Both Chelan Fire and Rescue and Chelan County crews are actively keeping an eye on these roadways. “We have about a foot of water on the South Shore out by the Cove,” said Lemon. “It doesn’t look like the rain is letting up.”

The biggest fear is that the steep slopes where the fire burned will contribute to significant mud flows, particularly off Slide Ridge and other drainages out towards 25 Mile Creek. 

GoLakeChelan.com will continue to monitor the conditions as the storm front passes through.

(By Richard Uhlhorn)




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