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BBQ Competition brought 26 professional pitmasters to downtown Chelan (Photo Gallery)

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Consumers sampling delicious meat from Booties BBQ. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)


The Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association (PNWBA) BBQ Competition brought visitors and locals to downtown Chelan to sample delicious meat from competitors including Bootie’s BBQ. 

The PNWBA BBQ Competition brought 26 professional pitmasters to downtown Chelan to grill and smoke the best meat in hopes of taking home a trophy. The event took place on June 3, 2017 as part of the 2017 Cruizin’ Chelan Classic Car Show.

Ryan from Beer-B-Que said that he enjoyed his first year in the BBQ Classic. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Competitors, Ryan and Jeremy Schroder from Beer-B-Que, which started in the Bothell and Kenmore area, were seen grilling and enjoying the view. This was Ryan’s first time to Chelan, and the second time for Jeremy.

“I started out as a judge, and I quickly became interested in barbecuing,” Ryan stated. “Jeremy was the one to get this whole idea started. We just started barbecuing and adding beer to our meats.”

A crowd favorite of the competition was Fahrenheit 250. Chris, Rachel, and Dan, owners of Fahrenheit 250, came from Auburn, WA to compete in Chelan for a second year. Both Rachel and Chris commented on the beauty of Lake Chelan. 

Dan from Fahrenheit 250 explained that the barbecuing process is far from simple. Fahrenheit 250 took first place for the pork category. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

The owners have individually been barbecuing since September 2012, but barbecuing as a team for two years. When asked about the preparation process, Chris jokingly said, “I have a nice conversation with the meat and explain to them how life works.”

The team went on to explain that it’s not a simple process. The barbecuing techniques come from an assortment of learning experiences from the best of the best pitmasters around the world.

By 5 p.m. the competitors gathered to hear the results of the contest. Executive Director of The Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce Mike Steele started off by thanking all the competitors.

“I know that you sweat and work really hard for all of this. We appreciate you coming to Lake Chelan and for putting on a great show. The people really enjoyed the barbecue,” Steele stated as he prepared to announce the winners.

Jason and Jeff from WarPig BBQ prepare their chicken for tasting. The team took first place in the brisket category. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

PNWBA BBQ Competition Winners

People’s Choice – Fahrenheit 250


  • Fahrenheit 250
  • Bad Bones BBQ
  • G-Pa D’s


  • WarPig BBQ
  • Wine Country Q
  • Fahrenheit 250


  • Mad Dog’s BBQ
  • Wine Country Q
  • Bootie’s BBQ


  • G-Pa D’s
  • Hog Shack Cookhouse
  • Bootie’s BBQ

Grand Champion – Wine Country Q

Reserved Grand Champion – Fahrenheit 250

Rhana and John of Wine Country Q took home the Grand Championship at the PNWBA BBQ Classic. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

Wine Country Q expressed their surprise at the win. The team made up of husband and wife celebrated their first win of the year. The McGee’s who are from Duvall, WA have been competing since 2011 with this being their first time competing in Chelan.

“It’s a great venue. I love the main street,” Rhana said. “I love that it’s clean and that everybody came out. It was a great event. It was our first time, and we’ll certainly be back. It is very pretty here. We’re even thinking of relocating here! There’s less rain here and the views are gorgeous.” 

Fahrenheit 250’s Rachel and Chris received the Reserve Grand Champion trophy. (Photo by Stephanie Quiroz)

(By Stephanie Quiroz)




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