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Jerry Isenhart was a radio man. When you think Radio, you think immediacy, interaction, spontaneity, entertainment. Unlike print, it’s alive and dynamic. Jerry had a wild idea – bring those same characteristics to print. But how? That’s where his creative genius kicked in. Before Google and Facebook, before Tweeting and Skyping, Jerry leveraged the internet to give life to his wild idea. He launched GO Lake Chelan. With its up-to-the-minute news, current events, audience input and entertaining stories, Jerry brought the immediacy and spontaneity of radio to “print”. GO Lake Chelan took flight in 2001. Now it’s the GO-to website for area residents as well as visitors from across the planet. Pretty cool, huh?

Jerry would never entrust his “baby” to just anybody, but he was confident that someday he’d find someone who shared his vision – someone who could take full advantage of emerging technologies to keep GO Lake Chelan on the cutting edge. Enter Todd Kelly, an up-and-coming entrepreneur with wild ideas to do just that.

Todd’s first step was redesigning the website so it’s compatible with mobile devices. In addition to continuing the community news aspect, he added new sections and features.

Todd’s interest in the valley extends well beyond his new enterprise. “I have a special passion for supporting this community,” Todd said. “And I’m looking forward to bringing new technology and energy to the area, creating even better opportunities for the community to connect. I am also eager to get ideas and feedback. With Go Lake Chelan, I want to help make the Lake Chelan Valley the best it can be.”

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